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Cryorig M9 Plus


Cryorig M9 Plus.

A mini-tower CPU cooler with twin push-pull 92mm fans:


I SO wanted to love this. So much so, that I bought two of them. In fact, I still do love it. But!

The packaging and advertising makes great claims of "Get started in Four Minutes"(1)

It does not mention when you will finish!

There are NO instructions included.

There is a little card with a QR-code. Of course, most people will have their PC dismantled whilst attempting to install. Some might have a laptop or other PC nearby in order to do just this, to look at the instructions, if needed.
(I approve of this, who wants a huge booklet in 140 languages?)

The QR-codes do not have any way to access the website EXCEPT by using a phone/camera/QR-Code reader.

So to the phone....

Which leads to this:(2)http://www.cryorig.com/inst_guide_dl.php?id=25


Utterly useless to the layman, and not much use to a reasonably experienced PC builder.

More QR-codes! Yay!


(Notice that this is a non-secure website!)

Which do NOT resolve to any instructional videos at all. (Four minutes, remember?)

Two hours later, I am tearing my hair out. Even if you try to follow the pictographs, the backplate/mounting plates hang janky and loose. If your patented "quick-fit" X back-plate is indeed your own, why not mark/stamp it with "AM3 and AM4" rather than meaningless symbols, which one can't even reproduce on a PC? What are they, Runes?


How are we supposed to divine that ...

That is how it supposed to be???? And that ONLY when you actually install the cooler, does everything tighten up and start to make sense?

I started "work" at 06:30.

By 09:00, when the rest of the family were up and about, and I had tidied up my screwdrivers, thermal pastes, laptop, phone, bags of potentially needed screws, cable-ties, nuts, bolts etc...

I had to return to bed.

And then search You-Tube for:

"How to install M9 cooler"

Not a great deal of help there either. One guy had PLAINLY installed it wrongly.

Another was obviously fitting an (older) M9i (Intel) to an AMD CPU (should have had M9a)

Cryorig. PLEASE 'fess up and show even ONE of your technicians installing this in "Four Minutes".

And PLEASE employ someone who can run a website... so that your "videos" are available...

And So!

Thus far 2/10.

Installed, it works well. Very well indeed. 8/10.

But imagine if I were charging a client £30 per hour?

"That'll be £120.00, plus £30.00 parts, plus sales tax."

"Wot? For fitting a cheap fan?"


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<-Moved to Member Reviews->

"Put as much effort into your question as you'd expect someone to give in an answer"- @Princess Luna

Make sure to Quote posts or tag the person with @[username] so they know you responded to them!

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Purple Build Post ---  Blue Build Post --- Blue Build Post 2018 --- Project ITNOS

CPU i7-4790k    Motherboard Gigabyte Z97N-WIFI    RAM G.Skill Sniper DDR3 1866mhz    GPU EVGA GTX1080Ti FTW3    Case Corsair 380T   

Storage Samsung EVO 250GB, Samsung EVO 1TB, WD Black 3TB, WD Black 5TB    PSU Corsair CX550M    Cooling Cryorig H7 with NF-A12x25

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Noctua it ain't, but why would I care? My "rig" does not get hot or noisy!
I genuinely ask you all, honestly, to tell me what this picture actually means (There are NO actual instructions..)

a) Place these parts here. Try to find them in the bag from the box, containing various other small parts.
b) IF perhaps or possibly these parts are fitted on your Mainboard, remove them and discard them?
Just me ? Being an idiot?
Perhaps I am an idiot!



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The answer is (astonishingly) (b) ..
Yup, "if your mainboard has the clip-in braces and the backplate, then remove them and set them aside.."
Well played Cryorig!


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Why is this "greyed-out"?
Perhaps I AM an idiot?


Edited by Wakou
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