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    South East Asia


  • CPU
    Ryzen 3600
  • Motherboard
    MSI B550m Mortar
  • RAM
    2x 8GB Klevv Bolt X 3200
  • GPU
    current: Palit 3070 Gaming Pro
    retired: Zotac GTX1070 Mini (ZT-P10700K-10M) - SOLD
  • Case
    current: Corsair 5000D airflow
    retired: Lian Li O11 Dynamic
  • Storage
    Kingston A2000 1TB
    Kingston NV1 2TB
  • PSU
    Corsair RM750
  • Display(s)
    Dell U2411H, Acer ED273A
  • Cooling
    EK: Supremacy D-RGB
    Corsair: XD5
    Bykski: 280mm 30mm rad, 360mm 40mm rad, N-PT3070PRO-X

    Alphacool TPV 16mm EPDM tubing, eiszapfen QDC
    Aquacomputer Quadro
    Barrow fittings
  • Keyboard
    CoolerMaster MasterKeys Pro M
  • Mouse
    Logitech G403
  • Sound
    Fiio K3, ATH-AD700, Razer Seiren Mini

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  1. if Corsair iCue is being use then go with SP120 / Ml120 / ML140
  2. don't tell me your cpu is on a default cooler... you need a better cpu cooler for K series cpu
  3. those are decent temps, I do 30mins or longer stress test due to thermal load needs time to be fully saturated in coolant
  4. hmmm can u check what voltage is your cpu pulling when u stress it? I'm also using supremacy am4 block, I know my r5 3600 likes to go to 85c if I leave voltage on stock once I set mine to 1.25v, the max it goes to is 68c
  5. same as above, I would add clear coolant generally last very looooooonnng unless your rad flushing was not done thoroughly, you see debris accumulating on your blocks so check cpu and gpu once in a while if they're clear top
  6. nf-a12x25 are really quiet throughout its rpm range, they're really really quiet when u compare to the redux nf-p12 pass 1100 rpm I'm using 3 redux nf-p12 1700 pwm on my rad, anything pass 1200 rpm they a bit noisy; they're really noisy I compare them to arctic p12 at 1700 rpm recent noctua finally release the chroma version for nf-a12x25, so more ppl will be buying them (most r not a big fan of the brown)
  7. there're a few decent ones, watch YouTube reviews on them Lian Li SL120 or the newer AL120, 3 fan pack comes with L-Connect fan controller (ARGB is standard JST 3 pin) Corsair ML120, these are expensive & uses non-conventional 5v ARGB header personally i'd use better fans & get phanteks neon ARGB strip, but that's just me
  8. since my 5000d watercooling setup is front rad intake, top rad exhaust, side intake fans & rear exhaust fan if i turn off my side intake, coolant temp does suffer a bit (around 3c)
  9. your 360 AIO will fit on the top, i'm using 2x 140 fans with 280mm rad so it's a bit tight for my case i have 6x 120mm fan as intake (front & sides), 1x 120mm & 2x 140mm fan as exhaust (top & rear) i can definitely feel the air coming out of the back & top, i tested the exhaust using incense sticks all my LEDs are ARGB, but i only set them to static yellow
  10. FYI, i just migrated my sys to 5000D airflow from o11d if your cable management skills are good, you can probably still use 2x HDD bay nearby your PSU PROS: lots of space for air cooling setup very easy cable management, i have lots of stuff connecting to my aquacomputer quadro for watercooling temp+fan control CONS: only comes with 2x 120mm pwm fans (store 1, use another for rear exhaust) limited space for rads (so no 420 rads or thiccboi 60mm rads) my 280mm top rad is very near the top of my mobo (it can fit
  11. sorry for the late reply XD fittings i went with barrow 16mm compression since i'm using EPDM tubing for my QDC i went with alphacool eiszapfen, koolance is N/A in my country -_-
  12. yea for less than 1 hour stress I do that for 24 hour or more stress test I do p95 + furmark i do read that nvidia gpu will not max it clocks in furmark, not sure tho
  13. I suggest u remount your cpu cooler with fresh thermal paste secure the heatsink via x pattern gradually
  14. the easiest way is to ensure there's thermal pads transferring heat from your rear vram to backplate then maybe add some alu heatsink onto the backplate and add 92mm or bigger fans on them Google: 3090 vram cooling