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  1. Quote

    Security: Windows 11 raises the baseline of Windows security by improving the security default configuration to combat increasing cyber-attacks. These requirements were informed based on trillions of signals from Microsoft’s threat intelligence as well as input from leading security experts like the NSAUK National Cyber Security Center and Canadian Centre for Cyber Security. Additional details on the background and value of Windows 11 baseline are below.

    So, let me get this straight: Microsoft decided to make Windows 11 more secure, so they took their suitcases, laptops and whatever papers they needed and headed to ask for input from NSA. NSA that was couple years ago "found out" to spy everyone in the world, the same NSA that has quite active push to get governmental backdoors to softwares. And now Microsoft has the balls to call Windows 11 "the safest".

    Yeah, not going to install that piece of spyware to any of my machines. Google is already enough and at least they make money out of it and aren't just rats for US.

    1. Eviljuche


      Well, Linux does the same thing (it's security module is made by the NSA), and everyone's fine with that, so I guess they decided to go to the NSA too.

  2. If only I had that important data that someone was to steal my laptop for it and go through all the trouble to either dig out the SSD or bypass the password and not just pawn it to the closest no-questions-asked pawnshop. And if I had that kind of data that someone was determined enough to go through all that trouble, I probably would have something more trustworthy than "just trust us, bro"-security, most likely something that is proven to be 3 letter organization proof and constantly being audited and proven that there isn't backdoors and just so happens to be free to the level that I can co
  3. So, if Microsoft is going to drop a new driver platform that requires new drivers, will Windows 11 then be that X thousand legacy drivers smaller Windows as it cannot/doesn't need to support all printers since the dawn of the MS-DOS or do we still get to enjoy the possibility to use matrix printers from the 80's with Windows 11? That is the problem with me and Windows 11s still debatable hardware requirements. If they require us to upgrade from "legacy" hardware, can they also stop shoveling legacy crap into Windows? If answer is no and I need to even once more dig out SoundBlaster
  4. The thing is your 3x4K even something crazy as 4x4K grid setup of monitors running a single game still uses only one render pipeline, as in no matter what resolution your all monitors display only 1 frame at the time. VR on the other hand is 2 separated screens which require 2 separated frames to be shown at the same time so it uses 2 render pipelines, as in VR doesn't double the resolution it doubles the frames. So to run your 8K monitor grid at 120fps it only needs the GPU to render 120fps because your monitor grid only shows a single frame at the time, but to run 120hz VR your GPU must basi
  5. Bloody hell, how much lower are console games going to fall? Pretty much X360/PS3 end of the era started to be at the PC level with XOne/PS4 being PCs (you install and update every game, you spent time to do that and you deal with the lack of storage, that is a PC not a console anymore) and now they are heading directly to the bottom of the barrel, the latrine of gaming where game is only 50% of the time and rest are ads, the mobile game level. Good thing PS5 and Xbox Series are harder to get in some places with reasonable prices than left kidneys. Product placement is fine for me,
  6. If only we didn't see this coming up after Facebook bought Oculus. If only we didn't see this coming when the founder of the Oculus started to fund a project to make every Oculus exclusive game playable with other headsets with Facebook money he got from selling Oculus. If only someone was a wise enough to notice that Oculus is only a sticker anymore (for real, there is no VR company named "Oculus" anymore, there isn't even a team within Facebook named "Oculus" anymore, there is only Oculus sticker to hide Facebook Reality Labs). And even that sticker doesn't say "Oculus"
  7. "Valuable information", like how many "surprise mechanics" their next games will have and what they are going to call them in the future? Or "valuable" information like the Frostbite engine that is so bad even they themselves have problems developing with it (not to even mention their games)?
  8. You can think them as a coupons to get oranges from a certain store. The store does generate their own coupons but the farmer can use the stores system to generate coupons for their use in certain numbers reflecting how well the oranges sell in the store and the store is fine eating the costs to deliver those oranges the farmer sells with their coupons because the sales the store does. What Wolfire Games is probably after is to get to the situation where they can make the store sell their oranges but with either higher price or with only coupons that the store cannot generate to se
  9. The key part is the one giving them away. Valve is OK for you to sell your game elsewhere at whatever price you want, as long as it's not delivered (as in the buyer doesn't come and use Valves servers and services to download the game) with Steam. They are not OK with you selling the Steam keys, which they need to deliver and basicly fulfill the order, somewhere else cheaper than the game is on Steam Store (with quite a lot special cases being approved like the Humble Bundle and other charity, giveaway and whatever cases), as in they are directly competing against Steam while Valve still must
  10. While I can agree that the Steams initial 30% cut is steep and probably lowering it to the 24% (which is the second tier, IIRC) and going lower from that could be better for the devs. And I agree that Steam is a monolith that could be considered monopoly just because how huge it is. But the kicker is, there really isn't any competition for it especially if you take the whole picture and not only what consumers see. Not a single other "platform" offers anything close to Steamworks which basicly is complete project manager where you can have your development builds, the gold build, e
  11. Summary Epic Games vs. Apple has brought out another interesting facts about Epic Games; How much Epic Games is loosing money on exclusives to combat Steam. According to Apple Epic Games has put $444 millions into exclusives only in 2020 alone and in the end-of-the-year report Epic stated that the total sales of EGS in 2020 have been $700 millions from which $265 millions came from third-party sales. With simple math that is minimum $135 millions losses from exclusives since that $265 millions includes also non-exclusive titles. According to Apple Epic Games has made $330 millions of loss
  12. They have been doing these automated systems for a decade and probably sunk millions if not tens to them and they are still pure garbage. Mostly the reason is that no one really demands them to be any better because the DMCA doesn't have any kind of accountability, you frak up someones livelihood, no one is going to frak you up for doing it (except the one you fraked up if they have the monetary possibility for that, which 99% they don't have, thanks for that DMCA is US thing and there the old corpo system is to lengthen the court case until one or the other goes bankrupt). Mostly that is the
  13. Outsourcing is too cheap for these guys. It was automated system that pooped, "once again" (which is my problem, but I spare you from a rant).
  14. Update Everything is back to normal, just a mistake by SEGAs automated DMCA claim machine. Summary SEGA has smacked SteamDBs hosting service with a DMCA takedown notice over Yakuza: Like a Dragon because someone somewhere thought SteamDB is somehow connected to piracy of the said game. Apparently not the first time but first time things haven't gone smoothly since Pavel Djundiks initial replies to SEGA were ignored before things got some wind and SEGA of America is now looking into it. Quotes My thoughts I would love to go very d
  15. To the whole topic of cryptos, I find it funny. Miners saying that it's the next big thing and it seems they have completely forgotten that in the bigger picture ETH and other alts are more or less bound to BTC which is (like all the others with limited quantity) bound to crash and hard and bring many alts with it. Already it's basicly useless to try to mine BTC with normal hardware and for it to be really profitable you need to have a farm and the difficulty is only going up meaning more and better HW is needed and most likely it goes up faster than the tech evolves. At some point simple mini