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  1. well, all of the Primes seemingly aswell. Or assumed as such untill Seasonic tells anyone if they ever fixed any of them. (i assume they wont tell us) But also older Seasonic X PSUs seemingly. (someone decided it was a good idea to use a 3080 with a 850w Vanguard Gold from Cooler master (the old ones, RS model name). (seasonic KM3))
  2. Corsair HX 1000 W 80+ Certified Semi-modular ATX Power Supply (CMPSU-1000HX) - PCPartPicker Corsair TX 750 W 80+ Certified ATX Power Supply (CMPSU-750TX) - PCPartPicker Corsair CXM 850 W 80+ Bronze Certified Semi-modular ATX Power Supply (CP-9020099-NA) - PCPartPicker Corsair RM 1000 W 80+ Gold Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply (RM1000) - PCPartPicker Corsair CSM 750 W 80+ Gold Certified Semi-modular ATX Power Supply (CS750M) - PCPartPicker Corsair CX 500 W 80+ Bronze Certified ATX Power Supply (CX500) - PCPartPicker
  3. im very well aware. i was just hoping you had some info as i assumed you had worked on some CWT GPU variant. Then possibly link it to the Cultists.
  4. could you shed some lights on the plattform name or variant then? spreadsheet lists it as "CWT GPU (V-G?)". and its one of the more common "GPU" variants used. I assume the MSI A GF also uses the same one, which is also multirail. Havent had specific reports of the Rev DF working back from users who use it (thats a good thing?), tho the Whisper M is known to work with it. and thats the same plattform (as the Rev DF) no reports that i can link to at least, but as far as im concerned, its proven itself with GA102 dies. and for the previ
  5. grab whichever is cheaper, in other words, the GF1. They are fairly similar quality wise.
  6. okay, i guess i missunderstood what you were asking for. Tho the documentation says its at least 40a in the user manual. And its typically set higher. Hence me kinda wondering if you read it. me sending that image was just to make you read it. well ill inform you that the OCP on 12v3 and 12v4 is higher than 40a. However it is rated at 40a according to manual. also, you can more than 1 rail, which would bring the combined OCP up to a singlerail equivelent. And the rail config is set up to make that easy. my point is that its a non-is
  7. Did you read Jons answer? 2 rails. You are not locked to using a single rail on multirail units. If 80a of OCP isnt enough. A singlerail unit would trip in the same scenario. Given the wattages and units duscussed here, OCP is more likely to save him from OPP/OCP triggering too late due to singlerail. Now this time, actually read the manual.......... I dont see reason to add more than one screenshot. As id encourage actually reading it. I dont see a reason to spend extra when these CWT GPU units dont have any track record of tripping on Ampere
  8. read the manual. these things have quite large OCP on their 12v rails, and its easy to use 2 12v rails. and if you cant make that work, then a singlerail unit wouldnt work either........ and CWT GPU is not a plattform having those issues. wierd advice to point to the better unit that doesnt have such issues? its an 850w unit, ideally you want to have multirail OCP at these higher wattages to start with. People are mentioning a non-issue. Not like im unfamiliar with how horrid the transient load is from Ampere cards. edit: And there i
  9. its not a problem in the first place, hence me pointing to it its pretty much "the same" PSU as the Rev DF. so whichever is cheaper.
  10. Rev DF would be go-to as it cheaper and you get Multirail. Which at 850w is pretty neat.
  11. looking at this its a non-issue combined with typical lack of UVP on 12v rail for Group regulated units. Also the regular issues of voltage control for group regulated units. then again, its kinda like the Straight Power 11 Platinum with its OCP on the 12v rail. which is set at a sky high 200%, but it can output that, so really they should just change what the label says for each rail. again, in no circumstanses is the CV and VS good PSUs, but that there is a non-issue as far as OCP goes, and typical behavior for group regulated units, and the reason why id avo
  12. Id encourage dropping 11th gen for grabbing 10th gen. As the better 5800x is seemingly not an option for you. 10850k is a fairly compelling option these days. So no actuall critisism of board design, just that you have had a bad experience with them? Because afaik there arent any notable QC issues to speak of. So as far as im concerned, it seems like fairly unsubstantial comments.
  13. While the CV550 is a group regulated unit. It doesn't really have any issues outside of the typical group regulation issues with no UVP on the 12v rail. Not aware of any issues related to OCP/OPP on the CV450/550 and VS greylabel PSUs. Its plenty wattage wise. Unless you are very budget limited id encourage trying to find a non-group regulated unit, but among group regulated units, the CV550/450 is decidedly among the best. (Tho group regulated units arent good).
  14. Indeed its the same rating, the "()" Is for model variations. As written in the legacy. This case saying that the white is the same as the regular version.
  15. Well the GQ really isnt worth considering in the first place at that price. Abd especially at this high of a wattage.