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  1. The thermal pad placement and size designs are bad but many cards do this with still in spec temperatures. It could play a part but most likely the card would have failed with good thermal pad placement anyways. That is, if VRAM even is the cause of the artifacts. Just because it's a common cause doesnt mean it's the case here, the only way you could find out is by replacing them and you've clearly not done that yet. what evidence do you have to support this claim? These pictures show no sign of that, which is normal even if it has been done.
  2. Nvidia cards are voltage locked with working overtemperature throttling, so dont worry just push it. Not like you're on a cheap card that's worse than founders.
  3. Assume "2k" here means 2560x1440? That's 2.5k and I'm pretty sure every review out there calls this a 1080p (the real 2k) card and other than esports games, wont go much beyond 60fps since the 1060's launch. Hmm is 1860MHz number a real time reading? I dont recognize the software, but going beyond 2GHz should be easy on high end custom model like the Strix.
  4. Model doesnt matter, certain units can fail to work on a certain motherboard. This can happen even with the best kits. try clear CMOS.
  5. you can select which frequency to run with XMP enabled or not. Choose 3600MHz manually.
  6. No point in returning stuff before even trying... Note that people are way more likely post to complain when stuff doesnt work then praise when they do work. But for max performance, 3600MHz CL18 is unimpressive. Unless you're getting that board cheap (it's a Hero (wifi) with waterblock and 5Gbps LAN, yet MSRP is double of the Hero), there should totally be more money going to the memory if not the CPU as well
  7. Open it up and check what sticks are already in there. Sometimes there arent even empty slots and a 4GB DDR3 module wont be any means of "upgrade" at that point (unless it's using 2GB DDR3 sticks, rather rare in it's time)
  8. Then you could go on either way. You're still mixing kits so be prepared that XMP settings wouldnt run and you need to run lower frequency or tune timings yourself.
  9. https://www.guru3d.com/articles_pages/asus_geforce_rtx_3090_strix_oc_review,9.html flowthrough design is only better if case airflow cant keep up.
  10. For games, no. Performance at the same clocks is only 20% better and in reality, founders card runs slower due to thermals. Only thing that justifies the price is 24GB VRAM compared to 10GB, not something games will take advantage of.