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How to prevent Employee from Bypass / Bridge Administrator Password to Install unauthorized software & Torrenting?

So, apparently 2 of our employee manage to bypass our Admin password and install torrent software to Company's PC.

There are two local user:

1. Administrator with password - they supposedly don't know.  

2. User with password - they use this one.


Even though they already sign the User Agreement for company PC.

They confess that they ask 3rd party (outside of our organization) : ex employee and their kids to do it.

Either they know the Admin password or they find a way to bypass it.

From Google Search this what I found:

https://itoolab.com/windows-password/how-to-bypass-admin-password-windows-10/#:~:text=Method 1%3A Bypass Admin Password Windows 10 Using Lusrmgr&text=msc” in the Run bar,admin account without any software


How to prevent them next time from doing it again?

Should we just use M365 Business Account to log them?







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There are things you can do, but anyone who controls the hardware can potentially still break through.  Giving someone work hardware for the specific purpose of 'breaking in' is always a sackable offense and likely a criminal one too.


That said:

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fire them or tell em to not do it lol

Dont forget to mark as solution if your question is answered

Note: My advice is amateur help/beginner troubleshooting, someone else can probably troubleshoot way better than me.

- I do have some experience, and I can use google pretty well. - Feel free to quote me I may respond soon.


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A lot of corporations use Employee Monitoring Software to deal with such issues.

After all it's a corporate computer - not a personal one.


The Best Employee Monitoring Software for 2023:


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