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  1. I am finally going to get fibers! This calls for an update of my network equipment. What would be ideal: DD-WRT/OpenWRT/Tomato support, or a good control panel - I am interested in QoS, some nice stats Wi-Fi range - current Tenda AC11 is doing okay, the signal has to go a single storey up and down, but I can just add an access point if it's necessary ability to handle 20-30 clients, about 10 connections from things that actually do something. I plan to connect 2 PCs using RJ-45, that's the reason why I'm writing here, I wasn't able to find a 2.5 Gbit/s compatible router yet. Ever
  2. It is weird to talk about WCCF in the OP so much, there were other sites posting the same information, perhaps later, but I don't like their flexing. This means supply is not going to grow for now, but the big question is at where does the demand stand. The lower end GPUs can help that part of the market too using less substrate/happy user.
  3. If someone's wondering like me, PMR = CMR I am always surprised that they do CMR in top sizes at the same time they do SMR, Wouldn't it make sense for SMR to be bigger?
  4. Probably an extremely low non-zero chance. Imo it's worth waiting a bit until this is investigated further.
  5. Sure, the game perf drops when the single core speed drops, it is still very important, but going over 8 threads really does matter, usually the fast 6/12 CPUs are where the difference starts to disappear. Some examples in spoiler: I initially thought I was going to have to pick examples, but just 4 first results worked and there are plenty more.
  6. There were many rumors regarding N6, including PS5 and/or DG2 getting on it. Zen 4 IO die and Rembrant cores are ones of the more likely it seems. Some even say out of compatible N7 and N6 nodes the latter is going to be more utilized in 2022.
  7. I have the Kindlov set. The bits surprised me with how strong they are, I used them on some tougher jobs and nothing bad happened so far. The pliers are worth next to nothing just like the plastic parts, but that's not an issue because I never suffered from it. One thing I need to point out, I also have 6 screwdrivers that allow me to reach screws that are too deep for such set, so watch out for those.
  8. They do have multi-actuator in Mach 2 tech, but what you've shown in a pic would be even better. So, the total time it takes to read a HDD of whatever size is just how many circles of data there are from the middle to the edge of the platter, divided by rotations per time unit and adjusted for the aforementioned time to lock on a track, a drive with 7200 rpm, 6000 'circles' and 1.(6)ms to lock would take 8.(3) ms to complete a circle, ~10ms to complete a circle and switch to another one, which rounds up to a nice 100 circles/second and a minute to read the whole drive(I pulled numbers fro
  9. I refuse to believe they base it on ambient temp. If it's the brains, you could move them inside of the house, if it's the transmitter, you could go to lower power operation maintaining connection with lower speeds, but mostly that's because the correlation between ambient temperature and the actual device temperature can be very different in varied air pressure, humidity and wind. sazrocks' comment suggests that something could've been wrong with that individual device. I want some more info about this.
  10. 50C seems really low, I wonder if that's being overly careful or something really can't deal with such temps.
  11. GPU Software functionality comparison: are you required to log in to access features? Radeon Chill? FidelityFX CAS? overclocking? ShadowPlay? ReLive? and so on quick lineup of the multitude of options and what they do, how well do they do it, what cards support it, some might be too much for a quick glance in such vid, but honestly, I need this. Some of those are really cool on both sides and there's no time to include this in a GPU review. Many users probably don't know they can do lots of cool things thanks to the GPU manufacturers.
  12. Just get an extender from the bathroom/kitchen to your PC xD You should have ground somewhere, the issue is, getting the wire from place A to place B can be costly because going through walls etc.And as mentioned before, the chance of using it is extremely low. You could make builds where you have ground and test it there too, that'd leave only the probability of surge getting introduced later in life of a PC which is even less likely.
  13. Some laptops can even discharge while being connected, though I'd call that a fuckup on the manufacturer's side.
  14. You could actually provide an example to make this easier. Afaik Apple is actually cheap for the screen quality they offer even in the low tier MacBooks, thermals were always a problem, but you do get a good screen, ssd, quite solid and nice looking machine with great touchpad. It's a norm that normal laptop will be lacking in one of those departments, combine this with system running well before getting bloated and it's easy to see why they are popular.