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    LTT's resident Doge
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    My basement's basement
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    Tech, programming , video games, science ( yeah science! ) , tennis , diving, history, youtube and CHIPTUNE MUSIC !
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    I hate 5400rpm laptop drives ...
    I love ssd's , when i can afford one ...
    i7 ftw , if i can afford one...
    radeon ftw , with all dat compute ...
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    finding a crazy project to do


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    AMD Ryzen 7 1700 @ 3800mhz 1.32V
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    Gigabyte ga ab350 gaming 3
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    4*4GB DDR4 3000mhz
  • GPU
    r9 290 modded with h60 aio
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    Phanteks Enthoo Pro (Full-size ATX)
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    3tb seagate barracuda hdd+ 3TB toshiba + 500GB MX300
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    ASUS VG248QE 144hz 1080p monitor
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    Stock Ryzen Heatsink (Interim)
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    dell keyboard
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    some cheap "gaming" mouse
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    Logitech G pro X
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    windows 10
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    Lenovo Legion Y545
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    Xiaomi Redmi Note 10

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  1. This sounds like the sort of thing that beancounters probably came up with to combat a near-nonexistant problem, but yet will make using these devices worse for the average consumer.
  2. Have a flight lined up and I want to bring my Y540 laptop with me. Trouble is that there's no way I'm getting through the whole thing on a charge, even if I'm very conservative with my usage. Previous experience has shown that the (frankly massive) power brick will simply trip the breakers on airliner AC plugs (which do 100W tops), so I've been looking at getting a lower-powered adapter (which is on paper easy to do) and just accept that I won't be able to game at full power for hours on end. Trouble is that I've seen evidence to suggest that some of these laptops simply won't
  3. That argument applies for literally every single piece of medication that hasn't been available for more than a typical human lifespan; even with longer testing periods, if you test your vaccine for n years you still have no way of knowing for sure that problems won't pop up after n + 1 years. You're ultimately running into the limits of actual science here: it is not possible to disprove that problems will happen after n years, just that it doesn't occur (or doesn't occur in significant amounts) in n - 1 years. Ultimately, COVID is killing many people now and the vacci
  4. Hey y'all ! I've owned a few phones over the years, and am currently rocking a Redmi Note 10 as my daily. I've noticed that the first component to fail on all my previous phones is seemingly always the charging port. think we've all had to do some phone-yoga at some point in our lives, where one's phone will seemingly not want to charge unless positioned in a very specific way. This is annoying, and just precedes the inevitable moment where you just can't get your device to charge anymore (and replacing a charging port ranges from difficult to near-impossible). I'm s
  5. There are likely no 2nm structures within a 2nm transistor, they'll likely be somewhat larger than that. Q. tunneling may not be a problem, Even if it is, it's just a question of probabilities: the likelihood of tunneling occurring increases quadratically as you get smaller, but it might be manageable at this scale. Even if EUV is implemented, it will be running out of steam as well and require quad patterning IIRC. Costs will skyrocket. Also, you're probably thinking of electron lithography: theoretically it offers near perfect accuracy, but it's serial (one electron at a time).
  6. I'm not really concerned about them getting there, it's just a money problem. That said, I do wonder how many companies have the volume necessary to design a product on this node,
  7. To be honest i first though that 'S' was meant to denote multiple 9900K processors, not the actual model.
  8. Well, I wanted to get into collecting: having an actual "wall of old stuff" seems appealing to me. I actually grew up using an SNES (which my dad had bought 15 years prior), so retro gaming is something that is slightly nostalgic for me. But I do agree with you: emulation does provide the best experience in terms of video and general reliability. But it just isn't the same.
  9. Where's the fun in that? I payed 30 euro for a bad experience. If i wanted convenience and clean video, I'd do that. ?
  10. It is a French NES: fortunately it uses the same connector as the SNES, so i got a spare cable recently. I'll try the contact cleaner, however it's likely that I'll need to remove the entire AV/power unit and shield and check if the actual circuitry looks good (bad caps are a thing after all). Worse case I'll just buy a new connector and solder it . Shouldn't be too difficult (but it will be a pain). Thanks for the suggestion though ?
  11. I live barely 8km away from Notre Dame. I usually don't think much about it. This came out of nowhere..
  12. Where did you get that gif for your profile picture 

    1. Coaxialgamer


      The internet, probably. I don't remember.

  13. This probably isn't a very popular opinion, but emulation usually gets you a better experience than the original hardware: the video and audio are usually cleaner, you don't need to worry about up-scaling and conversion on modern TVs and you can usually tweak quite a few settings, which you can't do on a console. What's more, the original hardware isn't always very reliable depending on age. Plus, emulators for popular consoles are now at a point where compatibility and accuracy are near 100% But i also get why people want the original systems. Heck, i own a NES, a SNES and 2 game
  14. already done. Taken apart twice over. The problem is that the whole video/power assembly isn't easily accessible: it needs to be de-soldered from the main board and is under a shield. I'd rather not do that if i can help it.
  15. Even if this turns out to be true, the article is a quite harsh. This isn't necessarily an easy thing to do given the massive changes in zen 2. Besides, one can ask if it's even worth it, seeing the features you'll probably be losing out on with a 300 series board anyway.