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    PC, Headphones, Audio, TableTennis, Gaming, Collection things that annoy the GF
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    I'm a german vegetarian engineer who is also an audiophile and nerd,
    what do you expect?
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    i7 2600k @Stock
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    Asus P8Z77-i Deluxe
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    16gb Hyper X Fury 1866mhz
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    Asus GTX 1050ti Strix
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    Enthoo Evolv itx
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    Samsung 840 EVO 240gb / WD Red 2x3GB Raid 0
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    EVGA 750G2
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    Benq XL2411T + Dell U3415W (+ Samsung 60KS7090)
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    H100i GTX
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    Qpad MK-85 Brown
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    Logitech MX518 Legendary + Logitech G403
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    [Beyerdynamic DT880 + Hifiman HE-400i + AKG K7XX + Kennerton Magister + Fostex TH-X00] on (O2 Amp/DAC Combo)
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  1. What are the Temps and clock speeds like during gaming? Why did you send it back? Have you changed any settings?
  2. Yeah in order to go 1TB ram you'd have to chose either epyc or xeon. If you don't care about Cores though then I think you can get faster 8cores and don't necessarily have to go with 32cores or something crazy Edit: The Epyc 7262 for example supports up to 4TB of ram in octa-channel while still boosting to a healthy 3,4ghz on all 8 Cores. Granted, that's shit compared to the single thread performance of a 3900X or 9900K BUT you get all the ram you'll ever need.
  3. FloRolf

    home switch help

    Literally anything. They are all gigabit rated so they are 8x faster than your download. I had a netgear 5 Port switch and used it without issues.
  4. I used an A50 recently when I set it up for my dad and I still hated it. My last personal Samsung was an S4 though, so you are right
  5. Why do you think a cheap drive would be more reliable than an expensive drive?
  6. I went from 3T to 7Pro and it was an amazing step up. The only complaint I have about this phone is the weight and sometimes the fingerprint reader is stupid. Other than that it's brilliant. I love the pop up cam even though initially I found it stupid. The battery live is amazing making wireless charging a stupid gimmick if your phone charges half full in like 10 minutes. OxygenOS really needs no words, orders of magnitude better than anything Samsung etc. 90hz Display is kinda cool but also kinda useless (I don't game at all, maybe that's why) My recommendation: go get 'em.
  7. What's the price difference? If it's more than 10% I'd go for the cheaper one. Also, go with 2x16gb instead. That way you don't put as much stress on the memory controller and you still have the option to upgrade later on.
  8. My niece is gonna get baptized this weekend and as I'm the totally Christian godfather I was looking at some nice baptizm Motto for her. Of course a little Star Wars is always good so I found this nice one from Han Solo



    Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid.


    My brother will probably love it while my sister and GF will kill me, lmao. 

    1. Tech_Dreamer


      Man, imagination vs imagination, that kid is gonna be so confused.

  9. Yesterday my employer sent out a fake spam email with the usual 'signs' that it's fake, such as bad grammar, a non existing email address and of course a link. If you click on the link you'd get a "lmao, you failed the test" message. 


    Now apparently they didn't even tell our local IT or secretariat so they immediately sent a warning email to everyone saying not to click the link because they thought it was actually spam, lol. 


    They just ruined their own test. Genius. 

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    2. Pascal...


      lol, the IT Department at our school can't even handle Windows updates, some random Windows patch caused a couple of bluescreens a couple weeks back. Test your fucking Software/update before you deploy/roll out.

    3. Tech_Dreamer
    4. FloRolf


      @Tech_Dreamer that is actually hilarious.


  10. >orders with Amazon same day delivery

    >"oi, the driver is only 2 stops from your house!"

    >looks at map

    >driver is in a different city 60km away


    Now that feels very ecological. 


    1. dizmo


      Does it? You have a very odd view of living organisms then.

  11. FloRolf

    PCIe lanes

    I guess it also depends on the device. For example Nvidia doesn't allow their gpu's to run at anything lower than 8x (iirc). Maybe the NIC has similar limitations. Just out of curiosity, how are you designing your own cpu? And why?