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  1. Me: "Anyone want some plain chocolate?" Forum: "BOOOOOO YOU PALETLESS PLEBIAN"
  2. Me: I wonder what's been going on since I logged off the for- @Spotty, who now has a full page of my notifications : There really is no stopping the Batman
  3. It's a 280 rad. Case doesnt fit a 280 at the top. Also, I believe the front fans are on backwards; they're exhausting air not intaking it unless Arctic did something unusual with the fans that I dont know about.
  4. All the Tik Tokers are doing this song As if we didnt all Place AC4 with the best songs
  5. Is the TD500 case the Mesh Version? (It will say TD500 Mesh in the name)
  6. That's because the H710 is an okay case thermally. The H510 has less ventilation slots for air to come in creating deeper choke points for air to try and come in. The H710 would do roughly as good thermally as the Corsair 465x on this list. The O11D is the best build quality for the money, and you can buy a 5 part of Artic P12 fans for $30 which are very exceptional fans that aernt far behind Noctua's for less than 1/3rd the price. They're not RGB, so I guess it depends on if you care about that or not.
  7. The Q300L slightly modded for better airflowwould make an exceptional travel PC.
  8. That being said I'm going on my lunch break, see y'all next month
  9. Blue Origin is launching a rocket today, practicing Astronaut Zero gravity in low orbit. 


    Should launch in 90 minutes from the time of this post, but winds may prevent launching today

    1. dual290x


      Those rockets tend to look like giant ass dildos.

    2. TVwazhere


      Launch on hold due to wind

    3. dual290x


      HA, the wind blew the dildo rocket! 🤣

  10. No 1050's launched with a VGA port on it. If it has a VGA port, it's a GT730 that had its cooler swapped and sold online as a GTX 1050. It happens a LOT.
  11. What Rear I/O does the GTX 1050 have? Does it have a DVI, an HDMI and a Display port? Or does it have a VGA port instead of a DisplayPort? Just because you bought it off amazon doesnt mean it's impossible to get scammed?
  12. @MatthewSH looks like @Blade of Grass beat you to the punch by about thirty seconds, the threads were merged.
  13. Anyone with a Hole saw or a rotary cutting disk can get very good results.
  14. Says the guy without mod powers, cause if he did he'd know he's been on page 667 for about five posts now
  15. Badges do not self update. Your request in September 6th was for the Gold badge (100M) which was the value of the badge in 2020. Badges are grandfathered in (so you did not regress to silver) and now the current Gold badge value is 500M. Platinum's new Point value is 1 Billion which you are well on your way to
  16. -Threads merged- Please refrain from posting Duplicate Topics in multiple sub forums. Pick the one that best suits your question and use that one
  17. 280mm is also overkill, though 240mm starts becoming less cost effective when you consider price to performance over a standard tower cooler.
  18. IIRC, you'd need to buy the crossbundle version ($10 more) in order to get the best experience moving from PS4 to PS5. PS5 disk versions are said to run a lot of PS4 games, but you'd likely be on PS4 settings.
  19. Sounds like a buncha post farmers to me /s