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  1. Shifter compatibility

    The problem with the Logitech Shifter is, that it has a proprietary connection and doesn't run on USB so it HAS to be compatible with the wheel. You need to check that. Edit: oh and BTW, I tried both and my TH8A is SO MUCH better than the Logitech! It's well worth it so just save up a little more.
  2. My OP3T just got an update and now supports Face recognition. 

    That shit is wicket fast! Holy cow! 


    Only downside rn is that I have to turn on the screen first in order for it to start looking at me. That kinda makes it slower than the finger print but it's still pretty nice. 

  3. Okay people, I'll have to talk to you about Han Solo. 

    It's a Like-Hate relationship really. I specifically don't say Love-Hate because that's not the case. It's a good movie with some very good scenes that make you feel like you are watching the young Han on his way but some parts are just cut too short for me and made too simple. 

    The hate part pretty much only results because of the last 10 Minutes or so because... 





    You fucking ruined the whole movie with the fucking need of making more and more sequels to even the spin offs. That's bullshit. 

    Kiera should've just died or whatever but not like this... /rage


    But like I said, it has some very good parts in it! 

    1. FloRolf


      Oh yeah and if you are not THAT much into star wars, like my GF, then apparently it's an amazing movie. So go watch it :P


  4. Low PPD?

    Do you have a passkey entered? If not, get one.
  5. What about the Shit Tablet?
  6. Headphones with no mic

    7.1 means you have effectively 8 channels that put out sound. A headphone only has two drivers and you only have two ears right next to them. Essentially no headphone has real 7.1 and all that advertise it have it via software, which you can also use on any other headphone.
  7. Headphones with no mic

    7.1 in headphones is BS. Here take a look at this list: Personally recommend the DT880 and HD600. Heard great things for gaming (positional audio) about the AD700X
  8. What is ghz?

    Not at all in this case because the Turbo boost is more important in single threaded tasks and the core count is more important in multi threaded tasks.
  9. Stuttering when being in fight in csgo

    On 1080p i suppose? What GPU/CPU/ram usage are you having in these scenarios? What happens if you put everything on low? Any other games/problems you have?
  10. Literally no unreal Tournament game is available on steam here in #ShittyGermany Fuck this.
  11. Man, on some days spending a legit shit load of money for the gym really pays off. 



    1. TVwazhere


      I have to assume this has something to do with the GF.....

      That or you had an over torqued screw you needed to force open

      The nerd in me votes for option 2

    2. FloRolf


      Let's just pretend you are right, lmao. 

  12. If you are in EU, Kitguru gives away some nice stuff (GTX1080Ti, Z370 Mobo, Far Cry 5). If you enter through here, I get additional entries aswell. GL HF and thanks :P



    1. Technomancer__


      Sorry, this promotion is not available in your region

      wtf i am in eu

    2. FloRolf


      Tunnelbear, the easy to use VPN service that makes your browsing more secure? 

  13. Whole Home Audio with PC's and Tablets

    do you want to use the tablets to play music? Just install spotify on each tablet?
  14. KickStarter Ossic Disapears

    How to become a millionaire in 201X. 1. Make Kickstarter about literally anything 2. Promise it to be THE BEST THING EVER MADE 3. Literally do nothing but fancy renders and fake commercials 4. Get all the $$$ 5. Shut the company down and have a happy life. Edit: oh yeah and blame someone for something whenever you want. Either in the beginning so you can say 'damn, but told ya' in the end, or in the end so you can say 'damn, f#ck the others' later.
  15. Dynamic Super Resolution on 34 inch 2560x1080 monitors

    That second argument makes no sense when you talk about DSR the whole time. Imho the price premium is well worth it.