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  1. I though part of the architecture was now public domain, being out of patent
  2. Generally not, but im in australia, and the extended warranty doesn't really add anything the consumer isn't entitled to already.
  3. Granted, but only when traveling close to the speed of light I wish I remembered to dispose of all the used motor oil i seem to be hoarding
  4. Sold mine to some idiot a couple years back on ebay for 110. prob lucky to get $40ish today it is kinda a pos
  5. This isn't so much the problem as taking into consideration what other unsecured debt someone has before offering to lend. 50k income and a 30yr mortgage on 350k should be fine, it the consumer doesn't possess other high risk debt like credit cards certain car loan types, etc Given I'm in Australia, and i'll also point out my understanding of the US debt system is not huge. I spent a good 3 months in the US and bought a car as it was cheaper than renting for the trip, I literally had to explain to the dealer in LA I was going to pay it outright. They asked me to come
  6. More evidence of just how fucked the US debt system is. You don't need more laws to collect debt, you need some fucking consumer finance protection to limit high risk credit.
  7. Former sound engineer problems. I like listening to metal, but I also like dynamic range..

  8. 20017, because thats about when I dropped my old one off a 3 storey roof
  9. This is probably just due to the people you see in video being their job to present, and others have their positions. We mostly saw the rest of the team on channel super fun, which wasnt lmg's primary business, and otherwise a pile of hot garbage ROI wise.
  10. Being a business asset, I'd probably recommend they use an It company to build one for them (unless you run one). Last thing you want is a business's equipment fucking up and being on you Either way, depending on the use case a synology type off the shelf unit might be fine, or an enterprise oriented system. People will need more info to help.
  11. Looks like the top row you circled is 4+4 cpu power mot pcie
  12. Saw this all the time traveling through Vietnam and Malaysia, "1st coppy" basically just means counterfeit. Illegal to sell in most countries, but not illegal to own (in Australia at least)
  13. sim connected hunting/trailcam is probably the easiest
  14. I find this is more an aspect of discipline than motivation.
  15. dunno how as i never bothered watching it, but Catherine Langford was the daughter Paul langford who found the stargate