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  1. I want to basically type something in a webpage and display it on the Raspberry Pi terminal
  2. Ah yes... I'm dumb it's 4:21 am here And how do I link the PHP to HTML?
  3. Get an actual switch not a hub A switch will assign IP addresses different from the rest A hub will split the connection, fighting each other Hubs imo should ONLY be used in PoE things
  4. Hi, so I want to know how to take an input from <input> and output it on my Raspberry Pi terminal as an echo response. How would I do that?
  5. I am working on a Minecraft Bedrock map, how do I find the player with the highest score in scoreboard?
  6. You take thins too seriously. Imagine you eating a chocolate bar and you want another but the wrapper says Serving size: 1 Bar You would basically be starving yourself
  7. If they are cheaper, have a decent sound quality, is durable, and the battery lasts long enough for me to listen to music or YouTube for 6+ hours, yes
  8. You can’t. Even if it could support 2400MHz+ I wouldn’t underclock it. Go back to the store and see if they have 2400MHz RAM
  9. I’m just curious to see what the majority will buy
  10. There isn’t anything in marketplace and the command blocks are not C++. We are just using the default textures and making it in vanilla
  11. This is a simple (simple used loosely) map for my friends and I on the Bedrock edition
  12. I am making an Among Us Minecraft Map with my friends and I and hopefully get it in the Marketplace and I think we’re one of the few people to attempt this and I have a few questions: How do I compare a Votes objective to Skipped objective How do I kill/eject the person with the highest Votes How do I test if there is 1 crewmate and X imposters to end the game
  13. So you have thermal paste. All I can think of is a motherboard or a CPU defect. If you have another AM4 motherboard, test that CPU in it, of the problem persists, it’s the CPU