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  1. Right, what happens is the poop gets into the nearby water supply that is used to water the plants. I laughed when I read this lol. I never heard of someone say they "respect" a black bean burger. Its just food. Since when is fake meat cheaper than real meat? This is like saying you refuse to give up using whale oil to power your lanterns because LED lights are too modern and cheap. We humans progress and create better things. Its odd to be so passionate about something thats worse than the alternative in every way. I don't think you understand. These vir
  2. I just use tomato pasta sauce, but really any sauce will go good with it. Stir fry sauce, BBQ sauce, its a very neutral food that pairs well with anything.
  3. I got it at walmart, its near where lettuce and other fresh food is sold. Its simple to cook too, just fry it up and add sauce.
  4. I just tried some last month and its SO good! I add pasta sauce to it
  5. Those two things are 1:1. Unless he tells me he hunts for all his meat, then those two things are one and the same. HIV was likely transferred to humans through the butchering process to eat the animal. H1N1 spread to humans due to the close contact pigs came with other pigs and humans' close contact with pigs. Those contacts weren't there because people just like having large amount of pet pigs. did.. did you not read what you quoted? "together with the culture of eating exotic mammals" That seems to agree with me perfectly well. e-coli on plants is often cause fr
  6. sure, maybe you meant purely from a nutritional value point of view, but I think thats looking at things too narrowly, and obviously not the reason meat alternative are made. I wouldn't say meat is healthy to eat "just like" veggies. Veggies have significantly fewer health issues associated with it. I mean, even if you want to look at it more isolated purely on the nutrients.. well, how often do you see an obese vegetarian or vegan? If you lined up 10 staunch meat eaters and 10 vegetarians&vegans, you'd be able to tell with reasonable accuracy which eat meat and which don't based purely by
  7. so saying meat is healthy is ok but saying its not is derailing the thread? lol I guess you could technically say eating cooked meat doesn't lead to viruses. Its the butchering and preparing it that usually does. Like in the case of HIV, it likely came from butchering monkeys for food, and their blood infecting humans during the butchering. You could trace a significant amount of diseases to animal farms, specifically to overcrowded and unclean farming. Its not just modern factory farming too, but farming has largely be terribly unclean and a disease breeding ground for hundreds of yea
  8. yes, so I guess it isn't vegan, but still vegetarian I mean, most of the largest food recalls are from meat products https://moneyinc.com/biggest-food-recalls-u-s-history/ Then there are outbreaks like swine flu, mad cow disease, HIV, covid19, and countless other diseases that originated from eating meat.
  9. This isn't tech.. but I guess since it was posted i'll mention my favorite veggie nuggets are also made with fungus. A different type, but similar. Its extremely good. I've been eating it for years now. https://www.quorn.us/products/quorn-meatless-chicken-nuggets
  10. Copper, the average price, is around double the price it was 5 years ago https://www.macrotrends.net/1476/copper-prices-historical-chart-data I have no idea what your agenda is but your comment is incredibly misleading. Corporations gain no benefit from high metal prices.
  11. what do you mean "nah"? What I said was true and "Intel and Nvidia just decide to spend a crap ton of money and get into space mining" has no relevance to it unless you think they are starting space mining within the next ~2 years.
  12. ok.. whats the legal definition then? The definitions I see are broad, saying its when you convince someone to do something by giving them something in exchange. Basically what a job is. they are, they are giving other developers access to it. Not, that is threatening to do something. They didn't use android to harm them in some way, they threatened to not allow them access to it. Right. No one is at fault for anything in that scenario. No. Threatening to beat someone is not similar to stop doing business with someone. The better analogy would be s