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    Flipping stuff off marketplace.


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    Corsair Vengeance 32GB
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    EVGA 1070 FTW2
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    NZXT S340 Elite
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    500GB 970 Evo , 2TB Seagate, 1TB WD Blue SSD
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    EVGA 750w
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    LG 27GL850-B (x2), AOC 24G2U, Asus VZ249
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    LTT Edition NH-D15
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    £3.50 carboot sale RGB Bakth for mornings so people can sleep and I switch to my Blackwidow Elite later
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    Razer Mamba Elite
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    Razer Kraken 7.1 V2
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    WIN 10 Home
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    Lenovo Y50
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    Samsung Galaxy S21

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  1. Sounds strange. Do you know what speed your fans are running at? You might be able to easily check that with Dragon Center If you have an MSI motherboard. Not sure about alternatives.
  2. I have the MSI Z490 Gaming Edge Wifi. I had a look at these settings and while I am not sure, I recall those options being set to disabled. Certainly had iGPU disabled as any spec check would show just my 1070 unlike a laptop for example as my old Lenovo would show the dedicated 860m as well as the igpu on the 4700HQ. Enabling the iGPU would show it as gpu-0 and the 1070 as gpu-1 iirc. I may have a look at the other option which was multi monitor support as I don't remember what that was on but I believe it would be greyed out no? EDIT: I did use my pc
  3. Very well, An additional incentive to doing this was to possibly be able to load into bios without having to remove my graphics card entirely and changing to the igpu for output with a hdmi cable. For some reason I would get no output when entering bios otherwise, It's happened to others and I have not found any fix from scouring forums ever since I encountered it. Thankfully, a lot of that stuff can be edited with software so it isn't too bad but it's a pain for when I do need access to it. My plan is foiled anyhow as gpu usage on intel's side rises to somewher
  4. I have two upper monitors that are mostly static and display either wallpaper engine and/or spotify and discord. Not sure if I should run these on my gpu anymore, it's a 1070. I have for half a year now and it's been alright, are there significant benefits to doing so? I do notice some big changes sometimes when pausing wallpaper engine while playing on my main monitor.
  5. I'm hearing quite a lot about motherboards and intel lately. I got the 10700k basically at launch and paid a hefty bit for it as a result. It's now considerably lower but I must say, I thought I'd be able to ride the LGA1200 socket a little longer but see that 12th gen will be a new one? Not quite the almost 4/5 years 1151 had but oh well. I know that I have a pretty darn good CPU, I just have a lot of options regarding what I could do with my current hardware, I wouldn't be against a somewhat completely new build within the next two years to be honest. Current build c
  6. Couldn't agree more. I'm in college for you non-british folk and I look back on my high school years with admiration as there was so much less to worry about, we don't know that we're in the good old days until we've left them. Don't get me wrong, there were certainly times when it did not feel like I was in the good old days but recently I've been having vastly more existential thoughts and the future both excites and terrifies me, It was fun getting home from school and playing Overwatch with my friends without a care in the world. It's why I try to put my phone down most of
  7. I did manage to get the playstore within half an hour of getting the tablet and setting everything up to my liking, Just involved downloading the apk of the store itself, google services and account manager iirc. Doesn't mean that everything will work though as you can run into things being unsupported but for the most part it was worth it for the apps I did manage to get. Android would be nice to do some more customisation but I'm not that bothered by FireOS to change especially since I now have the playstore.
  8. I see, thanks. I've used XDA in the past for researching related tasks a while ago so I'll log back in and have a read while I have a moment. I bought the FireHD 10 11th gen I believe (2021) so I might not attempt it, only supposed to be a bedside content viewer thing anyway.
  9. I would have to agree. Especially when iirc last black friday we actually had slightly better deals on some of the deals currently on offer. If anything, I use Amazon mainly for the convenience now and good customer support if anything goes awry, I've started using ebay a bit more to get things that are like 20% of the price Amazon lists them as but I dislike doing that as I encounter too many issues to be worth the savings sometimes tbh. There appear to be a lot of just regular non amazon products that are also on sale but I've found that you might as well look elsewh
  10. I'm pretty sure it can be done and am aware that there is probably information out about this but just wanted a quick take on if worth the faff if there happens to be any lost functionality after the process.
  11. I bought the SATA because I want to leave my options open for when I might want to populate that slot with an evo plus which I might have done so now had I not been underpaid by one of my employers. Downside for now is that I will have to open the back panel
  12. Cheers, the read write speeds appear to be quite a lot lower on the WD, I take it this would still be pretty good compared to the Seagate though. The 860 evo is around £20 more, what am I missing out on there by going with WD?
  13. I'd really only like to spend at most £120 on an new SSD. I currently have this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07CGGP7SV/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 My OS is on it but I'm running out of space with only just a 2TB Seagate to supplement, I'm thinking about the best cost efficient way to expand my storage space. I have two M.2 slots and was thinking about just getting another nvme drive of 1TB. If I did this, should I keep the OS on the 500GB or move it to the new drive? EDIT: I've decided to just look into nor
  14. This is my greatest achievement.