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    No life
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    Ryzen 5 1600 @ 3.8
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    24GB(8x3) Corsair Vengeance DDR4 3000
  • GPU
    RTX 2060
  • Case
    NZXT - S340 Elite (White) ATX Mid Tower Case
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    SAMSUNG 850 PRO 2.5" 256GB SATA III 3-D Vertical Internal Solid State Drive
  • PSU
    EVGA 550 B3 550W
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    Acer XF240H 24" TN Free-Sync 144hz
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    corsair k95 RGB platinum
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    Razer basilisk
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    Hyperx cloud alpha pro
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    Windows 10

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  1. After a house fire A while back and no it was not because of my janky PC Lost my entire setup.  Been using a i5 4460  and a 560 IT actually wasent that bad but my gpu died. I want to build an entire new setup but Now I just dont know what to do can't buy gpus been using cloud gaming services but I cant play some of my favorite  games for the first time I'm hating pc gaming Its always been my one place to relax I just cant bring myself to pay scalpers for a GPU

    1. IkeaGnome


      If you have patience, depending on what you want to play on it, you could go with a 5600g/5700g or 11 series for pretty cheap and then add a GPU later. 

    2. LHJKO


      4 minutes ago, IkeaGnome said:

      If you have patience, depending on what you want to play on it, you could go with a 5600g/5700g or 11 series for pretty cheap and then add a GPU later. 

      Was thinking about just going for a decent laptop

    3. Bombastinator


      1 hour ago, LHJKO said:

      Was thinking about just going for a decent laptop

      Well if you thought an older i5 and a 560 was fine you shouldn’t have much trouble finding similar or better performance in a laptop. I’ve heard 1650 laptop discrete video being called similar or slightly better in performance.  You may want a discrete video card to get that level of oomph though.  Not even a high end one. I’m guessing somewhere in the $700 range. Stuff varies though.

  2. Banned for double banning
  3. LHJKO

    ipv6 only again

    in my town you basically get free ipv6
  4. LHJKO

    ipv6 only again

    no. I have no access to ipv4 i will never have direct access to ipv4 i need a 4in6 tunnel your freedom can do it so theres got to be a way i can do it.
  5. ok back to this again because there gotta be way right ok. I only have ipv6 i can access every ipv6 website but no ipv4 sites work currently i use your freedom vpn it gives me access but its 25$ a month and i dont even get access to us servers. so what im looking for is maybe setting up my own vpn with ipv6 tunnel ive followed this thinking it would work but no luck https://community.openvpn.net/openvpn/wiki/IPv6 any ideas?
  6. LHJKO

    IPV6 only

    OK I know the root cause nothing I can do about it and I can't contact my isp. How would I go about setting a vps tunnel
  7. LHJKO

    IPV6 only

    i dont care really if it works and its based in the us
  8. LHJKO

    IPV6 only

    I can only access ipv6 ive been dealing with this for a year with your freedom I'm able to access ipv4 sites but the only servers they have with ipv6 support is in the uk and they limit my internet to 4mbps I'm looking for an alternative vpn that would work or someway to access ipv4 on ipv6
  9. my pc just keep going more and more downhill i wired my own 8 pin to connector didnt have any electrical tape so the things taped up with masking tape.  now my cpu cooler goes out so im cooling the thing with a house fan while its sitting on a  piece of cardboard it may be time to buy some new stuff

    1. Levent


      Should I call fire department for you?

    2. LHJKO
    3. Levent


      After getting shocked by 220v mains more than couple of times I learned my lesson not to fuck with electricity (especially high current stuff) I suggest you to take the same stance.

  10. couldn't figure out why my pc was eating storage turns out running a vpn in dump mode on accident is not a good idea 


    1. lewdicrous


      There's no option for it to get automatically deleted after a number of days/weeks?

    2. LHJKO


      this was in like half a day 

    3. lewdicrous


      That's a lot of dump..

  11. How much does that cost? Thats a 5 year old cpu at this point using ddr3 ram your not gonna have any upgrade path at all The 1050ti is good for a budget build tho
  12. I just use Windows defender then malware bytes whenever I feel like a scans needed.
  13. Managed to pick up a brand new in the box evga 960 for 50$ and some ram  I didn't even think these existed any more 

    who buys a gpu at least 2 years ago and does not  open it 

  14. Seems like thats making it really easy for someone to steal your data
  15. Went from a 2060 down to a 710 trying to play forza 4 at 13 fps