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    Lusting over the NXE dash with Windows Vista and Fermi
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    NXE Dashboard
    Xbox 360 phats
    Windows Vista
    Fermi GPUs
    Crown Victorias
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    Fermi fanatic, Crown Vic fanboy, Xbox 360 NXE simp, and unintentional Dell shill.


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    Core i7 3770
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    Dell 0YXT71
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    1x 8GB XMS3 1333MHz CL9, 1x 8GB XPG V1.0 1600 CL9 (running at 1333 CL9 in dual channel)
  • GPU
    MSI GTX 1050Ti low-profile w/ 2x 70mm AMD stock cooler fans (+200MHz core offset)
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    Dell OptiPlex 7010 DT
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    250GB 840 EVO, 2TB 2.5" Barracuda, 1TB 3.5" Barracuda in external enclosure, 240 Kingston UV400 for games that love SSD
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    Lite-on 240w 80+ Gold
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    Dell S2340M
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    Logitech G Pro X (GX Browns)
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    Logitech G Pro Wireless
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    Steelseries Arctis 7
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    Windows 10 Pro x64
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    Latitude E4310 (i5 580M, 2x4GB 1066MHz CL9, 120GB 840 EVO, Kubuntu)
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    iPhone SE 2020 (64GB, black)

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  1. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ We've had good luck with them on a handful of cars, and if they're really truly garbage and eat ass after 20K miles I really don't care. I'll only be into this car for 1,300 US pesos or so, throwing another set of struts onto that is diddly shit.
  2. Dad used the same brand on our 2004 LeSabre like 60K miles ago and at this point they've well outlived the car itself so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. The other day the old man bought parts for da whip and you already know it was gonna be origami time. Not pictured is the swaybar because I'm a dumb idiot and forgot it was under a table inside. Very interested how this thing will handle, even though I have no reference as I haven't even driven it yet. Stiffer struts all around plus a 33mm solid swaybar for up front as opposed to the stock 22mm hollow one (which was snapped to begin with). Theoretically the students at his school should have 'er all wrapped up by the end of the day on Monday. Then maybe just another week after that for title/p
  4. Dear Steam: Can you like, don't? About 4-5 hours ago I had to close and relaunch it since it managed to leak three fuggin gigs of RAM and was using about 14% of my CPU.


    1. Dabombinable


      6 minutes ago, flibberdipper said:

      Dear Steam: Can you like, don't? About 4-5 hours ago I had to close and relaunch it since it managed to leak three fuggin gigs of RAM and was using about 14% of my CPU.


      That's quite a huge leak:

    2. flibberdipper


      19 minutes ago, Dabombinable said:

      That's quite a huge leak:

      I guess it'd just finally gotten fed up with MCC sitting in the update queue for something like a month. Read that pending updates can cause ram leaks and it looks like that's exactly what happened today.


      I didn't exactly want to blow 22GB right now, but if it stops Steam from whoring up ram I guess it's worth it.

  5. Those stupid CNPS tower coolers are by far my favorite thing ever. Whenever money allows I fully plan on buying a brand new blue LED CNPS9900 MAX (since apparently Zalman still sells them on Amazon) for the system down in my signature. Added bonus is that the board I have uses a blue theme.
  6. External console "coolers" are wrong no matter how you look at it. They do diddly squat to cool a fully functional console, and more often than not end up making them run hotter.
  7. No, there wouldn't be so much interference that it'd make them unusable. My house has two 5GHz networks, with both of their routers being on the same floor, but because I'm not an idiot and made sure they stick to separate channels they both work as they should. Hell, there have been two different wireless networks in my house for the better part of 5 years (whether it be 2.4GHz or 5GHz) and there have been literally zero issues the entire time. At least make sure what you say isn't blatantly wrong before saying it. That out of the way, yes it'll work fine OP, just slap the second
  8. mmmmmmmmmmmm cheap thermal paste with the same thermal properties as robot man juice milk
  9. The only downside I can think of to using an internal drive externally is potentially breaking the connector off the adapter if it's not an actual enclosure.
  10. If it's what you can afford now, then it's fine. The case isn't that good, but it's a decent starting point for getting beginning to mod.
  11. You could have just typed "I'M BEING IGNORANT AND CAN'T BE BOTHERED TO READ THE POST" and it would have served the same purpose lmao Jesus christ, AND you don't know what you're talking about. Ryzen 5's are fine for what this dude would want to do after they get money to upgrade.
  12. Earliest one I know of would be OutRun which was released in '86.
  13. I cleaned the interior of what'll end up being my car earlier today (minus shampooing things as we don't have the shtuff for that just yet as well as windows because I always streak them), and the damn instrument cluster plastic is so damn clean you can't even see it, minus a liiiiiitle dust still in the top left corner where I never got a good reach. It's the little things in life.
  14. They very much still make them. Stock has just been pretty ass since the pandemic started.
  15. Have you tried Evernote yet? The free tier does have some pretty lame size/upload limits (25MB per note and 60MB monthly), but there is the chance that it might work out for you.