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  1. I dont think type A to type A is going to exist as there wont be a power controller and you will fry one of the two systems.
  2. You cant just change a screen. The connector is likely proprietary, and going up in resolution or refresh rate is likely going to take a different connector.
  3. Oh, well thats my bad then. Things must have changed drastically in the years since I tried. Good to know.
  4. unless you have a graphics card you arent going to be able to do it. Ryzen CPUs are much harder to make into a hackintosh since they are not natively supported.
  5. Can you outline your steps so we can determine what is going on?
  6. What graphics card are you using on the OptiPlex?
  7. maybe a little bit of heat from a hair dryer? Something like googone, but I am not sure if that would hurt the screen coating.
  8. Does the lighting node require power as well? Did you connect the power?
  9. Odd that it talks about an exclusive since Stadia will have it on launch day.
  10. Most people were upset, but I very much enjoyed the game on Stadia. It was well worth the 60 bucks, and the free stadia controller to boot.
  11. Need to know the use case, the budget, where you are located...any information would help.
  12. What adapter are you using? It might be one directional and not allow for what you are doing.
  13. You could just enjoy the road trip as your computer will be there when you get back...