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  1. So, I take you didn't bother to read article beyond title? The reasons is said right in the article. Gaming dept. was up 67%, Data Centers up 97%, rest 11% and 7%. And selling stock quicker means that they make money quicker. So when the comparison is made between sales now and sales year ago, the bump is mainly because they sold same amount of stuff in shorter period, rather than selling more overall.
  2. How is that budget allocated? Like are you looking for brand mechanical for $60-120 or something cheap for $30? -> Moved to Displays
  3. -> Moved to Programs, Apps and Websites *** Without any experience of how it works, I would say that if you use just browser, you are limited to CPU encoding. If you use OBS or other software, then you can select to be using NVENC instead.
  4. Here's one for DY22 https://usermanual.wiki/Xinyiheng-Digital/DY22 They are both sold through same page, so could as well work.
  5. Doesn't hurt to try, suggestions topic: I do feel like Level1 might be better outlet for this. They did have coding competition (Devember) of their own just last year. The Finns made their own documentary couple years ago. Mainly focusing on scene in the early 90s when local scene was booming.
  6. By I2 Duo and I2 Quad do you mean Intel Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Quad? These could be available from just individuals too. Also, what is available in recycling centers depends on how they operate and how much reselling they do. If they aren't doing any reselling, then keeping stuff isn't in their interests overall. If they do reselling, you can get anything from bins upon bins of stuff like in FreeGeek, to some build desktops like you would in my local center.
  7. It is, but buyer pays for all the fees and extra hassle.
  8. Price-wise, its ongoing thing rather than something which would change in few years. Just look at RAM prices as example. 10 years ago you could get basic level RAM (equivalent to 16gigs today) for $50 total. Today you pay double for that. Same goes with GPUs. 10 years ago it was $250 for midrange gaming GPU. Today its double price. Availability-wise, I think it was no longer issue when the next release came out. I do remember selling my old GPU for significant overprice and getting new as a snatch.
  9. *** Thread cleaned *** "Install Windows" is not how you help when replying to topic about Linux.
  10. Not going to go political, but I doubt Chinese government sees LMG as such big bad influence they are willing to make international conflict over it. Besides that, Linus hasn't been in China as public figure in years. As individual yes since he has relatives from Yvonne's side there. But for example visiting Computex wouldn't be issue. And you pointing out that fans watching it and get influenced... I already answered to that. If Linus doesn't do it, someone else will. And I would recommend you look back in world history on how things have evolved to where they are now.
  11. Aura is for when fans are connected directly to mobo. Corsair iCue is not directly compatible with mobo software/headers. Is commander connected with USB? And if yes, be sure to select devices from some menu (I don't own any Corsair stuff, but this has been noted to be something people forget to do).
  12. *** Threads merged *** Please don't post multiple times about same thing. Also moved to Troubleshooting.
  13. This seems to be something what AV suites nor Windows does. They do it the other way around (time limits), but not scheduling. Odd. Found couple of software which could work for you: https://freedom.to/features https://getcoldturkey.com/features/
  14. -> Moved to Peripherals *** Link to adapter you got? They aren't all equal, so you might have old version of BT or its just bad quality.
  15. Modern mice are quite well shielded for electrical interference. You don't have issues with other things connected or near your PC? Mainly any audio gear? Because those get interference much easier. -> Moved to Troubleshooting
  16. *** Thread locked *** We don't need gazillion topics about the same thing. Please use LTT video thread for example:
  17. Linus is Canadian and has no obligation to change his content to fit some other country or culture's narrative. They may be aware as much as not to post the controversial stuff (which would probably get removed anyway and get the channel locked) to Bilibili. But thats about it. China isn't he's target audience anyway, so losing it won't have big effect. So in that sense he's in quite different situation to Activision/Blizzard and Valve who would lose big market share by not complying with local ways. Overall, he is free to make any kind of content thats within Canadian (and in exte