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  1. Summary Using a computer script to keep track of scalping, engineer Michael Driscoll has been able to track close to 50,000 NVIDIA RTX 30 series cards sold by scalpers online. Quotes My thoughts I don't have anything great or inspiring to say on the situation as a whole. The reimposed US tariffs are only going to make this worse. I'm glad my 1080 still does fine, and I think I'm just going to start buying previous generation cards when a new generation comes until that burns me. So I expect to finally purchase a 3080 used sometime late 2023.
  2. And just to echo also that you are right in what you are seeing, when I have had issues with RAM being labeled as hardware reserved, that RAM is in fact unusable by the system, either reserved by iGPU or just unable to be utilized for a different reason.
  3. Just to echo my experience with what others have already said. Since you have been so thorough in troubleshooting already and ruled out iGPU reservation, and checked that each stick is good. I think your only recourse is to keep trying different slot configurations and stick orders to see if it detects it. As frustrating as it is to not have a concrete answer why, I have had a system in particular that was way too picky about RAM and slots. Even though it's not recommended you could leave a stick in the first slot and test every other slot with a second stick to see if they are all workin
  4. There have been a few good points here. I think there is a difference between a company not choosing to work with another company over their working conditions and a company violating supplier agreements over working conditions. I can see how the former may never get talked about, but the latter would even if there wasn't criminal charges due to violations of said agreement. I understand that this is far from the only case of labor misuse not only by Apple, but companies everywhere. Just the other day I read an article about Costco dropping a coconut milk supplier over forced
  5. Summary After finding violations and falsified paperwork concerning it's student labor program, Apple has cut off major supplier Pegatron from any new contracts. Quotes My thoughts We hear Linus speak fairly often on going to manufacturing facilities to inspect working environments concerning merchandise, and I know it is a practice that is becoming more standard with imported goods. But, rarely does it seem like any violations or corrective actions make the news. So I appreciate knowing when inspections do actually find something and what is being do
  6. The Verge article mentioned 15% in New York so I am wondering if closed stores or time of day for cleaning might be a factor.
  7. Summary Yesterday the website McBroken was launched, tracking every broken ice-cream machine in the US, and updating it's status every 30 minutes. Quotes My thoughts I may have had a couple night caps or date nights dampened by those words myself. And although I do not find myself in a McDonalds drive in very often anymore, I think this is great. Sources https://basictech.tips/2020/10/23/meet-the-website-tracking-broken-mcdonalds-ice-cream-machines/ https://www.theverge.com/2020/10/22/21529477/mcdonalds-mcbroken-bot-ice-c
  8. I think it's still hit and miss depending on the manufacturer. Our 2020 Nissan is useable, but pretty crap and clunky, about on par with some Donut/Eclair Android action. The 2019 Chevrolet system is a lot more complex than the Nissan, and does a better job at putting pertinent information about the car where it needs to be. Even the menu navigation structure makes more sense. So if the Nissan is a 4/10 I would give the Chevy a 6/10. But neither is great, and especially after my fiancé bought the Nissan I am wishing she had taken the time to look at cars from more manufacturers, although not s
  9. Summary Epic Games announced this week that Unreal Engine is being used to power the infotainment system in the upcoming GMC Hummer EV. Quotes My thoughts I am all for getting rid of the unresponsive clunky interfaces that I have seen in cars for over the last decade. I think it's a great idea actually. But, watching the video that epic put out for the announcement showed almost nothing relating to the Hummer it is supposed to debut in, other then activating the crab walk feature, that was more of a 15 degree slant than a crab walk. In fact, the video
  10. Summary Apple announced an upcoming event set for October 13th. Named "Hi, Speed" this is likely the reveal of the delayed iPhone 12, although some other products may be thrown in the mix like over-the-ear headphones, a new HomePod, as well as a device locator dubbed AirTag Quotes My thoughts I'm not an iPhone user so this does not excite me that much... but my fiancé has been chatting my ear off about rumored specs and features so I'm glad it's finally getting announced. That being said, I do have a medical condition starting to affect my life
  11. Hey I'm curious what you mean by trying to be apple and not following the android model if you get a chance to go a little more in depth with it. I had a windows phone and I did like it, but didnt pay as much attention to development so I'm all ears when it comes to understanding why it failed. Even though I have an opinion from my understanding and experience.
  12. Your not wrong, but there really isn't a whole lot of options out there. Unless you want to become a crackberry and hope that 3g doesn't die soon in your area. Maybe a windows phone, but Microsoft is no better than Google or Apple when it comes to privacy and customization, so now it's basically Android or iOS without the apps. I don't feel like there is a real winner either way between iOS or Android, you just pick what you prefer and am willing to pay for.
  13. They already use that loophole for the Apple iOS app, but it was hell getting it approved, even a slight mention of going outside the app to subscribe to a creator and make a direct payment to floatplane in the app meant it was denied by Apple. So they can go the same route on Android if necessary, it just is a little sad it's coming to this. Hopefully Google is a little more lenient about mentioning going to the website to subscribe to creators and payments inside the app... but I won't be too surprised if they don't.
  14. I forgot about the service provider app stores... (AT&T, T-Mobile ect) It really must not take a whole lot of development to get alternative app stores working, or there are just a lot of phone manufacturers and service providers under the same delusion that it might work.