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  1. Well NASA doesn't have a spacecraft thats the issue. We currently rely on SpaceX and the Russians. They decided not to risk any more American lives with what happen with the space shuttle Columbia. Which is why the retired the Space Shuttle without having another spacecraft to use. As far as previous designs go. The Saturn V was really really really expensive back in the day, it would be a metric SHIT TON of money today to build. Which is why they didnt just build Saturn V's, because that would have been the best choice if they actual intended on going back to the moon. Which is why they are
  2. The base has been sanitized from Google Maps. You can view satellite images from a Russian source. But the US government made Google erase the base from its Satellite images a few years back. Foreign powers could just use satellites or plans to spy on it. God forbid the US citizens have an idea of what's going on. On a side note. I do believe in the existence of ET's. I do think the US government is doing tests on UFO's and other things. I dont believe they are doing them at Area 51 any more. Mainly due to it being Famous. But Area 51 keeps the eye balls off the other facilitie
  3. Area 51 does exist. President Clinton confirmed it. The military got sued due to some personnel getting sick from them burning toxic waste. Because if the base doesn't exist, then the toxic waste cant exist, therefore environmental laws dont need to be followed. Anyway, the military got sued. Obsously this case got thrown out on National Security grounds. President Clinton and every president since has issues an executive order essentially exempting Area 51 from environmental laws. Further more its kinda been established the planes such as the B2, F117, U2, SR71 and a few others were tested a
  4. Your talking about tech the government scientists are still figuring out. Eventually that tech will make it in to the hands of a military sub contractor like Northrop Grumman. You should know better that the US military gets first dibs on all tech. I dont really consider NASA a military operations. Yes US military pilots are the ones flying the spacecraft, but its more of a civilian operation. Also, there are many who believe they are not really studying alien tech at Area 51. That Area 51 is more of a distraction from the actual secret bases that do that type of research. I me
  5. Generally you need to use what your ISP provides you. Fiber internet is not like Coax or DSL where you can just go to the store and buy equipment.
  6. While I didnt shake or convulse by giving it up. I had to give up candy. Id go to the store and buy a big bag of what I called diabetes. I had a problem. I was on my way to getting type II. After getting on medicaid and going to see a doctor for a physical, she pretty much said I needed to get my sugar under control or id have diabetes in my 30's. So I gave up candy. It was hard, I did relapse once. Mainly I had to give up Twizzlers, skittles, anything fruity. I do chew gum and use Altoids to help with the cravings.
  7. Yes. Id go to the store and buy as much candy as I could. Id buy a few pizza's and other foods. Id eat like a king. At least I'll die happy .
  8. I might have a shot here and there with family. Outside of that I only drink at my friend Jeff's house. His rule is if he throws you a Jell-O shot you ass better take it.
  9. Not really. A Mesh system might help but they are expensive. Outside of alternatives like Power Line adapters (May or may not work) or Moca adapters (Requires Coax) there are no good options.
  10. It could be a few thousand dollars to over $50,000. You need to call the cable company and ask. Also just because there is Coax .07 miles away doesn't mean they can hook you up to that. They have to do a site survey and make a decision based on that. They might have to run additional Fiber out near your property and then run the coax. As a result you might get a higher cost estimate.
  11. Thanks for the post. I did look thru the plethora of information. From what I have read there USB Mics are like USB WiFI adapters...... They suck. It was mentioned about driver issues with Windows 10. Ive been there and done that. So I might be better off with just buying a gaming headset and using that when I need to use a mic for hours.
  12. I just started playing it with my Switch Pro controller. Yeah keybindings are a pain.
  13. Download speeds dont matter here. Its the upload you need to worry about. If your saturating your upload 100% it WILL kill your connection. You need to figure out how much upload you have and limit the amount your torrenting uses. Also lower end networking equipment might not be able to handle the amount of connections. But Id first go in to your torrenting software and try to limit the upload its using and see what happens.
  14. I have the Sennheiser HD4.40 Bluetooth headset. It works well for what I use it for, for the most part. Mainly watching Youtube and other streaming on my PC and Mac. However, Ive had issues with it gaming. The headset does have a wired option. The issue is, I have no Mic when using it with a wire. So Id like to be educated on what I should be looking for in a Mic. I NOT streaming, it will be used for when Im voice chatting with my friend. I know of the Mod Mic, but that would mean a second wire I have to worry about. So Im going to be researching desktop mics. Is there a good site that explain