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Ashley MLP Fangirl

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    what is life

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    Ashley MLP Fangirl#6493

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    Jubilife City
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    2x Intel Xeon X5650
  • Motherboard
    Supermicro X8DT3
  • RAM
    32GB ECC DDR3
  • GPU
    R9 290X
  • Case
    Silverstone Raven RV03
  • Storage
    a bunch of ssd's
  • PSU
    Bitfenix Whisper 850W
  • Cooling
    2x Hyper 212 EVO
  • Keyboard
    Corsair K55
  • Mouse
    Corsair M65 Pro
  • Sound
    Sony WH-1000X M3
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro
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    iPhone SE

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  1. i'm running the latest insider dev build (which is a LOT newer than regular 20h2) on my pc, which has Xeon X5650 cpu's in it, which pre-date your 4790K by 6 years... and it runs just fine
  2. why do no GPU's come with DVI these days? the only real issue with DVI is that it looks old school. other than that it's a great connector, as it does not have stupid copy protection on it, so you don't have to deal with all the issues that come from that, like for example adaptors not outputting. 


    also Dual Link DVI is capable of 2560x1600 at 144hz... not bad for a technology from 1999

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    2. Den-Fi


      4 minutes ago, Ashley MLP Fangirl said:

      ive never had dvi connectors break and I've been using it for years... Interesting. 

      I'm sure you haven't experienced lots of things the majority of people have.

      That's why statistical significance exists.


      I've never had an outright failure, but I've had pins randonly fall out.

      Cable still worked, but phasing out a point of failure is never a bad thing.

      Esp if you did bother to gouge a hole in the wall, then fill it in to run a DVI cable only to accidentally bend the pins at some point.

    3. RoseLuck462


      I think workstation GPUs have DVI still but I agree, it’s still a useful output.


      Adapters are readily available though 

    4. Grumpy Old Man

      Grumpy Old Man

      Old days we only had CGA and EGA connections for the monitor. Then someone went to come up with a VGA interface and so on.....can we go back?

  3. 10 Pro has features that most people won't need. for example, a list of stuff Pro has: Support for 2 sockets Support for more than 128gb of ram Domain support Hyper-V most home users won't need that.
  4. well, small update, both of my macbooks are out of action. i have attempted to fix the audio issue on the 2011 and haven't been able to, and my 2012 STILL suffers from random freezes and slow performance if i leave it idle, meaning i can't leave it running something while i go to something else. i have to sit there and watch whatever it's doing so i can intervene if it freezes or becomes slow.


    and it's become so much of an issue that it annoys me more than i get joy out of it. so i've decided that until i can fix them i'm gonna take the ssd's out of them and put all that hardware in my pc so that has more storage (it's almost full lol) and i'm just gonna daily Windows for a while. my PC seems to be damn stable for the time being, more stable than the half broken Mac's i have.


    and even if my pc just randomly decides to break i can very cheaply repair it as it's made up of old stuff from the used market. no such luck with my Mac's obviously.


    now mind you, i didn't want this. i still love macOS and i'd love to daily it still, but i just can't. my Mac's are broken to the point of unusable and i don't have the money to replace them. so, Windows it is. it's been a few years since i actually tried to seriously daily Windows, so i wonder how it's changed...

    1. SenKa


      Is the 2012 one of the models you can disable the dGPU through software? Have you tried that to fix the random freezes?

  5. Microsoft did it. they finally did it. GUI Linux apps working out of the box on Windows. i didn't need to do set up, just install my stuff and it worked. this is fucking awesome!












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    2. Windows7ge


      11 minutes ago, James Evens said:

      How about using Wine in WSL to execute windows programs? It is like running docker inside a docker.

      Honestly it will be a glorious day when professional software finally ignores windows and moves to Linux. I would even take Ubuntu if it means getting rid of Windows 10.

      What I'm thinking I'm going to do is run SPICE Guest Tools in a Windows VM running on QEMU/KVM via Virt-manager.


      It won't run video games like true GPU pass-through but it should offer a very usable dual-desktop experience. I have to test it a little more extensively than I have at this point in time though for my own applications.

    3. Ashley MLP Fangirl

      Ashley MLP Fangirl

      48 minutes ago, James Evens said:

      In short: WSL 2 sucks as it requires hyper-v which takes exclusive control over the virtualisation (even if I don't have any WSL 2 running) and the workaround other companies need because of that are catastrophically bad.

      that's not a problem if you just VM everything on hyper-v

    4. Jtalk4456
  6. is the iMac's drive blank or does it have an OS already on it?
  7. please for the love of god can you look something up before posting? the iMac in question here is a 2008 model, which supports both Yosemite and El Capitan.
  8. alright well, my 2011 MBP is starting to seriously go wrong. 


    aside from the graphics, it's always worked fine, and I've been warned by perhaps hundreds of people over the time that I've owned it that it can break any minute, as they are legendary for their unreliability. 


    well, today it broke. it no longer outputs any sound from the speakers. it doesn't even detect them as an output. 


    I could live with integrated graphics but I can't live without sound, so it's time for the 2011 to be retired for good. I am keeping it as it's a beautiful Mac and can still be used just fine with headphones, but as a daily it's done. 

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    2. Levent


      2 minutes ago, sub68 said:

      umm new speakers?

      or is the connector broken?

      Most likely dead sound chip. 

    3. sub68


      Just now, Levent said:

      Most likely dead sound chip. 

      ahh makes sense


    4. Ashley MLP Fangirl

      Ashley MLP Fangirl

      3 minutes ago, Levent said:

      Most likely dead sound chip. 

      headphones work fine. i noticed it because I was listening to music with headphones, I unplugged them and then I noticed that the speakers don't output at all anymore. 

  9. I rebuilt my brother's pc today. he bought a new case (long overdue) and we re-did the entire build together basically. 


    how it was: 



    vs how it is now: 





    it's a much needed improvement. 


    specs if anyone cares:

    Intel Core i5 4670K (stock)

    16GB of mix-and-match DDR3

    GTX 1050

    Gigabyte mobs (dunno exactly, it's an overclockable board but the ram isn't stable if the machine is OC'd, and for now the 1050 is the bottleneck anyways not the cpu)

    Corsair RM550X

    a few random SSD's for storage

    1. Murasaki


      My god the previous case was literally nuclear spaghetti

    2. RoseLuck462


      Good job!

  10. in my quest to care more about the environment I've resorted to using my laptop 90% of the time I wanna use a computer. I just can't justify having my pc and 3 displays powered up just for some web browsing. I am leaving it plugged in and set up of course, but it won't see as much use now. my laptop will take care of 90% of my computer use which should also have the side effect of my room being 2 degrees cooler, that's how much difference it makes... 

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    2. Letgomyleghoe


      ah nice, I completely understand the room heating up thing, if my door is closed and I'm gaming my room hits like 90f in a couple hours lmfao.

    3. Ashley MLP Fangirl

      Ashley MLP Fangirl

      2 hours ago, Letgomyleghoe said:

      ah nice, I completely understand the room heating up thing, if my door is closed and I'm gaming my room hits like 90f in a couple hours lmfao.

      what is 90 freedom in normal? 🤣

    4. Jtalk4456


      2 hours ago, Ashley MLP Fangirl said:

      what is 90 freedom in normal? 🤣

      about 32 confusing metric measurements. 
      I actually like the metric system for everything else, but temperature is actually pretty good in imperial

      Anything below 0 - holy crap it's less than nothing, that's super cold!

      0 - No warm? That's cold!

      100 - ok 0-100, so we've gone from cold to hot

      Above 100 - too hot, turn it back down!


      Now for the middles
      30's - Man it's only 1/3rd the way to hot, my water is still frozen

      60's - ok 2/3rd to hot, so we're in the kinda warm zone.

      90's - ok now we're in hot territory! Starting to sweat over here

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    2. FakeKGB


      1 minute ago, Ashley MLP Fangirl said:

      what browser do you use? also maybe check your extension list lmfao

      Chrome latest, I did check my extension list. No adblockers to be found.

      Edited by FakeKGB
      can't word
    3. Ashley MLP Fangirl

      Ashley MLP Fangirl

      1 minute ago, FakeKGB said:

      Chrome latest, I did check my extension list. No adblockers to be found.

      maybe it's cache. disable Adblock then reload the page by pressing control+shift+r

    4. FakeKGB


      Just now, Ashley MLP Fangirl said:

      maybe it's cache. disable Adblock then reload the page by pressing control+shift+r

      Yep, that was it.