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    256gb SSDx2, 1tb SSd, 1tb WD Blue
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  1. Odd that it talks about an exclusive since Stadia will have it on launch day.
  2. Most people were upset, but I very much enjoyed the game on Stadia. It was well worth the 60 bucks, and the free stadia controller to boot.
  3. Need to know the use case, the budget, where you are located...any information would help.
  4. What adapter are you using? It might be one directional and not allow for what you are doing.
  5. You could just enjoy the road trip as your computer will be there when you get back...
  6. Even if you could get it to work, you really should do a fresh install when changing hardware that much.
  7. see if this helps. https://www.diskpart.com/free-partition-manager.html
  8. Are you running a VPN? Are you downloading anything when you test it? What type of ethernet cable are you using (Cat 5, 5e, etc.). What are the port types on your router? Have you tried updating the drivers for your motherboard?
  9. It would be such a niche market that it would be extremely expensive.
  10. Unless you can start placing massive orders from a supplier the cost to profit margin would be soooo small it wouldn't even be worth it.
  11. Check PS4 version reviews...it is not ideal to say the least.
  12. Since YouTube is free, you are entitled to your opinion and they are entitled to act in the best nature for their company and channel.
  13. The statement that there is no point is highly subjective and up to the individual.