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  1. That submersible would have been useless anyway. If you at all paid any attention to the whole thing while it was happening, you would have heard that some of the spaces the divers had to go through were so tight they HAD TO TAKE THEIR TANKS OFF AND PUSH THEM IN FRONT OF THEM in parts. No freaking way a submersible could ever fit there.
  2. Show off your old and retro computer parts

    Ooooof Worth? Nothing. Maybe a few bucks for the box but with that damage to the card it's garbage.
  3. Uh.... No. You have to be looking at it for a pretty long time and trying to find something bad about it to think of that...
  4. @Densetsu Think this'll be enough ram for you?
  5. Money

    Go find a street cor..... nah just apply to places, go cut lawns for money, etc.
  6. Drift Show

  7. Really Linus?

    Oh we enjoyed them all right
  8. image.png.bb109bd4d0317aa1762ea9fc797ee27c.png


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      @CUDAcores89 SoonTM 


      (Also known as in a million years)



      Soon followed by TM, (C), (R), (IDon'tKnowHowToInsertSymbols)

    4. 8uhbbhu8
  9. Just watched the WAN show and Oooooof. Poor Riley just got not roasted but shut down HARD. Like REALLY HARD. The look on his face and his reaction right after that..... He just looked really hurt. Really hope they talked about it afterwords. Not at all professional of Linus at the time. I do understand where he is coming from though. At the same time you say something like "We'll talk about it later" or "Not this one but you can help" or SOMETHING other then just destroying him on air with tons of people watching. Others would laugh it off but now i kinda want to go back to other shows and watch  them just to see if there are other points like that with other co-hosts that got hit like that.

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    2. Tech_Dreamer


      seemed normal to me , but a bit harsh i agree, maybe it's because we've seen him blabber out random subtle crude shit randomly here and there for all these years.

    3. Tech_Dreamer


      Linus replied apparently



      Riley and I have known each other for almost 8 years and we've worked together in some capacity for over half of that time. 


      He asked to review a graphics card as a total joke. That's not his forte and he's perfectly comfortable with that. Even back at NCIX Tech Tips (as he mentioned on the WAN Show today) he got Ivan's help with a lot of the benchmarking stuff. Big deal. 


      You also need to understand that he's not some intern who isn't sure about his job security or his skills. Evaluating gaming cards may not be one of them but who cares? That's not what he was hired to do.


      Riley was brought in as a specialist for TechLinked. 


      Something you guys might also not realize is that Riley is perfectly comfortable dishing out his share of trolling off-camera - even if he's not sure where the limits are yet with the live audience. 


      If LMG was a horrible place to work and anyone actually took me seriously about this stuff, we'd probably have a little more turnover, don't you think? These are very talented people who could get a job tomorrow if they felt like it. 


      We tease each other, but it's part of having some fun at work instead of being all corporate. 


      I messaged Riley to tell him people were upset at the way he was treated on the WAN Show and to make sure he was okay and he had to go find the timestamps people were posting to see why he was supposed to be upset. 


      So it's probably worthwhile to try re-watching with all of that in mind..




    4. 8uhbbhu8


      Good. This is the sort of thing that Makes LTT worth watching. Things discussed here that seem bad through context that WE see as viewers but then they actually respond to it and let us know that no it IS alright and we are just misinterpreting it :) 

  10. Athlon 860k bottleneck GTX 1060 6gb?

    Yes that is a bottleneck.
  11. Beautiful xD. Fucking Histy 

    1. 8uhbbhu8


      It's Perfect.

  12. If you woke up next to the above posters avatar...

    Look at it. Shoot it. Walk away.
  13. I've been FLOODED!


  14. Whelp.... No Huawei for me Was really looking forward to getting the next Mate..... Not happening now
  15. Dumpster Dive Build/Retro Gaming PC

    Dual boot XP and Windows 98se. Easily the most game compatibility right there out of all the os's