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Have you ever seriously damaged your phone?

Have you ever seriously damaged your phone?  

112 members have voted

  1. 1. Have you seriously damaged your phone in the past 5 years?

    • Yes, and I use a phone case
    • Yes, and I don't use a phone case
    • No, and I use a phone case
    • No, and I don't use a phone case

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Out of the 9 or so years of having smart phones, I've never cracked a screen... Although I did accidentally pee on one when I was 10 back in 2010 (I was a bed-wetter until I was 11)

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I've cracked screens a couple times, and my last phone suffered catastrophic damage due to a mixture of weak aluminium and a not-so-great case.

Cracked screen #1 - dropped a Blackberry Bold from waist height, caught it on my shoe, it then fell 3 inches to the floor, cracking the screen. Brilliant.

Cracked screen #2 - girlfriend of the time jumped on my lap at the beach. Phone was in my back pocket, cracked the display.

Bent frame, dead flash - Phone had numerous bursts along it's seam due to weak aluminium and sitting on it. One day it restarted, never to boot again.

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I'm not statistician so I could be totally messing up this analysis but it seems like this is a pretty strong case against the usefulness of cases:



My reasoning is the following:

  • Of people who use phone cases, 43% have experienced damage, while of people who don't use cases, that number is only 27%.
  • Of people who've experienced damage, 83% were using a case, while only 71% of people who've never experienced damage used a case.
  • The number of people who've experienced damage despite a case is around double the number of people who've been fine, despite no case.

Of course there are other potential factors at play here, like people who are more careless might be more likely to buy a case to compensate, and/or that people without a case may protect their phone better through behaviour, so it's not like this result means that adding a case doesn't protect you more vs the control, but it is interesting.

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In the last five years? No.

I have seriously damaged my phone twice – cracked the screen of W950 and damaged the screen of W705 when trying to replace ribbon connector.


4 minutes ago, Ryan_Vickers said:


Sample size is too small to draw any valid conclusions. Also, cases aren't likely to protect from liquid damage.

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No, my phone isn't broken (yet). Interestingly enough, I'm the only person in my family whose phone is not yet broken ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ .
It's still going on strong for 5 years, but sometimes it overheats like popcorn and that heat may or may not wipe my SD card clean (ok, it wiped my card at least 10 times).
And sometimes, it will ghost touch for a month then suddenly disappears.

(Kinda makes me want to throw this away) I still love it nonetheless. :D

I'm slightly above potato, but I'm getting there...

Not-so-Poor Man's Land:

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Hard D's are WD 1TB Blue & SeaGate Barracuda (old) 500 GB 7.2k,

DeepCool Wave V2 case with DeepCool DE500 V2,

Display: BenQ GL 2070 on DVI

Keyboard: Generic PS/2 Keyboard

Mouse: Generic USB Mouse

And yes, there are no fans. No fan power needed!

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2 hours ago, Ryan_Vickers said:

I'm not statistician so I could be totally messing up this analysis but it seems like this is a pretty strong case against the usefulness of cases:

(...) so it's not like this result means that adding a case doesn't protect you more vs the control, but it is interesting.

I disagree, the poll options are bad:
I seriously damaged my phone in the last 5 years, I am using a phone case, and I voted this way, so what's the problem?  I didn't use the case when the phone got damaged.

Some cases increase likelihood of damage because they're slippery and don't protect well. The other important thing is a screen protector which this poll ignores.


But I agree with the opinion that people know how likely they are to damage their devices, thus more 'dangerous' users tend to use cases more often.

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I've dropped my phones more often than I can be bothered to remember, but as a point of reference:


My younger siblings never got hand-me-down tech from me, since I use it till it breaks and then bin it :P

75% of what I say is sarcastic


So is the rest probably

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I've never broken my screen... 2 other people have broken my screens in the last 3/4 years, including my sister absolutely annihilating the screen on a phone I had lent her (it was an old one, so I didn't actually care, just pretty spectacular considering the amount of times i had dropped that on concrete & the road with no damage to the screen). On another, a friend cracked the touchscreen when I was on holiday, but he got some decent pictures of stuff before he managed to do this and it was probably partially my own fault for dicking about on the dune buggy enough that it got knocked against the metal roll cage. I also on another holiday later over a year later (same phone once I got the screen replaced) took it in the sea & pool too much & too deep and it died, but was wanting a replacement anyway. :)


I can't be arsed using a case ever, and don't use screen protectors, but normally manage to drop a new phone in the first week I have it, if I am going to drop it at all. Only damage has ever been minor scratches.

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About 8 years ago i had a ZTE X850, it was my very first Android device.

I broke it out of stupidity, it was pretty slow and one day i got angry at it and pressed the screen with all my might, which obviously broke it, and with nobody selling X850 parts it was permanently dead.

Since then i never broke another phone display, i did drop most phones i had but none broke significantly.

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Technically yes but it was mostly just poor phone design. I had a Motorola razr that got ran over by a tracker, went through the washer and dryer, dropped, thrown and God knows what else and was perfectly fine. The thing that killed it was the software itself lol. 

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My old Blackberry Pearl flip had a cracked screen, though from no fault on my part as the plastics were falling off due to wear, leaving the fragile lcd exposed, which later cracked from the phone closing on a coin in my pocket.


Also, my old digital cameras (a Kyocera Finecam and an Aiptek) were victims to cracked screens, the Kyocera taking the weight of a backpack full of books, and the Aiptek was in Dad's backpack when he went down on a dirt bike. Ironically, the cameras were in a case at the time of their respective incidents. Learning from said experiences, my camera bag has some thick foam ( >1") I sewed to the sides to protect my Canon G7X mkII.


Never broken a device in the past 10 years though.

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Had it fall off my lap when I got out of a car. No joke did not find it until 6 months later. It had been stuck in the mud and ran the fuck over multiple times. After I found it, checked the SD card and it still worked. 

You ever notice that many establishments have a sign that as "No Shirt, No Shoes, No service"? They never say anything about pants............ You know what that implies. You dont have to wear pants. 

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