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    FINALLY spent those dollars to open it
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    who uses that after d2's migration?
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    I pay 60 bucks a year for that
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    does the original xbox have that?
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    That pre-alpha bug?
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    is that like a forum or something?
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    that band?

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    too much free time


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    Intel Core i5-8600k @5ghz
    Intel Core I5-2540m @3.3ghz
    Intel Core I3-2120 @3.3ghz
    Intel Core 2 Dual E8400 @3ghz
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    MSI Z370 Gaming Pro Carbon AC
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    16 GB Trident Z white accent @3.6ghz
    12 GB DDR3 @1.36ghz
    12 GB DDR3 @1.36ghz
    5 GB DDR3 @1.36ghz
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    EVGA Nvidia GTX 1070 TI SC Gaming Black
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    Cooler Master Masterbox Lite 5 RGB Modified
    Sunbeamtek Samurai
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    Samsung 860 EVO 500 GB +1 TB 7200 Seagate Barracuda +1 TB 5400 Samsung Ecogreen
    Crucial MX500 250 GB
    WD Scorpio Black 320GB
    4x Samsung Spinpoint
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    Seasonic GX-650
    Corsair CX550m
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    TCL P64 43"
    Salora 40led1500
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    Gelid Solutions Phantom Black
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    Drevo Calibur
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    Logitech G305 Lightspeed White
    Logitech G305 Lightspeed Black
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    G231 Prodigy
    Kinera SIF
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    Windows 10 (Pro/Education)
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    HP EliteBook 8460p

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  1. geez, thanks to say the least... stefan freaked out when he saw the two we tier
  2. press X to doubt but i agree with him nonetheless here, as usual and the cx is better because it uses a Half Bridge Resonant LLC, compared to CXM's double forward which is for what you should know just better and less likely to whine
  3. @GabenJr since you liked it last time


    GD (500/600/700) looks very close to FSP's hydro GE, which is a rather cheap double forward platform, which most of us would set to compete with something like the CXM, not most decent 80+ gold PSUs. Something like a formula gold, TXM or even the bit higher FSP platforms like the be quiet pure power 11 would've been preferred in my eyes.


    Samsung die doesn't matter, and Micron E has been very cheap lately. it would drive up pricing a lot if you'd mention it, so i'm not complaining, just noting


    Spec-O5 isn't exactly the most airflow oriented case out there


    Ventus is one of the worst RTX cards out there, being compared to the old Armor cards. except for Aero, the rest of MSI's lineup would've been better


    Gaming plus is fine, but I wouldn't have minded a tomahawk or A-pro either, if found cheaper


    2060 in that cheap of a build? really?


    and with that... the hell?

    i can do this inside the same priceclass, and meeting everything but the GPU in sponsors (would be a 2060s in that case)


    this has a good enough motherboard, a better airflow case, a better psu (Seasonic Focus GX), Micron E ram, a better GPU and still a cached SSD.


    i was bored, okay

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    2. MEC-777


      Forever criticized until the end of time: Component selection by YouTube PC builders. ;)

    3. James Evens

      James Evens

      Quick question: about which build are we talking?

    4. GoldenLag


      @James Evens the latest one for 900$

  4. just a suggestion. You should start a YouTube Channel & do some solid PSU review posts, You could get some money out of it if it becomes a hit.


    im not saying like those ones that extend out to 15 to 20 minute contents like ttl or others make, just short segmented comparison videos or specs detailing & your preferred tier list kinda stuff.

    1. LukeSavenije


      I've thought about doing it a couple times


      so far i've simply been too shy to do it


      but who knows... maybe some day i'll get over myself and do it

    2. LukeSavenije


      also, speaking about that... I'm writing something up about PSUs again


      which after seeing what documentation i have to make readable for both myself and the reader will be... painful


      one of the main things will be a llc resonant half bridge configuration


      if you want to see what i mean, look up LLC resonant and read a bit of on-semi, TI, Infineon or ST

  5. and that are the good fanless PSUs but i mean... I'm a always-spin person, as noted earlier
  6. read what i said above they are simply so far overbuilt with components, that they might just do 50% of what they could do with a fan. and again, they get hot, just not hot enough
  7. or as we call it, semi-passive mode. something a lot of manufacturers have fucked up by either letting the fan spin (too) late, blasting when they go on or switching too easily on and off. hence i keep my fans always spinning myself, even if my unit is semi-passive. with that, current methodology doesn't include the fan in general, and I'm still breaking my head over the next one, so don't expect to any time soon. actually, I've heard @jonnyGURU about this once. you can calculate this, the units will go on for years because they're simply that far overbuilt that they can sustain it
  8. should i write something about modern LLC and how 50% load efficiency is a big load of bullshit?


    unrelated cute Hayoung face


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    2. LukeSavenije


      @MEC-777 yeah... i was planning on those already, maybe some old ones to show how the myth has formed... i'll see what i can do


      and as a mod you probably soon can as well anyways


    3. trevb0t


      I'd like to see as much data as possible on that :) 

      I'm also always curious how much wattage overhead you want if you plan to overclock CPU/RAM/GPU

    4. LukeSavenije


      oh... believe me


      i'm already at over 100 pages of sources


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. LukeSavenije


      aw... this just... that's just adorable

    3. Tech_Dreamer


      will kinda get cringy when i read this a week later.🤮 


      but eitherways , man she got that pure aura. Effortless. shes short of having wings at this point from being an Angel.

    4. LukeSavenije


      hey, dude


      don't worry


      i won't disclose too much, but i know the feeling as well

  10. you know where a 3900x is closer to in gaming? a 3600 and there are tasks the 3900x blows the 9900k, but also the other way around. it depends on the exact workload here
  11. trying to hide you made a status


    i know it

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    2. LukeSavenije


      just doing my job, stalking

    3. Juular


      I aint did nuttin officer !

    4. LukeSavenije


      I AM the officer



  12. correct, but it's still a somewhat estimated position, because last time i checked the reviews were quite limited
  13. you mean this part in the conclusion? i checked two reviews from aris (hx750i@Techpowerup) and this one (hx850@tomshardware), and looked at ripple. Aris isn't wrong, and the hx does perform better on that side. but both do so excellent in it (25.1 mV vs 14.8mV highest measure), that it's little matter, and both are excellent options, it depends more on price and if you want the digital keepabilities. and with that i've heard little difference between 20 and 50mV ripple myself, hence i generally set my preferred limit at 50mV anyways. and if you wondered, this likely has mostly to do with the switch to type 4 cables, as Aris noted there has more voltage sensing and some more filter caps.
  14. @Den-Fi likes to make fakes out of my statuses, so this will probably be the next


    unrelated PSU tier list on a hometrainerIMG_20191129_174949.thumb.jpg.1dbd4de70d1954a819038b6c03296626.jpg

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    2. Den-Fi


      Please do not spread lies about me.

      I will report you for harassment.

    3. LukeSavenije


      @FloRolf i laughed a bit about that with Jonnyguru at the time, actually. They pulled off some weird numbers on the specsheet with the amount of power it could use


      i suspect it to be something acbel - delta - liteon, but i haven't seen the psu itself yet

    4. Tech_Dreamer
  15. ENBRACE THE DEFENDER anyways, time to move away from avast now