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  1. Eny good temp monitors besides hw and happy new year!!!!!!
  2. Cheers put my new mobo in need to install drivers but the temps have gone down dramatically espically tmpin02 it's now at 20 c instead of 128 c
  3. okay thank you very much and I have the newest driver.. 13.12 ? is there a newer one?
  4. I havn't overclocked a thing and my temps are cpu highest its gone is 35 c gpu is have is set so it doesn't reach 80 c and my mobo on hw monitor cause ive always wondered what this ment cause it looks bad... TMPIN0 MAX 29 TMPIN1 MAX 25 TMPIN2 MAX 128. CLOCKS: core clock 947 memory clock 1250 on idle it goes down too gpu clock : 300 MHz memory: 150mhz and my cpu is clocked at 800mhz - 3200 MHz
  5. Heyy, got a few questions I need some assistance with. number one I'm getting a new mother board in two hours its being delivered... just wondering im swapping it for an old one, I know it sounds stupid but do I uninstall old mobo drivers swap it for the new mobo and install drivers boom bada bing!. and the new question number two is yesterday I was experiencing some crashing like my computers sound crashing a loud buzz from the headset and then my pc restarts it self I did just put some new hardware in e.g. R9 290 and a Corsair RM 750w and also when I played cod 4 my display driver stopped re
  6. thank you bro, and and does anyone know if the i5 3330 bottlenecks with certain gpu's
  7. is it a good enough machine for gaming and working on for atleast 12 months or maybe 24 months
  8. i was just wondering if the cpu will bottleneck im going to be doing uni work and gaming on it but i will upgrade it. i was wondering if this will be a good enough build for 12 months. thanks
  9. Im think of building a mini itx pc with the evga hadron im on a budget of 580 and ive come to a conclusion with a , Case: Evga Hardron air. Cpu: i5 3330 Ivy Bridge Processor Quad Core Socket 1155 Gpu: XFX Radeon HD 7950 Double Dissipation. MB : MSI B75IA-E33 Motherboard Socket 1155 Mini ITX Motherboard . the rest i already have from my previouse build, thanks
  10. Well I dunno wat you said though I'm gonna have a look into dust filters some paint if not ill just get a c70 just a shame I don't have enough money for everything or I'd buy a 900d for the hell of it but thank you for the help, you got steam/teamspeak?
  11. That's a good one Ermm would you recommend any black spray paint so I can do the inside ahahaahaa
  12. I want to keep the 922 but the problem is the dust filters have all become broke all the thread in th have come undone and my 6870 blower fan is like a hair dryer because of the amount of dust that comes in my room is really bad dust basically I have 215 pounds too spend and I need a new headset so 90 pounds is going on the headset and the rest for the case fans, led light kit that sort of thing that why I'm so stuck for what case to buy and that's why I'm not keeping the 922 sorry for the ramble
  13. dont worry ive got matx mobo my current case is a haf 922 so it isnt hard to misstake it for a normal atx
  14. i was looking at the chaser the other day and i quite like it thanks.