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  1. First, what are the issues that you are having? Slow speeds? Spotty connection? Second, what type of home? Is it concrete block walls, wood, etc? Third, what is your use case for this? Most of the time your router will be a router/modem combo and you can just use the modem part and go into a new router.
  2. you would need software for that computer to display the text. You would need to create a custom locked down version of linux that only does one thing. At least that is what I would do.
  3. Very much a scam, I have my own old 1080 listed and it is currently going for over $450
  4. I currently have a 1080 hybrid listed on ebay with multiple bids above 400. I paid 650 new for it.
  5. laptop ram goes in at an angle and then clicks in, did you try that?
  6. Player 1 for what? Are you referring to the light on the top?
  7. mining requires paying taxes so if you are in the US (it seems Virginia) that is the reason behind those rules. You will have to pay taxes on that mined coin.
  8. Try running the controller firmware upgrade through windows. Might help.
  9. I downloaded a torrent (Pi Software) and had great speeds. Fluke?
  10. Do you have the internal connections for an optical drive? You will need power and a data connection (probably SATA).
  11. since they integrated it with the control board the only thing that would be possible is to try and fix the connector. I would just write it off as a bad job and move on.