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  1. wasnt that comment in regards to scalpers and the use of bots? so not related at all to the cryptomarket?
  2. they are fairly similar in terms of multicore performance. 4300u does better singlethread. sort of a tossup, id probably grab the 4300u, but it isnt a perticularly clear choice.
  3. not really, the MWE gold is a decent unit. there is no such thing as a reputable brand. or at least not in any capacity that you can trust the sticker. id just grab the MWE gold, or if you are gonna spend a little extra. https://pangoly.com/en/review/bitfenix-whisper-m-650w Whisper M would be a better pick. also worth looking at: https://tweakers.net/pricewatch/1112043/bitfenix-formula-gold-650w.html (same as the Whisper M, but not modular) https://tweakers.net/pricewatch/1331692/enermax-revolution-d-punt-f-650-watt.html (
  4. not the reason he should upgrade the powersupply....... its not wattage, its the fact its a group regulated unit. doesnt lack wattage, you just need a better quality PSU, because group regulated units arent really preffered at all.
  5. but he isnt getting very close to the wattage rating......... its not a good powersupply tho.
  6. not related. revert to running the memmory sticks at stock speeds, see if it helps. this does not sound like a PSU issue at all.
  7. DPP12 is better than the HXi. and they are both quite overkill. DPP12 would probably occupy somewhere in the top 5 PSUs you can get your hands on.
  8. dont really have access to something like a Whisper M. so cant exactly do that. and it can certainly be overloaded. yeah i can see that system being able to overload it.
  9. well, not really. you just need the right 650w powersupply. tho offcourse running something like a 9900k or 10900k at the same time really isnt a bright idea. i wouldnt claim that either. i would say its fine assuming they arent pushing wattage or are rutting other high wattage parts in conjunction.
  10. yeah i wouldnt suggest overclocking the high powerlimit 3090s on these "mid wattage" PSUs, doesnt change the fact that there are 650w PSUs which can run the 3090 without issue. its not ideal, for a couple of reasons, but it does work.
  11. yeah because the AX is worse than the HX and HXi. AXi is the undisputed best PSU that you can relativly easily get your hands on i recommended it as an entirely unneccesary step up. regular HX or similar would be better. DPP12 is a step down from the best digital Powersupplies. and its a great powersupply. but you really dont have to spend that much on a PSU.
  12. are you reffering to the transient issues related to the 3090 that the HXi isnt affected by? because i can point to 650w powersupplies that can run the 3090 just fine, and that would include a theroretical 650w hxi
  13. just dont put and overclocked CPU on full load and full load 3090 at the same time. if you want bonkers PSUs. just for a little extra, there is something neat you can get: https://www.prisjakt.no/product.php?p=5533918 the DPP12, but at that point you might aswell just get the 1500w version. https://www.prisjakt.no/product.php?p=5533917 which is actually in stock over at Multicom. but at that point you could almost just go for the best PSU on the market. https://www.prisjakt.no/product.php?p=4652296 this being pretty much the undisputed best PSU on
  14. yes, and it will be fine. unless you for some reason do aida64 and furmark all the time...... all i said was that brand does not matter...........? and as we all know, brands dont matter. Proshop has it and you get it in at a reasonable timeframe. order it now, and you will probably have it by Friday. and the 750w unit will work fine untill then. edit: https://kl.ink/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=1103&tracking=prisjakt can also grab this instead i suppose.
  15. does not matter. HXi 750 will fine for that system. https://www.prisjakt.no/product.php?p=2768793 and the 1k watt version is available. dunno how much you were gonna spend on the 1200w version. or can allways grab the non-i version