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  1. Oh there are them sometimes, but its not often. Also sometimes the quality drops but it isnt often and it normally goes right back up within a second or two.
  2. Playing on Stadia. 30 FPS at 4k. The game so far is good, not great. Not the best Far Cry but way better than 5.
  3. If Windows is installed, what do you mean what do you do now? What issues are you having?
  4. Well then insert a USB device with Windows on it since you figured it out.
  5. So you have a working hackintosh, and now you are using bootcamp to install windows on a machine that is already designed for windows? What you need to do instead is dual boot the machine, but if I remember correctly (Check other forums) you normally need to install windows first and then mac OS for it to work correctly. That used to be my setup years and years ago.
  6. Did you build your flash drive with both the OS and the bootloader? What guide are you following? Have you confirmed your CPU is compatible with Mac OS? You have not presented much of any information for us to help you.
  7. Are you building a hackintosh or are you using a mac with bootcamp?
  8. I wanted to just address a point, why are you mad they wont help you unless you buy their service fee if you know you didn't pay for the extended warranty?
  9. What are you using your serial port for?
  10. People will need to know what you plan to mine, but probably not going to do much with that build.
  11. You will need parallels and a copy of windows. So to do it you will need to spend some money.
  12. But their science explanations are perfect.
  13. It is free content, why do you feel that you are entitled to anything other than what they put out? At the end of it, LMG is a company and has to make money. If you dont appreciate the fact that sponsor posts / videos exists then you will need to find another platform. I understand your point, but it is no different than a commercial for a product that you have every right and ability to skip.
  14. I sent mine back the same day it arrived. It was awful feeling in the hand, felt off balanced, and it was not much smaller than just having a regular xbox controller with an attachment to hold my phone.
  15. Even if you do find an adapter, remember you will need software to read the data. Not an adapter, but an external enclosure that might work. https://eshop.macsales.com/item/OWC/MAU3ENPRPCI/