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  1. The ink printer industry is truly bizarre. Just stick with laser or thermal printers.
  2. countless thousands of people already own one. I don't know where this idea is coming from that you won't be able to get one for months. Just check the reviews on amazon, bestbuy, walmart, etc. There are thousands of reviews from people who have gotten one.
  3. I can confirm that is true. UPS shipping price is very misleading compared to USPS shipping, at least for shipping from the US to Canada. UPS expects you to manually fill out the customs forms yourself, or pay them to do it for you. I shipped one order through UPS, and stopped offering UPS for international orders from my online store ever since.
  4. go to google maps and click on that store. It will tell you how busy the store is, so you can make a plan to go when there won't be a line
  5. oh nice, they fixed the title to include what the video was actually about
  6. Its objectively a bad idea NOT to beg for free stuff from linus now. the pros of doing so outweigh the cons of not doing so @LinusTechfree PC pls
  7. Nearly didn't click the video since I didn't know it was a 3060 review. I assumed it was a scalper rant video. these titles are awful.
  8. Summary Some guy water cooled his camera because of thermal issues, but there was also some weird firmware that shuts the camera off at a certain point even without overheating. Quotes My thoughts Not sure if this is considered news or not, but it reminded me of linus. Maybe water cooled cameras will become more of a real thing like water cooled PCs. Sources https://www.diyphotography.net/this-guy-liquid-cooled-his-canon-eos-r5-and-beat-the-8k-overheating-issues/
  9. I imagine homeless people using it and camping out in front of people's homes to use their wifi. wifi doesn't even travel that far, so I don't see how it would even be that useful
  10. Joe biden was just elected president, the most middle ground a person could possibly be. Idk what propaganda you've fallen for, but you definitely have fallen for some.
  11. Why is that? You absolutely can, thats what being an expert is about. Someone you trust to be knowledgeable in the field. so... not experts.. you aren't being skeptical, you are refusing to trust anything anyone says and putting everyone's states on an equal level. No, it can't. Science isn't just people flipping coins to decide how things work in the world. except your brain is much less than that of experts in their field.
  12. No one is claiming thats. The point is you shouldn't trust non-experts. hearing from who? Then who do you trust?