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  1. Well the chart above has the XR being release in 2018. So if Apple does 5 years of support, 2023 theoretically would be when they end support.
  2. It depends on how fast your internet is. If you only have like 200 Mbps, then any old router off the shelf will work. If you have Gigabit Fiber on the other hand, most routers don't have the LAN to WAN or WAN to LAN throughput to do Gigabit. So you then have to find those numbers and verify it can in fact support Gigabit. The other side of this IF you have some old PC hardware laying around you could just build a PFsense box. Essentially it will do your routing, Firewall, NAT and DHCP. It wont support wireless but I dont think you really need wireless in your closet. PFsense is a
  3. Its kinda screwing them over now. Restaurants are having a hard time finding employees. When Fast food is paying $12+ in my area. Warehouses are going up to $15. Ive seen at least 2 or 3 stories of restaurants stating they cant open due to lack of employees. Hell the subway at the Walmart I shop at had to close due to lack of employees. No one wants these low paying jobs and now they restaurant owners are finding out the hard way.
  4. They are not doing that currently. Employers are fighting hard to get more employees. It’s driving up wages. Kinda hard to compete with the government (unemployment insurance). Even with the rise in wages the government still pays more l. LOL.
  5. I have the XR. I think I’ve had it just over 2 years. Just as responsive today as the day I got it. Hope to have at least another year if not two years. Personally I’d go with the XR. The only negative thing about it is Face ID. Touch ID would have been better during a pandemic.
  6. The 600 Mbps is the speed between the power line adapters. Thats how all adapters are advertised. You have to look closely at what the port is rated for in terms of speed. It doesnt matter anyway, because Power Line adapters probably couldn't get close to gigabit speeds. I would say the 50 Mbps is pretty damn good for a power line adapter.
  7. About 30 days before Windows 10 was released. Reinstalled Windows 7 on the system. Then I did the in place upgrade 30 or so days after. Then I ran with a broken system till Probably January of the next year.
  8. If your ISP box is in bridge mode then the Firewall it has should not be active. You will need to do port forwarding in both routers of course. So to be clear, your using the ISP box in bridge mode and your paying for extra IP address from your ISP? Then you have a Ethernet cable from the ISP box to each of the routers?
  9. The issue is Cat 7 is only ISO certified it doesnt have TIA certification from what I have read. The TIA cert is the one that matters when it comes to Ethernet. So you get a lot of Cat 7 cables that are not high enough quality to do what they are "rated for". Cat 8 on the other hand is certified via TIA. But only for very short runs that would be used in a data center. Honestly I never got why people think they need to go with the highest standard Ethernet cables. Cat 6a can do 10 Gbps up to 100 meters. If you need more than that, then you should be looking at Fiber.
  10. Walked in to my local Meijer today. They have a better jerky selection than Walmart. Picked up a bag of Cattlemans Cut Teriyaki. Started looking at what else they had, because Jack Link's isn't doing it for me. To my surprise they now carry Savage Jerky. I was like Holy SHIT. They had Mojo and Maple Buffalo bacon. Got two bags of each. Best shopping trip ever 😛

    1. lewdicrous


      Chewing on Jack Link's is like trying to eat a rubber gasket.

  11. As @Falcon1986stated, you turn your better router in to a AP. As far as getting a router with a Fiber port or converting the ISP's Fiber to Ethernet thats not going to happen. You have to use what the ISP gave you. There are no consumer grade ONT's that you can buy, its just how it is. At least you have Fiber, most people have to deal with less.
  12. Well we are just trying to save you money. Because you buy a USB adapter then you will be back here because it stopped working. USB adapters have bad antenna designs and have a tendency to overheat. The overheating is what causes most of the issues as it will drop the connection. From what I have read the WiFi 5 chipset ran hot, which is why many of the PCIe cards had heatsinks. If you decide to still buy a USB adapter I wouldn't spend too much on it, because it will end up becoming useless in the end.
  13. Thats either some form of DSL or Fiber. If its slow is most likely DSL. If your issue is with the connection, or connection speed there is not much you can do, even adding your own router or AP could fail to do anything. If the issue is with WiFi specifically you can look in to Moca if you have coax ran around your home. Moca allows the coax to be used for home networking, speeds of nearly Gigabit speeds from my understanding. Im going to say no here. I know that AT&T hasn't really done a good job on maintaining their copper network. So there are limited numbers of p
  14. NO. You and x amount of other customers are connected via Coax to a node. That node is fed by Fiber that leads back to Comcast. Because of that, you have to share. The only way to get more dedicated bandwidth is to sign up for their Gigabit Pro service. But its pretty expensive.
  15. Wont work at the gas station though. I pay for my gas thru the Shell app via Apple Pay because its tied in to the Fuel Rewards app which is where T Mobile gives me my discount. Most retailers I would assume would spot tampering. Also mobile payments would still work, to my understanding. Which means they get jack shit. I know Meijer supports both Google and Apple Pay, Walmart has to be special and only support their own payment app, but I have never had an issue with using a chip card at Walmart. Sure if you go in to some rink a dink place thats kinda sketchy, you might enc