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    AMD Ryzen 9 3900X
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    Corsair Vengeance RGB DDR4-2666 32GB
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  1. That shouldn't be the case if the servers page is to be believed, though my slot was also idle all morning. Maybe an assignment server is down.
  2. No issues on my v64, maybe check stability on your card(s)?
  3. I suppose so, since slots are tied to donor id and you could just use EOC to verify units. Its public facing data after all.
  4. I dont think theres an easy way to verify that server side unless you track the units yourself
  5. No idea, they're all under the same ID and no idea who submitted
  6. Why hello there Edit: only recorded on p13428, results from p17311 might be more representative
  7. If only we could schedule fah on windows as easily as something like boinc. I only just learned about cron but I could never get Mint to boot with my two cards reliably.
  8. Decided to have a quick go in VR before 20h2 update takes over my pc for the rest of hte night Some visual glitches in helmet cam with floating textures in some cars Weird audio bug when you pause or go back into some menus causing headset audio to max out and go static Maybe its something with the tire model when you go off track but it takes them a long time to recover to optimal traction, not in line with flash heated tires Not-Estoril, Not-Suzuka, and Jerez are done fairly well in AMS2. For the most part really liking some of the lesser raced European circ
  9. Well that was fun, testing a couple cars at not-Estoril. Definitely difficult to drive because its so bumpy but its got nice flow once you get around to it. Of the gt4 cars, the Macca again drives the best despite its loose rear end. Likes to rotate on turn in but you really do need to be smooth on power delivery. The camaro drives like a brute without assists. Actually liked the Cayman a bit but the dampening makes it feel a bit boaty despite being very planted, and theres soooo much wheel gap it's like Im driving a monster truck. Really wanted to try
  10. I really want those track packs, but I also really want a half dozen DLCs I'll barely get to play LOL a bit of catching up now that folding month is over and my GPUs are back in their proper places Reiza introduced some new GT3 cars and while they work well compared to the other sportscars in the game, they dont handle quite perfectly yet. But who am I to say driving with assists, definitely not as squishy as ACC or as knife edge as RF2. One thing I will commend them on is THEY GOT THE SOUND OF A PORSCHE RIGHT. No random high pitched s
  11. Not even mad I slipped out of the top 50 in the last weekend. It's been a proper joy getting back into folding again. See y'all in the next one.
  12. Imagine being the person to whistleblow on the CC manager that was scalping ampere/zen3 LOL in a university city no less
  13. !!! Can't wait to get back into this after folding month Might even get around to 3d printing some stuff now that the labs are sorta opened