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  1. I don't know of any 'Surround Headphone' in the 1k€ range. Mind showing me one?
  2. Phyx question

    Yes but don't do it.
  3. even online ppl dont answer me 😩

    Doesn't matter. They probably even use the same panel. You also would not notice a difference between 1ms or 5ms response time. -> take the one that looks better to you.
  4. Blu-Ray Player Software Recommendations

    I advice against this. I bought my XBoneS basically just for 4k bluray and bluray playback and it's a pain in the arse. I've also tried PowerDVD12 (I think) on PC for Blurays and it also sucks balls. Best solution is a dedicated bluray player. They can also be bought for relatively cheap.
  5. Apparently Nvidia wants to call it's next generation 'Turing' and because they always use important scientists names for their architectures I read up on Alan Turings life. 

    He was a pretty dope dude but because homosexuality was still illegale back in his days, they just castrated him and gave him hormones until he fell into a deep depression and killed himself. 


    Humans are the cancer of this world. 

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    2. M.Yurizaki


      Go watch "The Imitation Game" if you haven't. It's a bit embellished but it's a really good movie about when he was cracking the Engima during WWII

    3. manikyath


      without turing, we most likely wouldnt have won the war, and as a means of saying thanks they destroyed his life because he got robbed in a "gay meetup spot"

    4. DocSwag


      There's a reason he's called the father of computing.

  6. You'd have to be the unluckiest person on the planet for that to damage your device, lmao.
  7. Pretty sure it doesn't support 128gb of ram. Not sure either why a NAS would need that and who can afford that rn, lol.
  8. Holy cow, there's just been a massive raid in my office where IT came on and just took like 15 old PCs to replace them with Laptops. 


    Most of them were old Pentium and even C2Ds but also some Haswell i3s :( RIP

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    2. FloRolf


      I just left but iirc it's an E5 1620 quad core Sandy's bridge, 16gb ram and a K2000. It's not really the best and gpu is lacking behind quite a bit sometimes. 

    3. TVwazhere


      We replaced a lot of the dell laptops at work with HP's, i7-6500u's and m.2 SSD's (dunno if they're nvme or not) they also come with full displayport and Type C (non thunderbolt) Even though I'm one of like two people who use a tower instead, I was very happy with out IT guys choice (everyone's either a sales person or someone who doesnt need a crap ton of processing power)

    4. manikyath


      can your IT dept. please message our client with this great news? we're working with 10 year old desktops that'll gladly become 20 if we dont have them "unfortunately break down"...

  9. Why does it seem slow still

    Ez mafs amirite?

    The problem often sits in front of the PC....
  11. help!!, my xeon fps drop

    D Is vsync enabled? What are your ram, cpu and gpu usages during game play? What frequencies does your gpu and cpu run during game play?
  12. Okay wtf. I messaged 12 people on their offers for the Thrustmaster Shifter I want but not a single one of them was able to sell it to me, either because they only want to sell their full setup, don't have PayPal or want it directly picked up in person. So f#ck it, I'll just buy it new. 

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    2. Vernw3


      all i have is a t150 pro haven't had it long just getting into it 

    3. Vernw3


      German amazon will deliver to me looks like i will be here in 12 days 

    4. FloRolf


      Cool. I've had my T500RS for a couple months now but not really a lot of playtime. I only play Project Cars 2 and my GF hates it when I rearrange the whole living room to a racing room, lmao. 

  13. I should really unsub to Massdrop. I wanna save up and not blow money. 

    Luckily they don't even ship to EU anyways. (French company, wtf?) 



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    2. Max_Settings


      Also in case you didn't see this is what they changed from the Elear


      When Focal announced the Elear in 2016, I was on the hype train immediately. A company known for incredible driver design, built off its own research and IP entering the Flagship headphone arena for the first time? It’s incredibly rare (once every 10-15 years, if that) and intriguing.
      I saw Jude’s interview with Nicolas and the hype train hit Mach 1. The Elear wasn’t made by an OEM contracted by Focal, it was made by their team in Saint-Étienne, built from the ground up to exacting standards at every level of production. I saw Jude’s measurements... this looks like a super 650... Mach 3. I bought a pair right away. Those were the longest 40 hours of burn-in I’ve done since my first HD800. Put them on, hit play, and... Mach 0. The bass was too strong for me, the mid presence was too weak for me, the FR reminded me of the early 650 when it had a veil and bass distortion. The clarity, transient response, and soundstage was on another level, so the driver technology delivered on everything it promised, but the FR just wasn’t for me.
      This spring, discussions around Focal picked up on Massdrop. We started seeing polls asking for Elears and Utopias. The community started to voice their feelings on both within our platform, and the overall sentiment matched closely with my own experience. Folks didn’t like the bass, folks wanted a little more mids (though there was much debate on this, very easy to have too much in the upper midrange), the driver tech was great, but the FR needed to change. Beyond that, the discussions dove into physical characteristics of the headphone. The Elear is heavy, add a thick, rubberized, 4m cable to that (this was on release, it’s been revised down to ~3m since) and you’re hanging a 100g weight from your 450g headphone with the rubberized material catching on everything for those microphonics we all love.
      With a detailed community mandate in-hand, we approached Focal this spring, suggesting we work together on a refinement of the Elear, utilizing elements of the Clear to reach these goals:
      1. Reduce the bass response to a tasteful ~3 db above neutral
      2. Bring up the midrange presence so it’s in line with the rest of the frequency range
      3. Change the cable to be lighter and 6ft long
      4. Remove the rubberized coating on the cable
      5. Simplify the aesthetic with a black on black on gunmetal colorway
      Focal was receptive to our proposal and over the next 8 months we worked to achieve these goals.
      To reduce the bass response and bring up the midrange, we changed the earpads to a similar style as the Clear while tweaking the damping scheme.
      We dropped the long rubber cable and replaced it with two cloth covered cables. One is terminated with a 4-pin XLR, one is terminated with a 1/4”, both are 6ft long.
      We changed the colorway from the black + silver combination to a black on black with the cable providing a little contrast with black on gunmetal.
      Across all our headphone collaborations, I feel we’ve executed the community mandate most completely in the Elex. This is the Massdrop flagship open headphone collaboration.
      None of this would be possible without your interest, your discussions, your insights, and your support. Thank you for your continued interest in our collaborations and community designed products.


    3. Max_Settings


      Yep @Dackzy @FloRolf according to Massdrop's Will, the restriction on countries is in fact from Focal.


      I'd love to ship everywhere we normally do, but this is a restriction from Focal.


    4. Dackzy


      lovely, Focal fucks over people again

  14. GT 1030 Supported technologies

    No, it'll support them. But not sure about surround. It won't be good either.
  15. CSGO Underutilizing CPU and GPU and windows runs slowly

    Um what? You really don't actually want 100% CPU utilization because that'd be a GPU Bottleneck.