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    Ryzen 2700X
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    Gigabyte B450i Aorus Pro Wifi
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    GSkill Trident Z Neo 3600 CL16
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    RTX 2070
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    Nzxt H210
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    EVGA SuperNova P2 850 W Platinum
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    240 AIO
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    Logitech G700
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    Win 10 Pro

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  1. Yeah you can definitely order them, but as stated, any applicable VAT/Customs Duties are payable by you (likely to whichever company has done the import). You may get lucky too, I ordered 3 T-shirts last year and didn't get stung for VAT, which I probably should have, but it was also in a pandemic so they were probably short of a customs guy or 2 and were only looking at high value items.
  2. If you're actually in the UK, I wouldn't expect much, particularly for motherboards & CPUs. Cases are often discounted, as are peripherals and storage. Motherboards you might get a couple of % off unless they have a lot of excess stock of a particular model that they want to get rid of. CPUs the occasional ones that aren't selling well will sometimes get a small drop but it normally isn't more than 5-10% unless they really want to get rid of it. GPUs occasionally, but normally very limited discount and unlikely to happen this year, unless we get a sudden unexpected oversupply.
  3. it'll probably increase temperatures if your cpu is working harder to feed the 1080ti.
  4. Depends whether or not they can be bothered charging you too. I got 3 T-Shirts when they did a spend over $50 and get free shipping offer so total was $60 or thereabouts in May/June time probably last year. Didnt get charged VAT or import duties to the UK on that, so probably lucked out, although it was in lockdown so they probably just skipped checking stuff as much.
  5. https://www.alza.de/corsair-sf700-d5654624.htm Never used the seller but have heard of them, and they appear to have the SF750 in stock.
  6. No idea, I've just had a look and it does appear they may only be delivering to the UK at the moment anyway.
  7. In stock from Scan? I doubt it, powersupplies are in super short supply everywhere at the minute, think that was the only 750W+ SFX one they had in stock.
  8. https://www.scan.co.uk/products/800w-silverstone-sx800-lti-v12-fully-modular-80-plus-titanium-single-rail-66a-120mm-fan-sfx-psu that is in stock at this very moment in the UK. From the look of it the o11 mini can take any SFX or SFX-L power supply.
  9. I ordered 3 tshirts with a free shipping promo they did last year which came to USD60. I didnt have to pay anything extra, but I guess it depends if customs can be bothered or not.
  10. I know this won't help you for this, but Gigabyte has a service centre in the UK.
  11. Was it an invoice, or just a confirmation of order? Do you have a copy of the invoice that you can post (make sure to blank out order numbers and addresses and any other identifiable personal stuff on it.
  12. You said, and I quote here... So, which was it?
  13. https://www.computeruniverse.net/en/page/allgemeine-geschaeftsbedingungen Section 2 really covers this. An order is an offer to enter into a purchase contract. Only when goods are dispatched & delivered is that contract completed and activated. So unless the German law specifies (and it may well do) that paying immediately counts a purchase contract as binding instead of still just an offer, it should revert to the above terms. I don't mean here, that you just thought you were buying a specific product either. From what you have said, you essentially entered i
  14. It wouldn't even be that much of a %age for a business deposit account. They likely would be getting basically nothing on deposit at current rates.
  15. Sure, by all means go for it, but I really do think you need to look through the terms and conditions of the actual sale (which would likely state, at least in many terms and conditions I've ever read) that it would be subject to refund if they were unable to fulfill the delivery in a reasonable timescale, or something to that effect. I think you would likely get scuppered by the product availability subject to fluctuations term that you used in that first post though in all honesty if that was part of the sale terms. Basically, the product is currently unavailable, so here is a refund (assumi