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  1. i mean its still the best option for as much bandwidth as possible, and is still used as such on the highest end cards like the A100 or MI100. in the consumer market it just suffered due to being costly and not paired with great GPU cores for gaming. (cores as in the GPU themselves)
  2. then RMA it or update the bios untill it posts......... a sample size of 1 does not qutomatically mean these cheap bins are bad. and we are working with a limited budget here, and there is no reason to spend a notable ammount extra for specific ICs. especially since there is no indication that the person will be tuning the memmory. so ive got not clue why you are talking about specific memmory ICs. especially ones that cost notably extra. it can run a 5950x just fine with an aircooler. its a perfectly fine motherboard. If you dont know the VRM capabilities of a board, then at
  3. except they dont share the same OEM much at all......... Seasonic OEMs themselves except for some the OEM out to RSY. EVGA OEMs out to Superflower, HEC, FSP, Andyson, Seasonic and more Phantex sharing OEM with Seasonic as they OEM out to Seasonic. not that sharing OEM is all that indicative of quality........ nor is pointing at brand helpful in a purchasing decision Gainward GeForce RTX 3060Ti Ghost 8GB GDDR6 (471056224-2270) w Morele.net Western Digital Blue 500 GB M.2 2280 SATA III (WDS500G2B0B) w Morele.net Cooler Master MWE 600 Bronze
  4. yeah thats far too old for focus gx changes to have made it into Prime units. and afaik we dont know if they actually made any changes at all. yeah its a byproduct of the horrid boosting algorithms used for the high TBP GPUs this year. we saw this with Vega and the pre-fix focus fx units (pre-January 2018) to a lesser extent. Ampere is just much worse.
  5. given Prime PSUs are one of the few units that are transient sensetive, its entirely possible that the unit will trip. in fact is pretty likely unless Seasonic changed something, and its a very new batch
  6. i can point to models Corsair RMx (2018) 850 W 80+ Gold Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply (CP-9020180-NA) - PCPartPicker cheaper and better than a focus gx. Corsair HX Platinum 1000 W 80+ Platinum Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply (CP-9020139-NA) - PCPartPicker and this can be argued to be better than pretty much most of what Seasonic has on the market. and its not that much more than the Focus gx 850w.
  7. you should avoid buying something based on brand and efficiency and given the transient sensetivity of a number of PSUs in their lineup id probably suggest looking elsewhere. Seasoninc Focus GX being one of the confirmed non-transient sensetive PSUs in Seasonics linup atm. idk what to point to without knowing where you are buying the units.
  8. its worth noting its not really a major issue, but its something to consider. its not like the 4c/4t which is essentially a no-go these days unless you have no other option
  9. iirc battlefield 5 showed some signs of it. i cant really recall offf the top of my head. its a relatvily minor issue more prevelant on 4c/4t CPUs. some i could quickly find: (testing by Hardware Unboxed, from the 3600 review) iirc there are like a couple of other titles that show similar behavior. these examples do show 4c/8t not doing all that great, take that for what you will dont really have an exact reason for why some titles like having a certain number of threads to work with.
  10. i wouldnt say otherwise. its a fairly niche scenario where it has a notable affect, and its probably something you would notice rather than the lower average framerate. those cases and titles where for some reason the game engine doesnt like having less than 7 threads to play with. i mean i wouldnt argue for the 3300X at the same price as the 3500x, but its a combination of buying something we know have threadcount issues. and probably paying more for it. and if you then have the option to wait, id suggest doing that, as buying into dead-end stuff w
  11. i mean the testing isnt really different from what we see from th 8600k, 9600k. so its not something id suggest getting at all. in fact id probably argue for a 3300x over the 3500x as such id just do the following:
  12. would wait and see if the 3600 returns to stock or becomes available on the used market. 3500x should be avoided for the same reason that other 6c/6t parts should be avoided. which is due to lacking threadcount causing worse frametime performance.
  13. thats normally reffered to as Greylabel. afaik, its just to include the white variant of the unit, as they are essentially identical
  14. wasnt that comment in regards to scalpers and the use of bots? so not related at all to the cryptomarket?