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Ashley MLP Fangirl

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    what is life

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    Ashley MLP Fangirl#6493

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    Jubilife City
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    2x Intel Xeon X5650
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    Supermicro X8DT3
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    32GB ECC DDR3
  • GPU
    R9 290X
  • Case
    Silverstone Raven RV03
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    a bunch of ssd's
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    Bitfenix Whisper 850W
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    2x Hyper 212 EVO
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    Corsair K55
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    Corsair M65 Pro
  • Sound
    Sony WH-1000X M3
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro
  • Phone
    iPhone SE

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    2. Bombastinator


      Just now, BondiBlue said:

      The 17" was only made through 2011. Starting with the 2012 model there were only 13" and 15" models. 


      They probably wanted to avoid the 2011 in particular - they're terribly unreliable. If I found a 2011 I wouldn't say no to it, but it wouldn't be my first choice. 

      Might be a 2011 I bought in 2012. The size was one reason I didn’t buy another laptop.  I wanted a big’un and the other laptops out for the next several years just bothered me.

    3. Ashley MLP Fangirl

      Ashley MLP Fangirl

      14 hours ago, BondiBlue said:

      Nice! What Retina is that?

      Early 2015 13"

    4. RoseLuck462


      Hey you didn't leave!

  1. I got a new laptop yesterday, a 13" Early 2015 MacBook Pro Retina. I saw it for relatively cheap, It was in my budget and it came with the box and all the other original stuff, so I bought it. 


    I plan to stay with this computer for at least 3 years, maybe longer depending on when Apple Silicon gets cheap second hand. the 2015 is the newest you can go on the used market without getting something with a butterfly keyboard, so that's why I got this. it's got all the advantages of the newer ones like a force touch trackpad, the one thing it doesn't have is the Touch Bar, and thunderbolt 3 but I don't care about that. for me usb-a ports and MagSafe are more important. 

  2. I just run it on a virtual machine on a Sandy bridge MacBook Pro …
  3. a google search would answer that, almost no impact because led's dont' consume a lot of power. even the RGB'est of pc's have a few watts at most of led's in them.
  4. that will actually make it a lot worse. thermal paste has even shown to be more effective on a "polished" IHS, basically meaning it's old and not at all smooth anymore so there are more gaps to fill.
  5. this is why i still use an old laptop. yes, it's big and bulky and has chonk bezels. but it has a good webcam especially for the age of the device, i get all the ports i could ever want and even a dvd drive. i get so frustrated when reviewers complain that devices are thick or heavy or have big bezels and in the same breath wish that ports came back and webcams got better. those things directly contradict.
  6. not weird. i've only bought a handful of apps.
  7. i prefer paid apps to be honest. ads are so intrusive that i don't mind paying the 1 or 2 euro an app normally costs if it comes to that. what i have a problem with are monthly subscriptions to keep an app ad-free, because i don't use that many apps on my phone. 90% of my phone use is spotify, whatsapp, youtube and web browsing. i very rarely use native apps for things.
  8. which is completely justified. it's a completely arbitrary limitation. i got it to work unmodified in a virtual machine on my 2011 MacBook Pro. natively it would never run it due to the arbitrary limits but in a VM it doesn't care at all.
  9. i'm pretty sure you can get around this using VM's. i have a Linux install on my 2011 macbook pro, way too old to run 11 natively, and i have a Windows 10 VM on it using QEMU that says it will let me update it to 11. so i guess if you want to use 11 on an old device you need to set up a lightweight linux distro and run it on a VM.
  10. here to announce i'm leaving the forum. it, like anything LMG has done, has lost it's soul. Mac Address is the only thing LMG is doing that i still like, and even that will soon become infected with showcases and it'll become nothing more than soulless advertising. 


    LTT's fanbase has become increasingly more annoying, and that has transferred to the forum too. it hasn't been interesting to me for at least 6 months, if not closer to a year. 


    my account will continue to exist as i have a warning that expires sometime in september, as soon as it expires i'll probably delete my account, unless something drastically changes around here. 


    my main annoyances if anyone's curious is people seem to have forgotten how to ask questions. it's impossible to help if people don't ask questions properly. this is a prime example: 



    so yeah, unless something changes, i'm gone in september once i'm able to delete my account. 

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    2. Ashley MLP Fangirl

      Ashley MLP Fangirl

      8 minutes ago, James Evens said:

      Not what I expected when I clicked the bell.

      Stopped looking at a few sub categories a while ago (mostly browse the notifications) but not everything got worse. The tech news category was for a few months pure click bait but now partly recovered so there is hope.

      i don't care for tech news though. i listen to Barnacules's podcast he covers all the cool stuff anyway. once the troubleshooting section recovers i'll be back, i really enjoy helping people but not like this. 

    3. James Evens

      James Evens

      Podcast are awesome and it somewhat hurts if some disappear like it is normal when time progresses.


      I somewhat get what you mean. Even without watching the troubleshooting section there where several TPM notifications today.

    4. RoseLuck462


      That’s too bad.

  11. 3rd gen i5's are still insanely capable lol. i used a 2nd gen one a while ago and they don't feel old at all. sure if you benchmark it you'll notice but just doing web browsing you don't notice
  12. my pc is from 2010 so similar age but a lot faster. it's running a supermicro server motherboard and dual Xeon X5650's for a total of 12 cores, 24 threads. it's still a monster of a machine that keeps up well with most tasks. but way too old to support any kind of modern TPM or Secure Boot.