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  1. So yeah, you have no idea how it works. You're just writing whatever comes to your mind & trying to support it by your own entirely wrong assumptions.
  2. "Far beyond" is a pretty vague claim, any actual numbers other than "far beyond, too much, very big"? You're talking about capitalism yet you got no clue how it works. If a pharmacy company has an option to A- Cure cancer with a single pill B- Treat it for 25 years It WILL always choose the option B. That's not a conspiracy theory, that's a fact.
  3. You're definitely making a lot of noise for someone who says nothing. Ding ding, boy. Antivirus companies made $40bil last year. That's about Russia's annual military budget.
  4. As long as there are paid antivirus softwares, there will be viruses. Unfortunately it's not the other way round.
  5. Sounds like a short in the case. Check IO plate and standoffs
  6. Better hope it fails in a few days. If you can reproduce the issues, record it with a phone, and RMA it before the warranty runs out. Everything you said so far sounds like a GPU issue. Including the buzzing. I am assuming it doesn't happen as often at idle.
  7. change power options and/or plug in the laptop
  8. Maybe you can make $50 in a year. Then you can use that to pay half of the electricity bill caused entirely by your new mining adventure We're not in 2011 so mining with your own PC is meaningless.
  9. That would be like creating a hypercar and limiting it at 100 HP. Waste of resources.
  10. 5 million songs!! 6000 minutes of full hd porn! Games many!!!
  11. Don't buy 2nd hand. If something goes wrong, you're left with what you have. Buy new, have 2 years headache free use at least.
  12. when it comes. and they will be sold at their price
  13. It should collect some stuff at bluescreen after next crash then dump it into a file. Ryzen processor? It might be that.