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  1. Chrome OS can now run Linux, and using Parallels, Windows apps
  2. hats off to apple if they really do have the world's fastest cpu cores, but i really doubt it can eclipse zen 3
  3. This is their biggest graphics launch since the 290X, maybe even the 7970
  4. Still a good deal at $649, I'd hoped they'd absolutely curb stomp Nvidia by selling it at $599
  5. 128MB of cache on a GPU is absolutely massive...
  6. can you really not see the difference between this deal and the Nvidia-Arm one?
  7. have you tried it? i've been playing since launch and latency has never been an issue for me @Nowak they expanded it to galaxy phones since the s8 as well as the rog and razr phones
  8. ah right, i misunderstood sorry. before i got my own debit card i used friends with debit cards and/or paypal to circumnavigate my parents when buying games. they'd buy it for me and i'd give them the cash, is that something you'd be able to do?
  9. you can just buy an individual game on the stadia store, from there you'd be able to play on google chrome using a mouse and keyboard
  10. it's not a perfect solution, but if your internet is good enough (and you don't have a data cap, becauses they're still a thing in some places apparently), then you could try buying games on google stadia when the base version is released, so you wouldn't need to buy a pc or laptop, and would still have access to 1080p gaming