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  1. https://www.anandtech.com/show/4955/the-bulldozer-review-amd-fx8150-tested/2
  2. that will depend on the benchmark used and score you get
  3. I suppose everyone has an OC video to call themselves a tech youtuber, assume same for undervolting? But no it doesnt need further investigation. Just because less people outside the tech world know about it doesn't mean enthusiasts don't. Just videos that carry the message to the masses will do. That's called margin to account for difference in silicon capability. Heard of Nvidia 30 series mass crashing? That's Nvidia pushing too close to the boundary of stability. Testing each GPU individually for a GPU specific profile is an even bigger use of money than wasting p
  4. Volta encoder is just a fancy way of saying Pascal encoder note that encoder and decoder match can be different, the decoder on the 1650 is the same as other Turing GPUs
  5. Look up counter rotating propellers, the concept is the same (minus the balance of torque, you dont need this in a PC). It's also less effective because of the distance between the two fans.
  6. Are the sticks in slot 2 and 4 assuming they are arranged in order of 1234 to the right of the CPU socket? Fluctuating BCLK is normal, that's called spread spectrum and meant to deal with interference to other electronics.
  7. Rocket Lake CPUs have 20 PCIe lanes (16 for PCIe slot + 4 for M.2) just like Ryzen, Comet Lake has 16 just like older Intel LGA 115x CPUs.
  8. Only fools will buy from a two week old site...
  9. If you have a morpheus ii then you most likely have 120x25mm case fans instead of some 80~90x10~15mm fans on graphics cards from the factory. This significantly increases airflow when the fans spin up which could make heatsinks unnecessary.
  10. not with standard color space which I dont know the math for. @rickeo your screenshot doesnt include 3440x1440...
  11. uhm DP1.4 runs the same bandwidth as DP1.3 which can run up to 180Hz so whatever source you're referring to is wrong. Its not even data for HDMI 1.4 because that can still do 60Hz.
  12. It's not so much a company issue, but prebuilt v.s. self-built. Parts sold individually (self-built) have to be compatible with varying environments while parts sold as a whole (prebuilt) don't.
  13. Then hell no if you plan on selling it. Liquid metal will stain the cooler's copper cooling plate and will be impossible to clean.