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  1. Have you tried just using integrated graphics? it doesn't seem like a very hard to run game
  2. Without having an agp or pcie slot its probably not the best option for an xp era retro rig
  3. Still use xp for a retro rig, and for the interface control on my cnc (my bridgeport still has a fucking commodore attached to it) Not sure why either would need to be connected to the internet
  4. Imagine I ask you to play a game, and then when you say yes I throw (we'll be nice and pick the lease gross kind) horse shit at you, Now just remember if you pay a little for the game I don't have to throw the shit at you. It's your choice either let me throw horse shit on you, or pay up. You see now, it's the people who don't want to have shit thrown at them, who also don't want to pay . These are the people who criticise and complain. The rest of us just don't play the game to begin with
  5. Besides the size difference, for gaming you're looking at basically no perceivable difference gaming or honestly most tasks Also wouldn't worry about drive longevity with quality ssd's
  6. spare psu's always come in handy, especially for hobby projects, good to keep a klew around. just look up the manufacturers specs to work out which cables go with it, it's honestly not hard to check. Even if you need to check with a multimeter, once again pretty easy
  7. Very unlikely to harm anything, unlikely to the point it should be a non issue. They do have less features and customisation settings, depending on the chipset and what the momo manufacturer chooses to implement on it. In maybe a rare occasion like a power surge the board like let too much power damage something else, but this isn't the 90's anymore good protection circuitry is not expensive and generally the cheaper stuff is pretty good in this respect assuming your power isn't crap (inconsistent wave forms, brown outs, power dips regularly etc)
  8. I've still a couple of hp elite sff pc's and they are almost silent
  9. Why would a company limit the sale of a general consumer item? It's a minor PR problem for the company (scalpers that is) They sell as much stock as they can make without having to worry about dead inventory, honestly atm amd/nvidia are in a great sales position. doubt they'd want to break that
  10. Dry shave, if its cutting you, the razor is either shit quality, which looking at the price alone probably is, or You have a coarse beard which you're better off just using a normal razor.
  11. Apart from being unhygienic and kinda disgusting, buy an electric razor or just use a razor for your face. A pack of razors is basically nothing and will give a much cleaner shave , so many of these types of posts these days, ya'll got no fathers or somthing
  12. Fixed the evaporative cooler, right in time for an Aussie Mallee summer to hit. Also I want to sit on my arse and play outer worlds...kinda need the A/C for that


  13. Chrome works for me atm, no point fucking around with another piece of software