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Looking into getting some Witcher 3 mods and I've seen Nexusmods pop up but before I just download random stuff, is it legit? Anything I should be careful with?

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Nexus Mods is probably the biggest site out there for game mods, so it's definitely legit in that regard.

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Check the community (the game's and the NexusMods one) to see if the MODS you are thinking of adding have any conflicts with the Witcher 3 patches. Some MODS are not reversible even if you roll back to a previous save-point. And you may have to install the game again from your back-up. Which brings me to 'back-up' your game before installing any MODS, so you do not have to purchase the game again (worst case scenario).

Fallout has its own community that does bug fixes and they say that they are compatible with some MODS and not others, so perhaps look for a Witcher 3 community that does a similar thing?

Hope this helps

Cheers Steve

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3 minutes ago, SydneySideSteveSomewheres said:

so you do not have to purchase the game again (worst case scenario).

Both Steam and GoG allow you re-download if you remove it for whatever reason, and GoG even allows you to download an offline installer. I would be wary of any service that required a re-buy. I guess a physical version may have this issue?


The rest is interesting, and very helpful to be mindful of, regardless.


35 minutes ago, Mq3 said:

is it legit?

It is quite legit. They even use a side-loader app/launcher now (Vortex) that allows you set priority/order of mods (huge deal for some instances). The premium version is nice, because it removes the download speed limit (1MB) and one-at-a-time-ness, and if you plan on getting very many mods, it might be worth it to pay it for a month.


I have/had quite a few Witcher 3 mods, all from NexusMods.


40 minutes ago, Mq3 said:

Anything I should be careful with?

Can always take a look at number of downloads and time it's been uploaded. That usually tells you that it's a good mod and not something that will brick your PC or be malware. But take the regular precautions you would when downloading anything.


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Vortex, the tool for NM has a great feature to clone your current save and test mods. Of course that only protects you against anything immediately visible but I have found it invaluable in getting mods working before applying to my main saves.


I also like that it allows me to have various builds playing variously modded games, so I don’t need to add all mods to all saves. If a mod is just relevant to one then it only gets installed on one save!


I use a few mod sites, sourceforge, NM and a few others. Perfectly safe and used by millions every day.

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