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    A great tomb that knows no sound
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    Intel Core i5-3570K @ 4.7 GHz
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    Asrock Z77 Extreme4-M
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    2x8 GB 1600 MHz Crucial Ballistix Sport DDR3
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    MSI R9 290X Lightning
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    Corsair Crystal 280X
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    240 GB Revodrive 3, 64 GB Sandisk SSD
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    EVGA Supernova 1200 P2
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    Sceptre VA 144 hz 1080p 27”+Insignia TN 30hz 768p 19”+LG IPS(broken, looks like shit) 60hz 720p 32”
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    CPU: NH-C14S
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    Some Old HP PS/2 Board
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    Some Dell From The Trash
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    Sony MDR-X10
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    Windows 10 Pro/Manjaro Linux

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  1. lol... So someone/a company who has made their own money through the accomplishments* of themselves can't do interesting/maybe dumb things with that money simply because someone else in the world is having issues? This reads a lot like the guy who said no one with money should be able to buy something nice for themselves but have to live as if impoverished and should donate all their money to charity. *I absolutely consider what Linus/LTT have done to be an accomplishment. Building such a massive, successful business from basically nothing is definitely an example of merit.
  2. Why are you randomly tagging me in a random post? Do not interact with me. User ignored.
  3. I don't know why there would be a reason to pay for a driver's license lol. You don't have to in America. What's hard to believe? I find it more outlandish you have to pay anything, let alone €2000.
  4. They're free over here in the states.
  5. When @ragnarok0273 replies to a post.
  6. Yeah but the thing is, an 8086K doesn't deal with VCCIN or uncore. These are both required for Sky-X. It isn't about how different people prefer to OC their CPUs, it's about the process being fundamentally different from the mainstream chips.
  7. An example of the gaming hit of Sky-X is HWUnboxed's video on the 7800X vs the Ryzen 5 1600. While they did the testing at stock on the 7800X, and I am aware there is a large difference between a 7920X and a 7800X, the video is a good demonstration of Sky-X gaming performance core for core. It even loses in some situations to the 1600.
  8. Not in the slightest. On numerous occasions they have been shown to just either falsify numbers or take numbers from other publications. But I also raise you this question, why would you trust any publication that doesn't even specify their full methodology? For any sort of testing, I mean. For coolers, GPUs, CPUs, anything, you should always know the methodology behind the testing.
  9. What benchmarks were these? Typically people watch videos from random YouTube videos like "testing games" or "benchmark" and take them as fact, they aren't.
  10. More than likely slower than a 3600 without a very, very lucky overclock. It is a massive step back from a 10900K and massive is definitely not an understatement. The delid shouldn't mess with your monoblock too badly. It's an EK monoblock, either way it's not gonna perform great, the minor distance between the IHS and the block can be remedied with thinner thermal pads on the VRMs if you have problems. As for mem OC on Sky-X, I do not know of any beginner guides on the subject, but I also never bothered to look since I was experienced with memory overclocking on other platforms. 4 sticks
  11. The clocks are not the main reason gaming performance takes a huge hit. Even overclocking is not going to bring it even close to a 10900K. No, the IPC between all the Sky-X revisions are identical. Yes, the bandwidth helps massively and is the only reason Sky-X isn't even further behind the mainstream parts. No, the overclocking is completely different and involves totally different processes and methodology due to the necessity of cache OC and uncore voltage modifications, as well as VCCIN. As for heat, core for core, a 10900K is harder to cool due to core density. But the