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  1. Apparently this keyboard is what my old keyboard is keep in, and when I try to use it on my windows 10 machine, it doesn't recognize the number pad It seems it doesn't support Windows 10, do you guys know how to work around it? Thanks
  2. Thanks, got figure it out already, the windows successfully installed, and overwrite ubuntu
  3. Can't because it stated: "Compatibility Report The Upgrade option isn't available if you start your computer suing Windows installation Media. If a copy of Windows is already installed on this computer and you want to upgrade, remove the installation media and restart your computer. After Windows has started normally, insert the installation Media and run windows setup. "
  4. Do you think this website (https://www.partitionwizard.com/partitionmagic/uninstall-ubuntu.html) Work ? Thanks
  5. I decided to just use two drive for two different operating system (Linux and Windows 10 Pro / 11) After doing some technical difficulty How can i do this the right way, can i just install them on different drive? or i swap out the SSD first, then install Windows for the new drive? Thanks
  6. After I installed Ubuntu I want to install Windows 10, at first I try to install it partition, but I cannot https://itsfoss.com/install-ubuntu-dual-boot-mode-windows/ Try to follow it but failed, so i just went with this video So i went to this video but it doesn't allow me to install Anyone have experience with it? Thanks
  7. Update, after clean the ram stick, it work, but the power button has problem
  8. I also jumpstart using the screwdriver, it turn on for a while but don't show any display, then i put back the power button, then it GPU turn off, and then i try again using the screwdriver it turn on again, but now only the CPU fan.
  9. Plus i notice my Power Button switch on / off light doesn't turn on, does it mean that my MOBO is wrong or i plug it in the wrong place?
  10. What do you mean by the backward, did i put it on the wrong side? I see, I need to calm myself down