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  1. Wait, do you seriously have a friend called Anakin?
  2. AFAIK they are literally the same. So take the one that looks better ugh sorry i read AOC as Asus for some reason
  3. I wouldnt even mention the broken part tbh. Just the noise.
  4. okay okay okay, let's get that out of the way once and for all:

    Going from 1440p down to 1080p again is WAY WORSE than going from 144hz to 60hz.

    My 24" 1080p looks like shit to my eyes now. If anyone here is from europe (or germany actually) and has a Dell U2715H i'd gladly 

    trade it for my XL2411T

    1. Show previous comments  27 more
    2. Dackzy


      I would love to find a really good mATX case that can contain SLI/CF with a slot between the GPUs. Sadly the mATX boards for AM4 are dog shit....

    3. Dan Castellaneta

      Dan Castellaneta

      I'd imagine. Oh well, it'll be some time before I get a new CPU anyways so it won't be a huge deal if I gotta wait a bit for a decent board. I have no intentions on overclocking either so won't be a huge deal if I can't go too far on that.

    4. Dackzy


      I don't care much about OCing, it is mainly the stability which will be better with higher end boards...

      the Styx case is one of the best, if you mod it so it gets better airflow. Sadly it is hard to get pretty when you don't have a lot of tools

  5. If they'd pull this off next gen it'd be hilarious. "oh you thought your i7 7700k was good? Now it's basically just an i3, deal with it! "
  6. Well, because your CPU is shit and can't keep up. Also not enough RAM i'd say. Check ingame CPU RAM und GPU usage and report back.
  7. Dual 140s is enough for both. Oh and please change that shitty clickbait title.
  8. wat? So he build a custom loop for GPU only? Totally legit move tbh. But not for 10 series cards. They can't do jackshit if they are not on DICE or LN2.
  9. Multiple things:

    1. Deep and bass heavy songs sounds ass on my DT880s

    2. The music lightning mode on the Strix is totally stupid but breathing/colour and static are actually kinda cool

    3. I'M FUCKING BACK. That's twice of my shitty 970 and holy balls man! I want more of these cards now.


     oh and 4th: Mine does ~2020mhz core and 5450mhz memory. Not really good but also not bad.

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    2. Dackzy


      oh god..... WHY?

      Not that my case is going to be much better, I am thinking about using a TT core P5 I bought for 30$ for my next PC, sadly it is huge, but it is somewhat clean looking and good airflow....

    3. themctipers


      that's not even its final form!


      a few months ago, it was actually sitting inside a cardboard box (with ventilation) with it being passive using iGPU (it was used as a Network attached.. 'photography')


      now, its just sitting there, doing nothing. I guess I can use it as a backup PC,  it has a i3 530 and it has a SSD. Pretty good for web browsing. :P 

    4. FloRolf


      Apparently all the ramen matx boards are shit. The most expensive one here is 99€ and from Biostar, Kek. 

      I ain't gonna buy cheap board so AMD has to step up their game till November to get me :P

  10. That moment when you are running a GTX1080 and your GTA V keeps dropping to mid 30FPS on 1080p. GG Rockstar!

    Other than that, this card is a BEAST! I now need a new CPU though. :P

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Dackzy


      What do yo want to get? Ryzen? X299?

    3. FloRolf


      Something available and high performance. At least on the level of an 5820k. 

    4. Dackzy


      I have been thinking about getting a 1600 or 1700 if they release higher end motherboards, but also first around august or later. Unless Intel does really well with x299

  11. I have pain in my right lag.

    First Google search -> Heart Attack

    Me: "okay, don't freak out now..."

    Second Google search -> Cancer

    "Okay, i'm ded, RIP."

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    2. Tech_Dreamer
    3. manikyath


      google searching symptoms always ends with cancer...

    4. FloRolf


      It still feels super weird. If it's not better by Thursday I'll find a doc. 

  12. Uninstalling a GPU in ITX is a fucking PAIN IN THE ASS YO.

    Scratched my 970s Backplate. gg.

  13. 4am driving 600km to be just on time for class at 11:15.

    That'll be a nice day! 

    1. yathis


      600km is nothing really, I drove 32 hours once, destination San Franscisco.

      I loved the coastal highway


      If I were you, and you think 600km is a long distance, then take your time, take many breaks, it dont matter if you are late.

    2. DildorTheDecent


      "600km is nothing" maybe not to you since America is bloody massive lol. 


      Going from the top of Northern Ireland and to the  bottom of Ireland is near 400miles. I'd consider that massive tbh. 

  14. What kind of clocks are we expecting with this beast?
  15. Woah nut why? Everyone liked the space age CoDs playing in the year 9001 didn't they?