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    Lusting over the NXE dash with Fermi and Pentium IIIs
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    Fermi fanatic, Crown Vic fanboy, Pentium III simp, and unintentional Dell shill.


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    Core i7 3770
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    Dell 0YXT71
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    1x 8GB XMS3 1333MHz CL9, 1x 8GB XPG V1.0 1600 CL9 (running at 1333 CL9 in dual channel)
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    MSI GTX 1050Ti low-profile w/ 2x 70mm AMD stock cooler fans (+200MHz core offset)
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    Dell OptiPlex 7010 DT
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    250GB 840 EVO, 2TB 2.5" Barracuda, 1TB 3.5" Barracuda in external enclosure, 240 Kingston UV400 for games that love SSD
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    Lite-on 240w 80+ Gold
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    Dell S2340M
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    Logitech G Pro X (GX Browns)
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    Logitech G Pro Wireless
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    Steelseries Arctis 7
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    Windows 10 Pro x64
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    Latitude E4310 (i5 580M, 2x4GB 1066MHz CL9, 120GB 840 EVO, Kubuntu)
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    iPhone SE 2020 (64GB, black)

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  1. I've finally come to the conclusion that, while I want to like it, Bloodborne is garbage and will no longer get to live on my PS4. I'm not even that bad at games, and even after several hours of failure I can't reach the first fucking checkpoint. Thank god it's a PS+ game and not something I paid for.

    1. Sauron


      yeah soulsborne is an acquired taste 🤣

    2. flibberdipper


      From what a friend is telling me, Dark Souls is nowhere near as bogus as this lmao


      tfw you copy a game idea but do it worse

    3. Sauron


      I haven't actually tried bloodborne because I don't have a playstation but I've heard from many souls players that they prefer it - I have played ds 1 and 3 and I can say 1 is much clunkier and lacks a lot of quality of life features (just due to it being older and not as polished). If you want to try one out I definitely recomment 3. Sekiro is also very good imo but it's significantly different.

  2. I just had to drop by to say FELLOW BIG DICK CLAMSHELL DELL


    Kinda wish I could use mine as the "daily" XP rig since the ol girl has some sentimental value (cuz after all, a 2.4GHz HT Northwood with 2GB of RAM clowns on a pair of P3's with 512MB), but not having the SATA power cable adapter or a decent low-pro PCI graphics card means that it just sits under my bed all the time. Sad.




    1. WaggishOhio383


      Yes the clamshell design is so great! Makes it so easy to open up and access things. My rig is by no means a powerhouse unfortunately. It's got a 1.7 ghz Celeron with integrated graphics and ~350 MB of RAM. I don't use it for any power-demanding tasks. I just fire it up from time to time when I'm feeling some nostalgia for Windows XP. It's just a cool thing to have in my setup to play around with.


      I actually got it for free from my grandparents. It was sitting out in their garage and they didn't want it, so I took it home, cleaned it out, and fired it up to see if it still worked. And surprisingly it did! The thing was in pretty terrible shape so I didn't have super high hopes for it, but I wanted a project so I took it anyway. And I ended up getting a free Windows XP machine to satisfy my nostalgia for the OS, so I'm pretty happy with it.

    2. Dabombinable


      Doesn't clown down on my particular dual PIII rig (1.1GHz+2GB RAM)...as long as SSE2 isn't called for. Still kind of annoyed that there is only a single Socket M board - my Celeron M380 and Pentium M770 are nearly as/fast as P4 HT 3.2GHz. With far lower power consumption (65W power brick vs 120W).

      Portal is perfectly playable on an M380+Intel 915GMA btw.

  3. Bit of a dump courtesy of the Michaelsoft XB1X. Kinda sad captures are only the res of the TV, was really hoping they'd be the supersampled res like on the PS4 Pro. FH3 FH4 Bonus
  4. The music they used in this never had any right to hit as hard as it did.


  5. And now I'll just flip the upgrade path thing around. With a 3600, at least there's an upgrade path of chips that don't consume a nuclear power plant worth of power and while running hot enough to nuke a medium-sized city. And of course, ol' 5000 series Raisin is still faster than what Intel is dumping out. Not to mention AMD's higher end offerings tend to provide better value than Intel, when prices aren't getting double dick downed.
  6. Hey, they have yet to really let me down! In what world is either the 10400 or 10700 a better value? The 10400 is a cheaper chip sure, but its performance reflects that. The 10700 is a faster chip overall, sure, but while also coming it at almost 100 dollarydoos more. And that's not to mention that usually, tit for tat, Intel boards will run you a bit more too. And I wouldn't even try bringing up having to buy a 30 dollar GPU as an added expense for going AMD (which will just get replaced eventually), having a spare card kicking around is always a good idea. Can't
  7. Actual benchmarks that can compare the 7570 and 630 are few and far between, but from the ones I've been able to patch together/using my 1337 guessing skills at, it should somehow be faster. My big brain didn't change out the smack down bit from when all I could find was 610 stuff, but with the 630 it's a bit less brutal.
  8. The way I look at it, it's just going to be a temporary card so it's more sensible to drop about 30 bucks on it compared to about 110 minimum for a 1030. Not to mention that for 4 times the cost, you're not getting 4 times the performance. I don't really think the extra gig would help all that much since your usage isn't really that hard on a card. I can't really vouch for performance in Stardew Valley since I've never played it, but I can't imagine it'd run that badly. And finally as for 1440p, on paper it should do just fine. It's got DisplayPort 1.2 which caps at 4K
  9. My time to simp for the HD7570 has come. You can usually find the 7570 for $30 or less on eBay and they're surprisingly competent cards. Certainly a hell of a lot faster than a GT710, but not as fast as a GT1030 (though it's also a hell of a lot more sensible to buy compared to a 1030). Should be capable of 1440p at 60Hz if memory serves.
  10. Gonna have to disagree there. Even on my cheap and fairly shitty LG Stylo 4 I have as a spare phone, if you get a station with good signal it can sound obnoxiously good. If it weren't for a lack of low-end punch, sometimes you could damn near confuse it with a decent internet stream. Though who knows, maybe the way we do things here in the US are different from how it's done over where you are.
  11. FM radio on phones used to be a requirement for me until I just got sick and tired of Android and decided to become an iSheep. Though even now, I think I'm going to try and keep a phone around that supports it for as long as I can since it is very nice to have.
  12. That's fake, for as old as it is there isn't NEARLY enough cracked/fucked up plastic.
  13. There’s a minitower version but it’d have to be a smaller model. Regardless of which form factor you get, airflow is deceivingly garbage.
  14. You cannot get a six core chip in a 7010 without swapping the board. It literally is not possible.
  15. Don't get me wrong, it's my second-favorite gen too (think the all-black one that followed it might be #1), but I sure as hell wouldn't bother. Airflow in these isn't all that great even though it looks like the should be pretty OP.