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    Maryland, USA


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    Asus TUF Z390 Pro
  • RAM
    32GB Crucial
  • GPU
    MSI GTX 1660
  • Case
    Fractal Design R-6
  • Storage
    Samsung EVO 500 GB; WD Black 2 TB; WD Red 2TB
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    Seasonic Focus G650
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    NEC P232W
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    Noctua NH U12S
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    Windows 10

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  1. IMO, the only reason to run Win7 is to drive a cable card TV tuner using MSFT Media Center that came free with Win7. It is no longer supported and never was a feature of Win10. I upgraded my system with a Kaby Lake Pentium CPU (G4620 I think; you don't need anything more powerful for setting up your own TV DVR system) when Kaby Lake first came out.in 2017. I did not have any issues in installing Win7 at all but I think that is the last Intel CPU architecture that "easily" supports Win7. Drivers were available and since I use Intel graphics for the TV, I didn't have to worry about GPU compa
  2. No, it is extremely rare but not statistically impossible just as valuing GameStop at $350/share was not impossible.
  3. I'm still on ver 2004 as I'm waiting for more reports on 20H2. I remember seeing an Edge mention exactly one time after the update and since I use Firefox, I said no to the question about using it and have not been pestered since. I do use Edge on a Win7 PC that I use with a cable card tuner on my TV set (Windows Media Center does not run on Win10) and Edge performs just fine for streaming applications. It works just as fine as other browsers.
  4. I wonder if Windows Defender adjusts how much RAM to use depending on the PC configuration. I have 32GB of RAM and when I look at how much RAM is used, it reports back 325MB being used. As someone also points out browsers are the biggest memory users particularly as you open more tabs. Unless I see particular bottlenecks in programs I don't really monitor this much at all. I let Windows do its job and I would say that Win10 does this quite well.
  5. If it is an OEM key you should be able to just scrub all the personal information from the PC and transfer it with that key. You would need to inform the buyer that it is an OEM key and that while activated 'may' not qualify for MSFT troubleshooting in the event of a problem. If it is a standard license key you should do what has already been mentioned as you want to maintain control of your key as you already paid for it!
  6. This is a complicated issue. The shortages right now are in specialized chips for non-PC applications such as automobiles. There are also chip shortages for MoBo controllers but as far as I can tell, CPU manufacturing is still fine at least for Intel (disclosure: I am an Intel shareholder)
  7. I find these posts laughable and they appear with the frequency of weeds sprouting in a summer garden. I've been using MSFT OS since the original DOS when we bought our first Compaq PC in 1989. I've been through every version of windows and have done amateur programming on all the versions starting with MS Basic under DOS and moving through Pascal, C, and now Python. I find Windows 10 to be pretty much rock solid and one can customize the desktop and task bar to suit one's own preference. I still maintain one PC in the house on Win 7 and it's for one main purpose, to run MSFT Media Center
  8. This is not investing but gambling on pricing. There is no tangible investment thesis for GameStop but there is a gambling approach in the same manner that card counting works in Black Jack.
  9. I can only tell you what I do. My Work Station runs the OS and programs off a 500 GB SSD. I have two hard drives, one is the data drive and the 2nd is for storing back ups. I use NovaBACKUP for all the data files. This is automated and backs up to both the hard drive and Amazon cloud storage daily. The program also can do system imaging that can be used to restore everything that is on the SSD in the case of failure. You need to prepare a USB boot device from the program which will let you do the restore process. I've not had to restore the OS drive as I have yet to have one fail. The
  10. If you buy a key from MSFT or an approved vendor, the key is good forever since Win10 is here to stay (I have a PC running Win10 that was upgraded from Win8.1 that was purchased directly from MSFT website). You will not have any issues with the key going forward and can transfer it to a new build without issues. Figure out your yearly cost for a 'no-trouble' key and you quickly see that even if you pay over $100 for a key it is a high upfront cost but only one time. Yearly cost is zero going forward. I just don't understand the rationale for trying to buy keys that violate the TOS. Would
  11. Too late to correct this problem, but it's good practice to always delay updates as there are always issues on Patch Tuesday. I don't accept any updates until four weeks after the release. There are some good sites out there that track Windows updates every month.
  12. I do a lot of photography and for Photoshop, RAM is the biggest factor relative to the CPU. I have a i7 9700K CPU with 32 MB of RAM and it works just fine for everything that I do. Most photo editing steps don't tax the CPU much. I also use Lightroom much more than Photoshop. If you Google Puget Systems who are a systems builder in Seattle, they have some good papers on components and their relative importance. You can also look at some of their recommended builds that describe the parts they currently use.
  13. Several years ago I noticed smoke coming out from the rear of my workstation. The DVD-OD caught on fire for some reason. Fortunately, I was in the room at the time and quickly put it out. It damaged some of the insulation in the top case panel but nothing else was harmed. I don't put ODDs in builds any longer but do have an external DVD drive that can be moved between PCs as needed.
  14. When installing Windows, it is best NOT to have any drives other than the system drive connected. After windows is fully installed you can then plug the other drives in. If you have a secondary drive, all your data should be there. Some installed programs allow you to back up key files that can then be moved over after the programs are reinstalled.
  15. If you are accessing the Internet over a router, just reset it using the button. It will switch back to the factory settings.