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Princess Luna

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About Princess Luna

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    Getting Tired by the Day~
  • Birthday Feb 25, 1995

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    Princess Cadence
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    Not an EA supporter x]~
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    Not a peasant²
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    Not a peasant

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    PC, Anime, Programming, Dogs!
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    I'm LTT's Princess Luna~

    I'm half German and half Brazilian, graduated in professional translation and interpretation between 4 languages I work nowadays as an Export Manager.

    I'm a huge PC Enthusiast and a passionate My Little Pony fan!

    I love Linus Tech Tips and I hope to do my fair share on this awesome community so feel free to poke me if you need help!

    Big Cheers!
  • Occupation
    Professional English/Portuguese/Spanish translator - Export Manager


  • CPU
    Intel Core i7 8700 @4.45ghz
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte Z370M D3H
  • RAM
    16GB(2x8gb) G.Skill Trident Z (3333mhz/CL 14)
  • GPU
    nVidia GTX 1080 Ti Founders Edition
  • Case
    Cooler Master Case Pro 3
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    SanDisk Ultra + Seagate Barracuda
  • PSU
    Corsair TX650M 80 Plus Gold
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    Asus 3440x1440p Ultrawide.
  • Cooling
    Cooler Master Hyper 212X
  • Keyboard
    Corsair K70 LUX RGB
  • Mouse
    Corsair M65 Pro RGB
  • Sound
    Kingston HyperX Cloud
  • Laptop
    Lenovo S145 Ultrabook - i7 8565U / MX150 / 4GB+4GB 2666mhz

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  1. https://www.theverge.com/2021/7/26/22595002/intel-qualcomm-chips-foundry-services-amazon-aws-20a
  2. I'm yet to understand what's even the point of Win11 if they changed nothing of the core issues with Win10 and in fact made it even worse and more locked. For Windows I'll just stick to 10 until it goes EOL.
  3. I have prior experience with sway (i3 window manager ported to Wayland), and it was fairly straightforward to install it, and I've had packages like the app launcher, background, and everything installed in there. All the settings had to be edited via my text-only config files, though, no nice GUI menu to adjust the settings (as it was unimportant to me). You have to make sure all of the packages are installed and function properly before you actually switch to the new window manager / compositor. Although this probably wouldn't be helpful to you as I use quite an obscure Linux distro (Ni
  4. If all you'll do is game with a 1070 Ti just get an i5 10400F for cheaper than all alternatives, it'll still max out your GPU any ways lol
  5. It certainly makes things easier to just have a second dedicated storage device for dual-booting purposes, and it also reduces the risk of you doing something wrong. I personally have Windows and Linux on two different devices exactly for the sake of this convenience, and not having to deal with any complicated partitioning.
  6. I personally dual boot. Wine/Proton are both still at a state of infancy, and a lot of games don't bother making dedicated Linux versions. A lot of games that happen to use weird dependencies, or anti-cheat would probably have issues and/or not run at all. Additionally you'll probably experience various bugs and issues which, if you're not very Linux-savvy, would be almost impossible to debug and fix. I also experienced quite a lot of lag and issues with VR when running under Linux. I simply use Windows for all my gaming needs. Simply waiting for a minute to reboot is so much easie
  7. Ever considered a RX 6800? Or even better a Radeon 7 second hand if those still exist. CAD likes OpenCL more than CUDA any ways so you'd be getting 16gb of fast VRAM and likely on pair rendering performance as the 3090 thanks to this GPU architecture/drivers peculiarities.
  8. ...which means it must never ever be connected to the internet. Or you could just use Linux and get up-to-date browser and networking stack.
  9. I am fairly sure you can configure Windows 10 to look and feel just the way you want it, disliking the looks of the OS should not be your main reasoning for a choice. You can also reduce its graphical fidelity if your PC struggles to run it. However, you should be fine if your PC runs Windows 7 well enough already. It is highly recommended to run the latest version of Windows 10 in 2021, as older OSes lose support for newer drivers, as well as programs. You may not notice it at this time, however fairly soon things like your browser will start losing support and you'll be stuck using inse
  10. Apple's decision to stop including chargers on their mobile products has raised lots of eyebrows among Brazilian consumers leading to the Bureau of Consumer Protection taking measures after Apple's inability to satisfy the entity's concerns. Samsung was also affected however it worked out an arrangement with the entity. The Bureau of Consumer Protection [Procon-SP] announced on Friday that it applied a fine in the amount of R$ 10,546,442.48 (Roughly 2 Million USD) to Apple for selling iPhones without a charger. In addition, Procon-SP accuses the company of misleading advertising,
  11. This is the general consensus, it makes no sense release an i9 that's identical to the i7 and even worse gets nowhere near competing with AMD's Ryzen 9. But Intel does not care about reason they care about profits and people have proven them since the i7 8086K that their fans will buy literally anything for premium $, just say it's "binned" and voilá. The truth is the entire 11th gen is pointless, you can can get the i9 10850K which with an OC is identical to the i9 10900K and it's 10c/20t goodness for cheaper than the 11700K and motherboards are equally cheaper, only 10th gen is c
  12. Value wise the 10700K is actually a compelling purchase right now, you do get enough for any gaming and general pc usage you could want for a relatively good price. That said so should the i5 10600K... my i7 8700 system which is basically the same CPU horsepower does well on this sort of thing and wouldn't hold back a 3060 Ti
  13. I know right? my 1080 Ti Founders Edition feels so tiny nowadays lol