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  1. If you want 3x sli (which is not recommended) then Threadripper might makes sense. For 2x a 1700 is fine.
  2. But what's your cpu utilization?
  3. Can you do sli and pair with the Q6600 for 4k gaming? Cuz cpu doesn't matter that much on high resolution but does it down to that level?
  4. Holy bjesus, driving with that wheel is so much fun! 

    I tried the Ford Focus RS first which was kinda easy, as I wanted to start with a more 'normal' car. The M3 GT after actually got me sweating lol. It's so hardcore to drive that shit 

  5. Just use a C2D 2 weeks before icelake launch and you'll feel the power of 2% boost
  6. Yay, my T500RS works (kinda) and I can finally play! 

    Had to disconnect the buttons on the wheel as they were constantly recognized as pressed. 

    Now I can not use them at all though but at least I can drive and shift. 

  7. So I just disconnected the actual wheel from the base and now everything works perfectly fine! I can drive and shift and look straight. Problem now obviously, that still no button on the wheel works, because it's disconnected. I tried reconnecting but got the same issue. Thrustmaster support also isn't the fastest and hasn't answered yet.
  8. Wat? Lower Temps are better. Unless you are being throttled ofc. But you aren't.
  9. Fuck yes, I got the result of my last exam and now it's only my Bachelor's Thesis left! Just a little over a month until I'm finally free. 




    - said no person ever.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. PCGuy_5960


      I know. It's a 500W 1080. lol

    3. Max_Settings


      @themctipers you must be in Canada with those prices

    4. Dackzy


      I am also happy that I got a 1080 when a shop had a small sale on the palit jetstream. 

      Also Vega looks to be a big fail for gamers, but rather good for business use. 

  11. it also says ATI so whatever... just a mistake.
  12. Please help me with my f*cking wheel!


  13. Thing is, i can't remap anything... The PCar problem is the viewing angle is totally fucked up but the buttons on the wheel aren't recognized at all.
  14. should be fixed now? Here are a few more pictures of ingame: 1. When i get into the free practice before driving 2. Driving straight ... 3. When i press pause...
  15. Hello and HELP ME PLEASE OH MY GOD! So okay... My issue today is about Project Cars and the new (used) wheel i got, a T500RS with pedals. So here's what happens: 1. I can NOT map buttons from the Wheel because "Multiple inputs were detected" 2. The controller settings in Windows look like this: Which to me looks like all buttons except 1+2 and 11+12 are pressed?! 3. The camera ingame ALWAYS faces backwards to the left side. I can NOT change that in any f*cking way. The only buttons i can press ingame are 3 pedals, the 2 Shifters and "P" for pause on the keyboard. Funny thing is, when i press Pause he pauses me sitting in the cockpit looking ot the left. 4. When i select automatic driving mode for some reason the clutch is always pressed (Why does automatic have a clutch?) so when i go full throttle the car doesnt move. Things i've done: 1. Win10 and win7 2. Old and New installation of PCar 3. Newest drivers and Firmware for the wheel 4. Waited for 5 days because waiting 1 Day fixed that brake and throttle were on the same pedal (whatever that was....?!) Input method is T500RS with seperate wheel but for some reason i feel T300 Seperat works better.... In other games the Wheel works and the view is correct but the keys on the wheel itself are not detected by other games either. PLEASE HELP I'M GOING INSANE.