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  1. Thats probably the issue. 5Ghz is built for reliability and performance. 2.4 Ghz is built for distance but is not that reliable due to how congested the band is.
  2. Because Passports, State ID's and Drivers License may have info on them you may not want the company knowing about. Companies have a habit of storing data they shouldn't and then they get fucking hacked and your shit is sold on the dark web. Thank you EquiFax. Also ID's can be faked. Kids have been doing that forever to gain access to Tobacco and Alcohol. While some blame is on Facebook. A lot of blame is on parents for not watching what their kids are doing online.
  3. Yeah. So was DDWRT. Like I said, these are basic features built in to like every router. You just gotta figure out where the features are located, what they are called.
  4. Not at all. I just know out of the many different routers I have used over the years. That these are basic features that are included.
  5. Most routers I have come across allow you to block internet access via MAC address. I would look in to parental controls or MAC address filtering. Just be aware that if someone using one of those devices spoofs the MAC address they could gain access back to the internet.
  6. To what end? Is this going to be on a device by device basis? Are you trying to block certain sites and services? What are you trying to accomplish?
  7. It’s probably a bad sim. Just get a new one. Was this device on the T-Mobile network previous?
  8. Call them out on Social Media. Works for a lot of people. Companies dont like when bad things are posted to their Facebook or Twitter. You might be able to file a complaint with the government, but the government isn't going to necessarily do anything, but the government will most likely contact them and companies dont like when the government contacts them.
  9. Every time I hear the Comcast commercial claiming they offer Gig WiFi I want to punch them in the face. I dont even think with WiFI 6 you could pull Gigabit via WiFi but thats how they advertise to their customers. Then they explicitly state that WiFi speeds can vary. I wonder how many people got duped?
  10. Did you get the phone via Mint or what it BYOD?
  11. Well like I said, the issue is Legacy support. You dont see people running software from the Power PC days on Intel or M1 chip Macs. You can run old ass Windows software on newer machines or talk to older devices with current Windows machines. The legacy support is why Windows is the way it is. No one ever said they did it well. But Microsoft cares at some level because this is the second time they are pushing for Windows on ARM. Windows RT was a complete flop. Knowing this why did they make Windows 10 work on ARM? Because they see a future in it and need to be successful in it
  12. Considering the name change of this topic. I would recommend the movie Kate on Netflix. It was pretty good. At least I enjoyed it.
  13. Did he use a Microsoft Account? If so the key/ Activation is stored on that account. Simple as loging in with the account should allow Windows to be activated. Or if not and if you have a Windows 7 key that might be enough to activate Windows.
  14. Your looking for a router that supports fail over. Also you dont want to hook a router to a router. That will create double NAT. So your current gear with Comcast will need to be replaced or put in to bridge mode. AT&T last I heard required you to use their gateway, they dont support bridge mode, but it should support pass thru mode which should work. I know for a fact that Synology RT2600AC can do both fail over and load balancing. The only downside is you loose a LAN port as its used as the second WAN port. The other downside is its only WIFi 5, but the router has some nice
  15. I blame Qualcomm more than I blame Microsoft. If Microsoft had a better option they would probably had a better experience. Qualcomm has about 0 stakes in the desktop market, so do you think they give a shit about making the best desktop chip? No, because they pretty much own a good chunk of the mobile market. AMD on the other had has a mighty big stake in the desktop CPU market. So this could very well be the saving grace for Windows on ARM. Because I could honestly see AMD really pushing ARM to the limits if they could. The biggest issue with Windows on ARM is legacy support. Th