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September 13th, 2013 The WAN Show Document

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Topic Callouts---

Steam Announces Family/Friends Sharing

IOS7 + Iphone 5S/5C

Comcast/Verizon throttling...

GTA V Cost metric butt tons to make



Opens the file to create a document preview that is available in their website view

Steam Family Sharing


Family and “close friends”

Authorized devices only (a lot like their current two step authorization process?)

Guest Topics

Nokia was testing Android on Lumia line before MS sale


- How do you feel about the way everyone seems to be moving towards hardware/software (MS/Nokia, Goog/Motorola, Apple/...Apple, Samsung to develop own OS? They’ve been talking about it)

- Would a Lumia 1020 have been an ideal Android phone? A Galaxy competitor?

Apple Town Hall

- New bigger pixels camera

- 64-bit processor (Samsung SO quick to announce they’re heading there), Apple pushing entire ecosystem like they did on desktop. Will Android migrate like Windows did?, brings app development on desktop and mobile closer,

- Fingerprint scanner (works with hash, locally encrypted, doen’t store on server, looks for life signs, but doesn’t work great if wet or sweaty) - great mythbusters

- iWork free on iOS, and in cloud, but still costs money on Apple…. If all free… MUCH better solution than Google Drive and more flexible than Office…

- 5C plastic (er polycarbonate) unibody, sililcon cases (mine’s shipping is delayed), bigger battery, 8MP cam, bigger facetime cam pixels, more LTE bands, no wireless AC, $99/199, video is brutal

- 5S A7 64-bit, fingerprint, 3 colours (gold black space grey), dual LED flash, 120fps, real leather cases, 199,299,399

- It’s awesome that my old iPhone 4 is getting support for the new OS, but many features (airdrop, panorama, siri) still missing. oh well. At least there’s a plan and I get square photo mode.... Galaxy S Vibrant contrast…

- embarassing Microsoft video: http://bgr.com/2013/09/13/microsoft-iphone-parody-video/

Phonebloks - marques topic


Compatibility, This would be a massive project for any company to actually join up with

swappable blocks

- “Phone worth keeping”

- tailored phone experienced, easy upgrades

- goal is to reduce waste, but is the desktop PC really any different and we’re moving away from that. Let’s look at the reasons: size, convenience, compatibility challenges, etc

- Getting manufacturer support… uh not sure about that.

< News Items >

Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer Doesn’t Want to Go to Prison


- “If we don’t comply, it’s treason.” She can’t talk about it because that’s treason too…

- If you’re incarcerated, then you obviously can’t do much to protect your users at that point either

- Basically the NSA has tech companies by the balls

- Should CEOs yield or hold fast even if it means going to jail? Would US gvmnt actually imprison them?

Intel announces Quark Family SoC


- New SoC line - perhaps to compete with ARM’s Cortex M & Cortex R

- targeting 10-20% size of existing low end Atom (Silvermont) for the core itself

- For “internet of things” devices & wearables

- “open architecture” means hooks in the silicon to add others’ IP block… The core will not be licenseable like ARM

- Showed off a bracelent

Intel demos 14nm Broadwell


30% reduction in power usage by soc - same performance level

In the end will this even change much?

In the comments section Jarred Walton ran some interesting numbers…

13.3" Haswell ULT Ultrabook idles (with the screen at 200 nits) at <5W

Of that 5W, probably only .5W-1.0W is going to the CPU core, 2-3W to the LCD, and the rest to the motherboard and other devices.

Reducing the CPU power use to 0W would only cut total power use by another 25% at best.

And he is likely not that far off...

Activision Blizzard hires major lobby firm to do… something about S.134


- Activision Blizzard has not said what htier position is on the bill

- The bill want comprehensive study of the effects (particularly detrimental ones) of violent games and programming

- Do violent games make children more likely to act out? What about individuals who are already more aggressive?

Simple browser tool install allows you to preload entire youtube videos



So tired of trying to scrub through a video and waiting for the same part ive seen multiple times load every single time

Comcast and Verizon throttling youtube and netflix while RCN lets it flow


RCN Crushing the Boston local competition due to, in no small part, Netflix Open Connect

free caching equipment offered to make speeds of their content better, they refused it

In USA wide testing, Google Fiber and CableVision(two Open Connect users) top the list

- Net-neutrality is a thing people… So much more to your internet plan than just advertised speed!

- LOVE the way Netflix is fighting back by giving this data to the people & letting them make the call. Good on RCN for doing this.

- The Internet Must Go Mockumentary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pp1MAMkIa6A

New PS Vita - thinner, longer battery life… and colours!


Planned to be bundled with PS4? Maybe if you get a PS4+Vita it will equate the price of an XBone?

- When your announcement includes things like “cutting pricing of proprietary cards” instead of “supporting standards that are already ubiquitious…” ugh.

- who cares. Android gaming will dominate.

instagram getting ads


Allowed video length conveniently 15 seconds, lines up to TV ad space

ToS change back in Dec that everyone was freaking out about? 50% growth since Feb…

Does adblock work for individual applications?

- the goal is to make the marketing integrate into the experience a la vogue magazine (or LTT?)

GTA V Costs metric butt tons to make


Would be the second highest budgeted film EVER

What does this mean for gaming industry vs film industry

- more than double any other game ever

- Comparable to VERY big budget movies… CGI costs what it costs...

Sales charts speak doom for gaming companies?


Wii U release date = Nov/Dec 2012

Things like sony consoles would see a big jump if this chart extended until PS4 was release, not really fair due to being between release dates

AMD adds Saints row IV to Never Settle Forever gold tier


11 games now available to gold tier, although you do only get to pick 3

They are expecting to add at least one more game to the lineup before the year is out

AMD to name Volcanic Island r200 series


examples ->

R9-series would be the high-end

R8-series would be high/mid end ish

R7-series would be mid end

AMD Radeon R9 290      

AMD Radeon R8 370


incredibly confusing.


Starcraft MMO hits kickstarter


Apparently blizzard has given their blessing and permission…

Need a copy of SCII but the free starter edition counts…

I guess blizzard is hoping for more people to play this and in turn want to buy the full game???

Petition not to bring GTA V to pc due to piracy, made by console gamers


GTA V shouldn’t be released on PC “so PC Gamers learn their lesson and stop stealing games”

7583 sigs compared to 340,000 signatures who support bringing GTA V to PC.


Images of Haswell-e x99 chipset motherboard running DDR4 memory surface from IDF


New motherboards required for Haswell-e due to different power draw and memory controller

8 core SKU’s

20 MB of L3 smart cache

TDPs around 130 – 140W

No specs listed of the actual computer on display other than the fact that it was haswell-e and running DDR4

ASUS t100 bay trail based 2in1 tablet announced!


Shortest Anandtech article ever? I thought something was wrong with my browser…


11 hours of battery life

10.1″ 1366 x 768 IPS

1.33GHz quad-core Intel Atom Z3740 and 2GB dual-channel memory.

32GB Transformer Book T100 tablet is $349, while the 64GB version costs $399. For the price you get a pre-installed copy of Office 2013 as well as the keyboard dock

Outlook finally adds imap support


we now have a richer email experience across devices and apps, including those not using EAS, such as Mac Mail and Thunderbird on a Mac.

Believe EAS to be better due to battery and network efficiency but some clients dont support it so by adding IMAP support they open it up to a wider potential audience

J.K. Rowling to release extension of the Harry Potter universe


Milking the cow or expanding the universe?

Takes place 70 years before the book

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I look forward to the Archive. I missed the show this week :P

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Interesting topics this week, hopefully the archive will be uploaded soon.

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Acer Aspire S7 Overview Sennheiser PC360





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Hi Linus, check my signature so you wont sound goofy at next time :P


At least we all know now thanks for clarifying lol

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Is the latest WAN Show not showing up on Twitch for anyone else?


WAN show is over, now its the after party.



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Is the latest WAN Show not showing up on Twitch for anyone else?


I don't see it either. No mention of it on twitter about technical issues. I'm guessing Twitch must still be processing it into the archives.

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I don't see it either. No mention of it on twitter about technical issues. I'm guessing Twitch must still be processing it into the archives.

and no doc on the forum either :(

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