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  1. Because the only reason to go to them is if you're looking for something that's not already well-served by YouTube. It's certainly got flaws, but having spent the last few years funding the creation of a video platform, I can say with confidence that YouTube is an engineering marvel.
  2. It is live lol. We just went through superchats at the end of the show (as we always do - except when we forget)
  3. Hey thanks! I'm actually moving soon so I'll explore all my options when we get into the new place and have a look at what openers are in there. It's possible they will have the older style again and I can just go back to simple relays without any kajiggering.
  4. Sure I'd love to. Message the public-facing inbox and someone will have a look linustechtips@gmail.com
  5. What Spotty said. And we have no control over what territories giveaways are available in them unless we host them ourselves. We ask for worldwide and we get whatever we get.
  6. That would be extraordinarily difficult. Tell you what, you figure out all the mechanisms and development to make sure that everyone has a fair shot at participating and no one cheats and we'll do it that way In response to everyone else, we know the communication wasn't perfect - some of that was because things kept changing so it got easier to say nothing than to keep saying things and correcting them - and part of it was to avoid a mad rush to get the ~100 GPUs we had. We didn't WANT every single one of our 13M subscribers to try to hit the store at the same time.
  7. Wow good for you. I wish you the best of luck. It's an extremely competitive space, but it's still possible to innovate and make money if you've got the stuff!
  8. The truth is the streaming platform space is extremely crowded and what makes sense to serve the fans of LMG and its close collaborators might not make sense to try to expand more broadly right now - or maybe ever. The idea behind floatplane was always that it'll either soar or float. It seems like it's more floating at this point, and we're okay with that. The main value proposition for our viewers is that they get early access (usually), DRM-free downloads, and exclusive behind the scenes content. Some (like you) would support us even without any of those things, but
  9. If we get that one in stock, you'll need to move fast
  10. It will not be a sufficient amount. This is due to Chinese New Year. Nothing we can do to control it. We're getting as many as humanly possible.
  11. Interestin feedback. I still haven't been hands-on with them. I thought one of the benefits was that they were SUPPOSED to last longer than feather... With that said, there's such huge variation even from tube to tube from the same brand sometimes that it's hard to say. I've played with Victor #5s that last for 2 sets (at a high end rec level) and I've had tubes of those were I'd need a new shuttle every 15 rallies... I just wanna try it and see what the fuss is about. Maybe I'll try to order some from overseas.
  12. It is unlikely to damage the bottle, but it would almost definitely stain it. Also, it's designed for cold water, so that's all we can really say.
  13. LinusTech

    These are honestly the best out there so I keep…

  14. LinusTech

    @LinusTech any updates from the WAN show stock…

    I am still alive.
  15. What we really want people to do is contact customer support
  16. We will get stock when it arrives. Until it arrives, we will not have stock. We are hoping it'll arrive sometime in the next 4-8 weeks. Customer service won't be able to tell you any more information than that unfortunately
  17. See, you might THINK allowing pre-orders or stock reservation would improve the customer experience, but imagine how angry the OP would be if we actually had his/her money. See the problem? Reservations wouldn't necessarily require taking their money, but they're also extremely vulnerable to spam, so there's really no point. I might as well just send out a tweet and ask who wants to buy it. We could put an ETA, but honestly I'd rather not commit. It's far better to say nothing official (WAN Show estimates are more like "between us girls") and have it arrive eventually a
  18. That was a live stream. Streams always have a bit of a different vibe
  19. It's just really complicated to do right, and serves a small % of our audience (we think??) so it's hard to prioritize when we have such obvious low-hanging fruit to go after - like boxers
  20. This is beyond hardcore. My wife won't even let ME get an LTT logo tattoo