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    AMD Ryzen 5 2600 @ 4GHz
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    16GB 3466MHz CL16 Dual Channel
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    GIGABYTE GTX 1660 GAMING OC @ Core 2040MHz Memory 5000MHz
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    212 EVO with an improvised AM4 mounting solution
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  1. In noise normalized testing at 123W the U12 was the worst on the chart with 60.9C, Compared to the 56.3C of the NH-D15 and the 55.2C of the Fuma 2.
  2. But if the order is given by the executives,the team won't know why and the executives acting with malice can't be ruled out.
  3. The Scythe Fuma 2 goes head to head with the NH-D15, They are very close in performance.
  4. And what's stopping Apple from copying and implementing those features in an update?
  5. It looks like a UFO catcher machine: The aesthetics are not to my taste but if you are happy with it then who am i to judge.
  6. Then a USB capture card is your best bet. Since any software that uses the CPU will harm gameplay performance.
  7. Copy the product of the competition and use your dominance to get them out of the market. That pretty much is an attempt to monopolize the market,which is illegal.
  8. NSO is a private cyber intelligence company that found this exploit and used it, As far as i know they are the only ones who knew and exploited it. NSO developed it's tools by itself,and didn't collaborate with any government to develop their technologies. NSO let governments with no cyber capabilities to rent their services and buy licenses to their software. Apparently many of their clients violated the terms of service and used their tech for things other than fighting terrorism.
  9. It fits perfectly into the topic,thanks for the info! This thread is all about playing PC games on Android devices. Good,since i don't trust closed source stuff. All of the emulators that i named in this thread are all open source and developed by their communities.
  10. Those aren't related to to the topic of the thread. Emulation on Android is not emulation on PC
  11. I corrected the name of the Browser that i used. from Bsilisk to Serpent (got confused,long explanation that i will spare you from) The solution to that problem is the XHCI driver stack from My Digital Life forum: https://forums.mydigitallife.net/threads/usb-3-xhci-driver-stack-for-windows-7.81934/ Depending on the chipset you have and the architecture of the CPU,each CPU+Chipset combo has a different solution to that problem. But XHCI is a universal solution.
  12. It's an experiment to see how far can i go with older operating systems.
  13. So after i made Windows Vista not only usable,but play DX11 games as well, Now it's the turn of Windows XP, I don't expect DX11 to work but at least make it usable for everyday use. Windows XP on Ryzen!,oh and HTML 5 works on the Serpent browser (forked from Firefox) It works,but it's significantly more limited than Vista and it feels very outdated. If you are looking for modern-ish games to play on XP,then Resident Evil 6 and Lightning Returns: FINAL FANTASY XIII will work but i need to test that on my test machine since that one has a GPU with drivers