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  1. mxk

    hahahaha!! just got two 3070 xc3 ultras with my own hands fuck the bots

    1. Letgomyleghoe
    2. FakeKGB


      petition to enlist you to help the rest of the ltt forum in getting 3070s

    3. mxk


      On 2/1/2021 at 9:36 AM, ragnarok0273 said:

      petition to enlist you to help the rest of the ltt forum in getting 3070s

      i think i got really really lucky amazon restocked 4 or 5 times within 30 minutes

  2. the regular name brands like a segate barracuda or western digital caviar blue should be fine. If you have the extra money you can pick up a 1tb SSD but an HDD will be fine.
  3. This looks nice overall. The only things I'm initially noticing is the cooler and the PSU. Your PC won't need 750w but if thats the only wattage in stock for a smaller PSU then it makes more sense. For the cooler, it's a little overkill for a 3600 but it'll definitely be quiet if thats what you want. You can save some money by getting a different cooler.
  4. i somehow thought i saw an hdd in there after you replied so we both misread its all good
  5. Yeah they can go on the HDD just fine. Maybe you might load into a csgo map 1 second slower but thats the only difference you would notice. The actual game's speed is up to your cpu and cpu unless your HDD is old, broken, and corrupted. Thats when drives start slowing the whole computer down.
  6. consider getting some more storage (like a 1tb HDD or SSD), unless you're going to be able to manage with 500gb (more like 400gb after windows is installed).
  7. is there a budget you're trying to stay in?
  8. only thing id add is maybe another ssd or an hdd, some people eat up storage
  9. consider a different power supply. power supplies are important and even though the bad ones don't usually explode or die in the long run its better to play it safe and get a nice power supply. check out the power supply tier list, it should be pinned in the power supply sub forum. go for anything above B+ tier thats below 650w. high wattage isn't needed.
  10. I trust my friends a lot they're my brother and I's real friends that live close. I'll look into what you said I appreciate it a lot I'm just a little stressed right now.
  11. Hi forums, I've been having issues with setting up a terraria server from my old computer. I'm using the built in terraria server hosting (not the steam connections) and I finally was able to get all my friends to connect with my IP, but I can't connect from my main gaming computer. My brother, who is on wifi was able to connect too. I was able to connect from the server pc with the localhost ip ( but I just can't connect from my own PC. Both the server and my main PC are connected into the same router. I think it might be something with my firewall but I have no idea since I'm a noo
  12. My dad was thinking that but I know those can be expensive. I also just wasn't sure because we have access to the enterprise version of Disk Drill.
  13. I wasn't able to get past the users folders but there are other parts I could navigate through.