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  1. Depends on how you use your system. I tend to have all my gaming libraries on separate storage for when Microsoft fucks up. My opinion is just use SSD storage for your computer and buy a NAS with large disks for bulk storage. Also most NAS's support some form of redundancy that could be useful.
  2. Between people not mingling in large groups and people afraid of hospitals the numbers are going to be low. Because if you don’t have large groups of people on top of every one sanitizing the fuck out of everything creates and environment that makes it harder to spread. Then you take into the fact people are most likely avoiding hospitals unless they are dead or dieing, that means reported numbers will be down.
  3. Comes down to this, if your going to use it for game storage Id go full SSD. But see in my case I have a NAS, so I have bulk network storage, where I could go full SSD no issue and not have much issue with needing mass storage.
  4. How much of it is due to the lock down? I mean it cant spread if people are not going out in public. Also how much of this is due to lack of reporting because people are too afraid to touch a hospital? Also how much of it is due to more people potentially getting a flu vaccine? I got mine back in the October. I get mine every year because I have had the Flu, and I dont want to get it again.
  5. The forum and Discord are two separate things. They dont really share mods. I do know that your account has to be of a certain age to join. Outside of that, they are a bit more strict over there, I see post all the time of people being banned. Im technically part of the server but Im too old to understand the point of talking to random people on discord.
  6. OK. Thats now how ram works. RAM is very fast compared to hard drives and SSD's. It directly communicates to the CPU. Paging files in Windows or the SWAP partition in Linux is a portion of disk space used to store stuff that cant fit in ram. If your computer is out of ram, it will become slower. Because mechanical hard drives are well SLOW. Depending on the external enclosure on your External Hard drive, it might be rated for slower speeds than what SATA is rated for. USB 3.0 is rated for 5 Gbps, while SATA III is rated for 6 Gbps. That really wont matter much because Mechanical Hard drives ar
  7. BMW drivers still cant drive worth a shit in the metro Detroit area. Dont get me started on people in big trucks. My reaction to them is they have LDS, thats why they drive a big truck.
  8. BMW attracts a certain type of driver as well. They start with an A and end with a hole.
  9. Im not even sure if I got mine. I know I got vaccinated for Hepatitis, due to an out break that happened a few years ago in my area. I generally get a vaccine if my doctor suggests it. My only answer is "Does it cost me anything?".
  10. Sad thing its its like 35 miles from me and Ive never been. The shortest route its like thru Detroit. Last time I drove in Detroit I hated it, the traffic is horrific. The other routes are a bit longer, but traffic is likely as bad. Its not worth it to me If Im not going to buy anything. Maddison Heights is not exactly a place I will ever visit without a purpose. Would be nice if they built one closer down by me, but I dont expect that ever to happen.
  11. My phone is like permanently on silent. Because I have an iPhone and Mac I can take my calls on my computer, and will if I know the number. But at work I cant even have my phone on the floor. I dont like being distracted when driving. I figure if someone calls and its important they will leave a message.
  12. That would make me concerned. That cat might be plotting on you.
  13. No Frys here in Michigan. While we have a Microcenter, I’ve never been. It’s just too long of a drive for me to go just to look around. I buy everything on Amazon generally.
  14. Donut417

    Network issue

    They are not CAT6 then or the cable is damaged. Cat5e and above should have NO issue pulling gigabit. You cant have Cat6 rated at 100mbps because the whole thing is standardized. And if a cable manufacture is not adhering to the standard then you shouldn't be buying their products. What are the ports rated for? If you have lets say an 8 port gigabit switch then all 8 ports should be able to communicate at Gigabit speeds.
  15. Got my first cell phone when I was in 10th grade. I graduated high school in 2006. Only got it for emergencies as I only had 450 min. Plus I had to get a job back then to pay for my car insurance and gas. Didnt get my first smart phone till I was well in to college.
  16. My dad talks about his CB days. All the way up till the FCC kicked in his door for improper usage. I guess he's banned for life.
  17. From what I have heard is Samsung has an on going agreement with Qualcomm, It a very long term agreement so they cant use their chips in the US. Not sure if that will ever change.
  18. Im not talking about internet service. Im talking TV. Traditional TV is crap.
  19. Hows your usage when both Warcraft and OBS is running? You can check that in task manager. If you notice your utilizing a majority, then it might help to upgrade your ram. I tend to run with at least 16 Gigs now days.
  20. ......Cable and Satellite TV have always been garbage. Just saying.
  21. Ebay? Im in the market for some storage for my server and NAS.
  22. If big media hosts the links, how are we suppose to find them? The media going to create their own search engine? Because if they fuck Google over, Google will just not link to them at all.
  23. So what happens if Google and Facebook just stop doing news? Stop allowing news links? I guess that means those news sites would have their social media profiles taken down? How will they push people to their sites if Google no longer links to them in search results? Google could be real pricks and pull their YouTube channels as well. We could see rise to YouTube and Facebook journalists, that dont work for the big media. What are they going to do when they are replaced?
  24. Funny. Works fine on my 4K Fire stick.
  25. My guess is its a limitation in the connection between you and Microsoft. Because on an internal network you will likely have 1 Gbps links or at least 100 Mbps links, while with internet it can vary. Plus services like Onedrive have to serve a lot of people so, there could be limitations on transfer speeds for that reason.