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Princess Luna

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About Princess Luna

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    Getting Tired by the Day~
  • Birthday Feb 25, 1995

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    Princess Cadence
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    Not an EA supporter x]~
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    Not a peasant²
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    Not a peasant

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    Brazil ~ Germany
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    PC, Anime, Programming, Dogs!
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    I'm LTT's Princess Luna~

    I'm half German and half Brazilian, graduated in professional translation and interpretation between 4 languages I work nowadays as an Export Manager.

    I'm a huge PC Enthusiast and a passionate My Little Pony fan!

    I love Linus Tech Tips and I hope to do my fair share on this awesome community so feel free to poke me if you need help!

    Big Cheers!
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    Professional English/Portuguese/Spanish translator - Export Manager


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    Intel Core i7 8700 @4.45ghz
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte Z370M D3H
  • RAM
    16GB(2x8gb) G.Skill Trident Z (3333mhz/CL 14)
  • GPU
    nVidia GTX 1080 Ti Founders Edition
  • Case
    Cooler Master Case Pro 3
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    SanDisk Ultra + Seagate Barracuda
  • PSU
    Corsair TX650M 80 Plus Gold
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    Asus 3440x1440p Ultrawide.
  • Cooling
    Cooler Master Hyper 212X
  • Keyboard
    Corsair K70 LUX RGB
  • Mouse
    Corsair M65 Pro RGB
  • Sound
    Kingston HyperX Cloud
  • Laptop
    Lenovo S145 Ultrabook - i7 8565U / MX150 / 4GB+4GB 2666mhz

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  1. I know the feeling, I also have a 1080 Ti... a Founders Edition one which I got literally on release month and nowadays I can genuinely resell it for higher than I paid for it then 3 years later which is both crazy and tempting given my country of residence reality. Thing is, there's absolutely NO RX5000 series cards for sale in the entire country and the RTX 3080 also comes at a massive premium so as much as I'd love the brand new stuff I'm also just keeping the old Pascal beast. One thing that is worth checking on to increase performance is always making sure you run
  2. Given the 1080 Ti is a 3060 Ti rasterization performance wise and it can still play most games just fine if you adjust settings rather than crank everything to max I think the right call is keep it until things normalize.
  3. Daaww Hey there! I appreciate the nod, surely an air of nostalgia! It feels like it's been so long ago! OP; you might end up hooked up to the forum or not, it depends on how much of a hobby the tech deal really grows inside you. I'd say that learning more in order to help folk in here can be a really nice drive, otherwise simply seeing this place for consultation time to time will usually work out nicely too. To both cases, being part of a thread and mainly making your own the first to consider is if you're putting enough will and effort into it because it i
  4. Userbenchmark database is filled with all sort of inconsistent systems, it is by no means a reliable benchmark to check on. Every single person running it will have the hardware in different condition what messes up with the with apples to apples comparison, instead you should find reputable sources that conducts the testing with brand new devices. I have some low budget SSD charts I can show though:
  5. Pretty much, single core wise all these processors are pretty much the same and 6c/12t is still perfectly adequate for anything mainstream. It is incredible how GPU bound you're likely to be even at 1080p.
  6. i5 10600K or if you can afford it the i7 10700K, F variants works too since you don't need iGPU.
  7. It really depends on whether you have adaptive sync (freesync or gsync).
  8. It should bottleneck some depending on how cpu intensive the game is, latest gen games are already putting the 'high end tier' to expect recent 6 cores at least.
  9. You need display port.... but if you don't play games at all or anything of the sort and just want to browse the internet I fail to see how 100hz is not enough.
  10. You'll be getting the most out of it one way or another, the PS5 is limited to 1080p120fps since it has TVs in mind more than monitors and all this depends on the developers supporting it or not.
  11. Highly depends on what type of gamer you are... competitive with high refresh rate vs casual/SP only with eye candy are both valid ways to go.
  12. I'll accept the compromise, being honest! Appreciate the reply as a whole, I'm usually less pick there and more image orientated hehe but I understand it perfectly, cheers!
  13. Why? 240hz is a gimmick, past 165hz the frametime windows becomes too narrow to be meaningfully perceptible so any 1440p165hz panel is a better purchase for the money, you'll even be getting IPS or VA for better image quality on top of it. If you still want 240hz no matter what because CSGO and what not then yeah get a 3070 and put all your money into a CPU and memory config to push that many frames. You know i7/i9 or this new Ryzen releasing soon.