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  1. you dont need to explain its not what he was asking. I understand how its works two separate computers in one case, if you read his statement you made a suggestion for something different. i already mentioned what he was talking about. it was a youtube video linus did awhile ago. i explained above how he did it. i explained why its a bad idea. please lets be civil
  2. and yes there is gaming streaming services too that also offer this today. you can consume the games on tablets or smart phones even and you will see the remote session. but they dont allow simultaneous sharing of resources they designed to connect to a machine through a remote session optimized for low lag gaming. in those cases you could have a pc on the network with the cards and games installed you wish to play. or you could buy into one of the many online gaming services that you pay a subscription service to rent or use the data server hardware for gaming.
  3. its one of the things linus i guess wanted to show its "possible" in summary this is what he did he setup a single host as a hypervisor * he used pci passthrough to give the virtual machine access to the full video card and outputed the display of the virtual machine to a monitor * he used pci passthrough for a usb card to each virtual machine and hooked up a mouse and keyboard to control the virtual machine * sound used the hdmi of the grahics card to output the sound of the virtual machine to the monitor speakers there are much be
  4. hes not talking about two separate computers hes talking about the video linus did awhile back using virtualization for this project. you know where he had like 30k worth of graphics tried to spend a week getting it ready and ending up building separate systems anyways
  5. this is classic example of searching for a solution to a problem that doesnt exist. buy three systems and you will be happy, your family will be happy. you will live a long life and avoid a divorce. you dont need to make this more complex and expensive. linus tore apart his three person pc recently and as far as im aware no one even used it in the office if i had 2500 dollars i would want a solution that works. i wouldnt want them to suffer though endless troubleshooting and never get it working. it would also suck blowing 2500 dollars on expensive hardware on
  6. those consumer CPU and chipsets do not have enough pci express lanes (24) to drive 3 graphics cards in x16 config. you would be x8 config for each card and that would be a significant performance hit. but most x570 boards only have 2 slots and pcie lanes may be consumed by other components such as sata and nvme storage. I think you would need to go to the thread ripper (its workstation line 88 non pro, pro 128) or even epyc (server, 128 lanes) if you wanted full x16 performance. these boards also have 3 slots and have extra lanes not just for graphics for your storage and
  7. who actuals does this even? I never thought it made sense when he did the video i guess if you have expensive hardware lying around or its given to you okay it might.... ' but for most of us be much more cost effective buying three separate systems and a hell of lot less complex
  8. so to me this isnt really a mature technology and i dont see much value to do these 3 in 1 computers compared to going in separate builds. first there is a lot of challenges, power requirements.... in order to dedicated graphics you need massive amounts of power to be able to power all these cards cooling......... you will have massive amounts of heat in a small enclosure with all those GPU inside a single case single point of failure.... while 3 separate systems would be there own single point of failure all three systems failing w
  9. if your encoding video with a codec accelerated using the GPU, such as nvenc than yes gpu will make a big difference. gpu upgrade would make a big difference also see this great article https://videocardz.com/newz/nvidia-updates-nvdec-video-decoding-and-nvenc-encoding-matrixes-for-ampere-gpus also check its using the gpu during export run the command to see if the gpu is encoding cd "c:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\NVSMI" nvidia-smi.exe encodersessions also try downloading this additional software to enable nvenc, if after effects doe
  10. please re-evaluate the need for the cards. you may be able to buy an older card or use what you have to wait. if you must you probably have better luck with a prebuilt system. they have better supply arrangements to get the parts for their customers. however that doesnt really help you now. just saying if you go with dell and hp they can get the parts easier than you. not sure why everyone's rushing out to buy newest card not alot of games out there. but theres no secret people have, you have a few options 1) buy prebuilt syste
  11. it also might be they expect global demand to slow and that might be factor. see, https://blocksandfiles.com/2020/08/28/dell-q2-2020-earnings-2/ Jeff Clarke, Dell’s COO and vice chair, gave his take on this in the earnings call : “We have continued to see customers slow down their investments, in some cases, sweat their current infrastructure through the first half of the year to navigate through the pandemic.” you guys seem dont to really understand how bad its out there. businesses have slowed spending dramatically as they figure out how to operate long term of t
  12. Were the standoffs pre installed in the case? Read the case manual and only install the standoffs for your motherboard standard. Ie micro atx, atx, etc
  13. Yes its most likely the wrong os selected during the virtual machine creation as i already mentioned. Been awhile but think oracle vmbox has a specific selection for windows x64 in addition to regular xp 32 bit I still stand behind statements. He really needs think why he wants to run it. Windows xp x64 lacked wide adoption and really pointless to choose to run a xp x64 vm unless you are assigning more than 4gb of memory to that machine. Also downloading microsoft software from a third party is a great way to get malware which i assume he did as
  14. He said virtualbox in last comment which is oracle. Also xp mode runs 32 bit os of xp not x64. Main reason to run xp mode is to run 16 bit apps... as x64 os lacks 16 bit support kind of pointless to be used for this purpose