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    Mechanical Technician


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    Intel i7 6850k
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    Gigabyte X99 Ultra Gaming
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    16GB (2x 8GB) 3000Mhz EVGA SuperSC DDR4
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    ZoTaC AMP! Extreme 1080Ti
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    RaidMax Delta I
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    1x Toshiba OCZ RD400 256GB (NVMe); 1x WD Black 4TB (HDD); 1x Seagate Barracuda 1TB (HDD)
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    Samsung 32" UJ590 UHD
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    Corsair H110i; 2x Corsair ML120; 2x Corsair ML140
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    Corsair Scimitar
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    Logitech Z200 (desktop); Roland RH-300 (headphones)
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  1. Yes, they do. A 10x lens, comes with a diffuser that is the perfect focal distance for sharp pics, but you can take it off and go "nekkid". I have a Pixel 4XL, and this first pic is attached to the 'main' rear lens: And the next 2 are with the lens attached to the second lens (2x): I use this at work for taking pics of small parts at work. It's a shame they didn't touch on it in the video...
  2. Is it one PC plugged straight into the other PC? Try plugging both PCs into your router.
  3. What brand Nixie Tube Clock? It's a clock... it tells the time. What do you need an app for?
  4. This is funny to me, because I've had the opposite situation. :'D My older phones have been rendered useless because the micro-USB port was broken, not because the phone died. And it has been pretty consistent through all my electronics. It was one of the driving factors when I chose my Note 5 phone (on top of the S-Pen) because I could do wireless charging. I've even had the ports fail on my Xbox controllers, so I end up charging the battery pack in another controller, or just buying butt-loads of batteries. My Pixel XL is Type-C, and still works, charges, and all that jazz. I use it as a sec
  5. So, after news of Daft Punk bowing out of music, decided to check in on an old friend video, and jeezus, the comments section... I was not ready for the feels train.

    I know, I know... "Stay out of the comments section!" But so many videos have decent discussions take place, I just get drawn in to them for a minute. >_<

  6. I do not think this will be a viable market for "clear TVs" because being able to "see" the hazard is very clearly not enough to prevent accidents. A driver that is 'aware' of the hazard is key, and watching a TV, or Zeus forbid, playing a game, a driver will be not only incredibly distracted, but if even 20 minutes in any online PvP multiplayer is any indication, those individuals will also be highly emotionally charged, and piloting a 2 ton weapon. Thanks, but no thanks.
  7. You'd think so... But from what I can quickly see, the cheapest 32-inch UHD TV is still ~$450, unless you go no-name, then you can go $350... I had the same thought a couple years ago when I got this one. 32" is just the right size for PC stuffs (personally speaking), though if I wanted larger, I would certainly go TV. And I don't think you'll get a TV that is any faster than 60hz for that price. Unless you don't mind that extrapolation tech stuff, like TrueMotion or whatever that is actually 30hz with made up between frames to make it "look" 60hz or 6Khz or whatever number they mark on the bo
  8. Weird... quite a strange coincidence because I just did this very same thing a couple days ago.
  9. I've been enjoying my Samsung 32-inch monitor for a cool minute now. No HDR, though. As for a 40-incher.. you're probably better off buying a TV, as 40-inches is cheap in TV talk, but expensive in monitor-landia. As for audio... my TV setup is way overkill, but technically only a 2.1 set up, and to replicate it would cost a hefty chunk of change. And my PC set up is just a Logitech Z213, for "satisfactory" audio.
  10. One thing you might could try is to see if your motherboard has other USB Front panel headers on it. Some motherboard makers split rear USB with front USB "lanes" to save some money, I guess, since most folks don't load up all the USB ports on the rear of the tower, and the front, at the same time. The motherboard manual will usually outline this in some way.
  11. If you want to go into details in status updates, I'd be interested in reading that. Also, I voted for one option, but I really wanted to vote for all the options except the video one. I personally prefer text over video by a vast margin.
  12. I'm gonna focus on the completely wrong thing here for a moment, but... THAT is not a "public humiliation". I'm low-key taking it more personal that everyone is calling that ad "humiliating" than cable companies BS business models/practices. I wish that was what passed as humiliating when I was in school. I feel like if I wanted to end AT&T's whole career, I could hit 'em with the "Guess what? CHICKEN BUTT!" to blast 'em into the Shadow Realm. Also, that's coming from "The Verge"??? How are they, of ALL people, going to call that a "humiliation"? Didn't they do the PC Build Guide that folk
  13. Light. Lighting. Lightning. The more lighting, the better. You'd be surprised how much improvement there is with just lighting. Also, if you want to know if 720p is "good enough", consider this: You're broadcasting at 1080p, your viewers are watching in 1080p, which means, unless your video is full-screen, it will actually be some 70% of that (can click gear icon -> video stats -> read Source Resolution vs Display Resolution), and your cam will be an even smaller portion of that. Sound quality goes much further than video quality, for what its worth...
  14. Well, shoot. Leto returns in Snyder's cut as Joker and he looks... broken. I'm curious to see how this turns out.








    1. Spotty


      Looks like a worker at a halloween themed carnival funhouse or restaurant. Bottom pic looks like you interrupted his smoke break.