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    Photography, Pathfinder,
    Playing Star Wars X-Wing Series, FreeSpace 2, StarCraft 1/Brood War, Age of Empires Series, Microsoft Train Simulator with 15 GB of addons, Star Wars Rogue Squadron, Mechcommander series, MechWarrior Series, FTL, Blitzkrieg Anthology

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    Bi :P
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    Working as a cashier at Safeway P/T aka no hope in hell


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    i7 4790k @ 4.6GHz (would go higher but need better cooling)
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    Asus Z97 Deluxe
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    16GB Corsair Vengeance 2400MHz, 16GB GSkill Sniper 2400MHz
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    XFX Radeon RX 480 8GB Bios modded to slightly higher clocks allround
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    Thermaltake Core V31
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    250 GB Samsung 850 EVO, 2x 1TB Crucial NVME SSDS, 2 TB Samsung HDD
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    Cooler Master 650M
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    Dell 2007FP, Dell 1908FP, Dell 2009W (16:10 Master race!), Acer X223w (16:10 Master race x2!), Dell 1908FP
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    Cooler Master 212 EVO w/ 2 aftermarket fans
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    RedDragon S101
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    RedDragon M601-3
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    Pioneer VSX-D412, Yorx AM-FM Multiplex Receiver 8 track stereo recorder, 8 speakers with enough bass to feel it on a concrete floor, 2 alright passive Subwoofers running off a Boss 160w amp, N-Audio MIX800, Monoprice Modern Retros
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    Windows 7/10

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  1. Yo its been a long while. Do you still have that video of where you smashed the hell out of a cheap tempered glass screen protector and the phone came out perfectly fine?

  2. Yeah Google has every right to do this. Sucks for the small developers where that 30% can actually make a massive difference but thats just the cost of business.
  3. No one knows until it comes out. These sort of questions shouldnt be asked cause its literally 100% guessing with 0 actual info available.
  4. OMFG please no..... Not another Ring 0 anticheat.... Starforce was bad enough. Who know what this thing is actually going to do... Frankly I'm more likely to want to pirate a game that has some sort of anti-cheat/antitamper software as in the vast vast majority of cases it will straight up run better and be more stable without it. Never mind that some times I want to cheat or mod a little in my single player games especially when they become really grindy ot i'm bored with it and want to switch it up Or how about the when game is complete dogshit and a third party
  5. I have an old 2nd gen i5 workstation laptop and even if i were to upgrade it as far as it can go with the top end cpu of the era, max out the ram, and upgrade the gpu with a bios flashed complatible one it would still be incredibly bad compared to even a $400 Ryzen based one from today. Said upgrades btw would push the toral cost of the laptop well over $800 and its totally not worth it. Such a massive difference between hw now and then
  6. Yep Thats Def an XJS. Somewhere early 1980 to mid 1985
  7. So last week the F@H team did an AMA on Reddit in regards to everything that's going on with them as well as put out some Twitter posts with other information about what protein simulations actually are and I think it would be great for everyone to see this info. Also congrats to F@H for reaching over an exaFlop of compute power!! Thats absolutely amazing to see and super awesome that so many are invested in helping!! Reddit AMA Link Twitter link
  8. I've had drives that are well over 20 years old that functioned perfectly fine and most of the time were actually in better condition then a lot of the newer drives I have. Only reason I got rid of them is cause I managed to damage them by drop when taking apart the machines. I seem to kill way too much hardware that way.
  9. Funny that you complain about other doing things like this Amazon yet when you do it theres nothing wrong,
  10. Can you give us a few different Resolution options?
  11. Ok so my sister has come to me looking for a laptop. New or used it doesnt really matter but her budget is $400 cad. I can probably get her to go a little higher but it's pretty stiff right now. I've been looking for a while and need suggestions. She mostly does youtube, and schoolwork on it but if it is capable of light gaming then thats a bonus. Doesnt matter what OS it is as I can change that myself.
  12. Couple old computers, Gameboy colour with a few games, Gameboy Advance SP with Pokemon Sapphire, and an iMac G3
  13. Hahahahaha!!!! Australia.... Considering some of the stuff they have been up to recently trying to get more access into personal data, this is hilarious.