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  1. Ryzen+ News

    Sorry, 9001st repost!
  2. 6x GPU Power Supply?

    lol what? 7950s? Are you mining Dogecoin?
  3. Buys CPU/Motherboard from 2011 Derp. Apparently it's a server board. Have you ever seen an overclocked server?
  4. I don't know what i want for christmas

    Well if you are happy with everything you have and don't need more, why not donate to charity or research?
  5. Will Volta mid-range cards launch soon?

    More like half a year to a year. Get Pascal.
  6. 1 Nvidia Strix 1080ti 3 Monitor Setup

    It does easily support 3 monitors but iirc one has to be display port. Check that again though, should be on Asus website.
  7. Potential Ryzen 2 teaser?

    If AMD really manages a 5ghz 12core for 450bucks then Intel is even more dead than they already are. And then I really wanna see Threadripper 2
  8. What the actual fuck. 

    I'm just now watching Iron Man 2 and all of the sudden there is Elon freaking Musk in the movie shaking hands with Tony Stark and talking about an electric Jet. 

    My mind just kinda blew. 

  9. The shitty day continues with my GF putting an open pack of milk sideways in the fridge so that it completely leaks out and i have to spend an hour cleaning the fridge.


    Fine, everything is fine....

    1. Jamiec1130


      You need an “everything is fine” counter like Linus. 

  10. What a shitty day... 

    First I totally slip and fall down on snow, 

    Then I install a brand new SSD into an external enclose, realize that was stupid and then completely destroy one of the screws so I can't get it out anymore. I tired it with the available tools but only manage to cut freakishly deep into my thumb. 


    So for today, no SSD, pain in the back as well as in the finger. Nice. 

    1. manikyath


      they make drill bits to take out screws with severely damaged heads, as in actually take the screw out, not drill it out.

    2. FloRolf


      Well, I don't care much about the screw nor about the enclosure but I don't have a drill at home :/ I'll take it to work on Monday and do it there. 

      Problem is that there's a 250gig 850evo inside :D

    3. DocSwag


      Reminds me of the time I stripped a screw when trying to get an hdd out of a laptop drive bay thing to replace the ssd.


      I didn't have a drill or dremel so I ended up spending an hour trying to create a little notch with a knife so that I could stick a screw driver in there before I realized that wasn't going to work so I just ripped part out of the drive bay, so now there's permanently a screw stuck in that hdd.

  11. When people ask for help but only bother replying with two words. 


    This guy, lol. 

    1. McHox


      gotta love it when people do it irl too...
      "i've tried nothing and it's still not working"

    2. Princess Cadence

      Princess Cadence

      Tell me about it, some people come here for help but do so little effort in fact just yesterday I had one of these being like "bad performance bad performance" but wouldn't even say any thing so I call him out on it "you're really short on words aren't you? we can't help by guessing stuff you need to give us information to know where to start at least" and for a response  was called an useless *censored*.


      Gotta love this people, still like helping actual concerned people though so all cool [:

  12. My Ryzen is in problems!

    Try to close everything that is running and then try CSGO again. If you are clever, you could run Msi Afterburners OSD to check for CPU and GPU loads and FPS.
  13. Shitty hard drive speeds

    Well as for the Laptop drive, all of them seem to perform really bad and that's to be expected from these kinds of drives. The WD Blue not so much, you could Defrag it or just get an SSD