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  1. I focus on capacity first, then go for DRAM (since DRAM helps make performance more consistent). If you can afford the MX500 sure go ahead, but not a must have. GTX 1080? Not expecting that lol. That's somewhere between $200 to $250 each, enough for a low end or old quadro (like a P1000 or once high end but not now K5000, both used). But really, I did not feel any slow downs with a mobile GTX 1060 apart from loading times of an assembly (which I reckon is my slow memory and throttled CPU's fault)
  2. I wonder if it has something to do with patches that supposedly tackle exploits, and Intel "accidentally" take away non Z OC feature. I wont be surprised to see them commit shady practices from what I know about Intel and they did take away Broadwell-E CPU's ability to overclock. To verify this, try install an older version of Windows 10 if not downgrade to 7. You.lose DX12 with Windows 7 however.
  3. Even better, which it'd better be with that price.
  4. Would spend the extra $20 for the Edge board because it's just $20 more (with more capable power delivery for high end CPUs), but no need for the Tomahawk since the VRM is no better and the extra 1G LAN (Edge already has 2.5G) is rarely useful. steel Legend does have faster USB ports however)
  5. SX8200 Pro's problem is Adata constantly changing the controller and NAND used on it, which means benchmark results no longer and apply and in fact, performance does change. For example, the SSD launched with the SM2262EN controller but recently, changed to SM2262 which is only rated for 60% the write speed and effectively makes the SSD an SX8200. Shady brand for sure. Bad news for Canadians though, cheapest PCIe 3.0 x4 SSD at 2TB that's good (so 3GB/s for read and writes roughly with DRAM cache) is the Crucial P5 at $321 followed by the HP EX950 at $338. Swordfish i
  6. Neither does the BX500. MX500 is the one with DRAM and tbh not a big deal breaker (especially considering the low budget)
  7. 1. It's not about the brand entirely, but the model. Big brands can still make bad models and they do. 2. Clock speed isnt the only metric for performance btw, also core count and IPC (so how much work it can do per clock cycle). It's for multicore performance which will be useful in simulations. 3. Quadros are expensive, dont need those on small projects
  8. With a board nobody can buy yet, yay the memory controller is built into the CPU, that has to be good to run memory so fast
  9. GPU first unless you play esports games and frame rate matters more than how good it looks.
  10. That's possible. Things like graphics card and PSU cables are properly connected right?
  11. Whether it's overkill or not depends on the rest of the build and how much budget you have left. It's not overkill though, you can still get faster memory without breaking the bank.
  12. X570 boards with 10Gb LAN tends to be expensive as heck ($500+?), might consider adding a 10Gb capable network card instead since those seems to cost around $100 (in PCPP) and take a PCIe x4 slot. $250 board (or even less) + $100 card seems much more price competitive, at the cost of maybe not holding all your SSDs (unless they are M.2 ones, doesnt seem like so). And also if you want to run PCIe x8 SSDs, you will need a board that can split CPU lanes from x16 to x8/x8 because the chipset only runs on 4 lanes. Yes PCIe 3.0 x8 and 4.0 x4 has similar bandwidth, but conversion between
  13. No, unless you buy used (which you still have to verify from the seller) for older stuff. It depends on how memory starved the system is, which is hard to tell when we dont know what OP is going to build.