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  1. from the article "The malware, which they said appeared to be contacting Russian servers" they aren't being blamed randomly.
  2. I'm sure the tax agencies would gladly go after these companies if they committed tax fraud, but tech company specifically are kinda infamous for extremely rapid growth. To grow as fast as possible, it means to re-invest as much into the business as possible, and worry about profits at a later date. Its not at all odd to see how little profit they make when you see how fast they attempt to grow.
  3. There is definitely a line, since if google were to just copy/paste the entire article onto their service, then thats piracy, but just taking snippets of it is more of a gray area. This law doesn't apply only to google though, so I don't understand the intent of your comment. profits are taxed, not revenue.
  4. This is nearly 10 million dollars, thats a huge fine for a company the size of Valve. edit; to put this into perspective, with 360 employees, and assuming a starting salary of ~$80,000, they could have increased their workforce by 35% with 10 million dollars.
  5. revenue alone means absolutely nothing what so every about the financial health of a company. good. Region blocking is awful
  6. They spent 8 years on this game and had a huge amount of funding. Thats not an excuse. Japanese work cultures is just as bad if not far worse than the work culture anywhere else. https://www.businessinsider.com/japan-is-facing-a-death-by-overwork-problem-2018-3 >In Japan, it's so common for employees to work themselves to death that there's a word for it: Karoshi.
  7. windows defenders is and antivirus
  8. oh bless your heart. This just isnt true https://umbrella.cisco.com/blog/picture-perfect-how-jpg-exif-data-hides-malware Viruses can hide just about anywhere and look completely safe.
  9. """a bunch of""" all it takes is one link or one download. Would you really be suspicious if a family member send you a file like they always do? well, good for you? Its common among my friends at least. especially images and video. how? If all they did was post a link or download file, I wouldn't find that suspicious, they do that every single day.
  10. How far does trust get you when their accounts are hacked and they start sending you viruses to download? This exact situation happened to me.
  11. yea, and i've never gotten into a car accident, so I guess seat belts and air bags are useless. What magic is preventing files sent to you from friends and family from being viruses? What divine power prevents a trustworthy site from giving you a virus?
  12. no, but an antivirus reduces your chance of a virus significantly more.