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  1. You'll either find an RGB fan that has either as good airflow, or low noise. I've never seen one that has both, and certainly not at noctua levels. Example, the Uphere fans I used in Rainbow Duck 2020 moved a decent amount of air but were again 27dbA per fan at max speeds. You can tune them to be a lower dBA (which we did) but you're not getting that wall of air like you would with S12B's for the same noise level.
  2. Off the top of my head be quiet! makes some.... obviously quiet fans but their price would likely be closer to the Noctua's rather than the P12's. Most new fans are made with RGB and as a result focus more on the lighting rather than the performance (or they try to brute force cooling with a high RPM but loud fan) as an example, Coolermasters Sickleflow 120 V2 has similar performance to the Redux but is almost 10dbA louder per fan at max RPM and is meant for CPU cooler towers.
  3. Depends on what you have available to you; however the P12's are a very popular choice for their low cost, high performance stack up against most fans.
  4. You can look at the Stats page to get a general idea of that Noctua Arctic (.3 sone is close to 22.5dba, though they're not exactly the same measurement) P12's are designed to be Static pressure fans; for radiators and constrictive front panels. S12b's are the "airflow" fan from noctua; delivering lots of airflow at quiet volumes. P12's need to spin a lot faster to match the S12B's airflow rating, hence the higher.... "noise measurement"(?) That being said, they're not 2x the performance of P12's for 2x the price, so the P12's would serve yo
  5. -Moved to Operating systems- This doesnt meet Tech news Posting Guidelines
  6. TVwazhere

    Nothing like getting ~4hrs of sleep.. then sitt…

    It's always surreal to see people talk about a company that was local for the longest time before their Superbowl commercial
  7. Personally I'd switch out your case, as the 280x is gonna choke out your RAD. Since you seem heavily invested into Corsair, look into either the Corsair 220T or the 4000D Airflow; both of which will offer the kind of heat dissipation you expect in a workstation PC.
  8. TVwazhere


    Just found your cable
  9. TVwazhere


    Looks good, only criticisms are the PCI-E cable is gonna be a weird bend, and the CPU/GPU are gonna fight each other in the exhaust portion without an ecxhsut fan to help guide the air out
  10. I checked with other mods and we were not able to find a "davis" under the LTT BOINC team https://www.boincstats.com/stats/-1/team/detail/b85bbff1c6df413a4b44cfb82854273f. Please verify your user states and send us a link to your profile showing eligibility.
  11. Sell it on r/hardwarswap for a 3080 + cash. There are a lot of those types of deals going around right now
  12. He's right. The Folding Event ended in November and a lot of people were submitting their requests for badges for the points they acquired (Event badges are handed out automatically based on eligibility) There's a typically a surge of requests at the end of events (based on Official event 2019 and 2020; sprints to a lesser degree)
  13. The fact that I can take a computer and put it towards something that has actual impact on peoples lives. Collectively the processing power generated by the F@H community at it's peak was the largest super computer in the world. For me I had about 75% of a PC in a basement being completely unutilized, so I said why not get it running and put it to work? That was October 2018 and other than power outages, upgrades or maintenance, Project ITNOS has not missed a day of folding. I could have chosen mining and done something for profit, or I could choose Folding and advance resea
  14. I was not able to find any user named "Davis" that has signed up for the LTT BOINC team, nor any "arnol" username (which might not be on BOINCStats) https://www.boincstats.com/stats/search/?search=Davis Do you have a screenshot of the certificate or a link to a page showing your stats?
  15. Requests for badges are down I'd guestimate 80% from a few months ago. Red is 5 pages of requests between November and December, Blue is only 3 pages of requests between January and Now (April)
  16. -Threads merged- Please refrain from posting duplicate posts about the same topic across subforums.
  17. -Topic locked- Content such as this (not asking a question or promoting discussion) is best suited as a Status Update.
  18. TVwazhere

    Visited the apartment. Previous tenants were he…

    If it's too good to be true..... Sorry man
  19. One of the first things to be deleted in my car honestly; you dont need it when you've got an exhaust, intake and a blowoff valve Funny enough I just swapped the delete plate last night for one with a vacuum line on it so I could reroute the blow off line as the computer controlled blowoff was making it constantly blow off at highway speeds. Since it's a true vacuum it doesn't blow off under light throttle and I actually hear a bit of turbo flutter (which isnt a good thing for the turbo but it's not under boost) The RS in the states also piped in fake audio from the eng
  20. The only reason I can think of to not want to go with a vertical mount is if you wanted to use other PCI-E devices. If not, then this is arguably the best time to be using a Vertical mount since most users agree it's more aesthetic.
  21. The Define R6/S2 has been updated to the Define 7 and Meshify 2. The C700P were made in 2017 and IIRc are not made anymore, but Coolermaster stil makes their H500P Mesh and H500M; though those cases's 200mm fans would simply obstruct any future Water-cooling plans.
  22. I am very glad I clicked play (for once, I usually ignore most of these videos because, well, they tend to be anime garbage not my thing personally)
  23. *angrily deletes twenty minutes of double checking research with sources, steam hardware surveys and other info* what he said