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  1. The platform is plagued by fake reviews, It's sad that the only reviews i can rely on are the negative ones.
  2. Sounds like a typical case of coil whine. In some cases replacing the power supply can solve the problem.
  3. Not even an outage, And for a short period - I think that there is no concern here.
  4. It's possible that the game doesn't run well with higher resolutions on the hardware they use. The researchers tried two different algorithms separately: Cityscapes and Mapillary Vistas. Cityscapes looks really good but it lacks color: Mapillary Vistas looks like an ENB mod:
  5. Replicating all of the colors is too much effort for me,at the beginning i thought you were talking about a single texture to edit. You can edit the diamond helmet in this link: https://minecraft.novaskin.me/skin/5177586190647296/Diamond-Helmet-Template Just press the edit button.
  6. The texture should look like this: The question is how would you like this to look?
  7. Depends on the application it's used for. The question is if it's for professional use.
  8. Can you post the template,the old and new textures? By chance i am a master of texture editing
  9. As said above,that happens when the texture is missing or invalid. So it could be an invalid texture if it's in the correct location and the name is right.
  10. But Turing GPUs are always boosting under heavy loads. My GTX 1660 runs at 2070MHz-2100MHz under heavy loads and always boosting at these loads.
  11. That's not a Toyota,just a BMW Z4... My dream car is the PORSCHE Taycan.