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  1. Workmate to me: I have a highly sophisticated question. 

    Me: uuuhh, go ahead! 

    Him: how do you make circles in PowerPoint? 

    Me: lol

    Him: lol. I actually dunno tho, pls help! 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Jtalk4456


      not possible, you need to go into paint for circles, and even there it will never be perfect, because it's just ovals, no dedicated circle...

    3. FloRolf


      Older than be but not old :D he just never works with pp. 


      @Jtalk4456 press shift while doing a circle and it will actually be a circle :P

    4. Jtalk4456

    That's freaking dope if it actually all works and it's not some scam. Definitely check everything if you can.
  3. Ryzen TR 1950x or 2950x?

    Iirc the 2950X is at best 10%, usually more like 5% faster. At $900 the 1950X should be less than $810 to make sense. I've seen it as low as 650€ though.
  4. Where are you downloading them from? In steam, origin, uplay you can set a folder in the properties.
  5. only getting 4k 30hz

    Display settings in windows? Right click on desktop.
  6. I mean sure, not everyone has a UWQHD 21:9 34" Display but come on....

    That's gotta be one of the worse website designs i've seen on this monitor.



    If you'd speak german you'd realize that i'm currently searching for a carpenter to 

    make me a fucking TV stand because apparently there is not a single one 

    compatible with my Klipsch Center. 5b73054702f21_2018-08-1418_27_19-Window.thumb.png.f6ac261429a7522e899d01f94e184992.png

    1. Dan Castellaneta

      Dan Castellaneta

      It seems like it'd suck at 16:9.

  7. Thinking of getting then nh-u14s

    Keep the 212 or go used.
  8. Thinking of getting then nh-u14s

    No idea what that means. I recently bought an NH-D14 used for 30 bucks though, that might be an option. You can't really do much wrong with used coolers.
  9. Thinking of getting then nh-u14s

    Sure, why not? Noctua are pretty pricey though.
  10. Nvidia 3D Vision Or VR?

    3D vision is shit but I dunno for movies. Is there even a 3d bluray drive for PC?
  11. Nope, because it's 4k only
  12. upgrade

    You should upgrade to $5000. Whatever the f that means.
  13. Depends. What resolution? What use case?
  14. These are literally all the same. I'd go for the Lenovo though, as it has more SSD space. MX150 is shit though iirc and 8550U is imho too overpowered for a small laptop.
  15. For less than $150 I'd so yeah it's worth it.