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Apple, Amazon and Google unite to help create a universal smart home standard

Unless the standard moves mostly towards how HomeKit works, I don't see the effort as being worth it. 

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Neat. This is how it should be. Curious to see what they come up with.


On 12/18/2019 at 11:30 AM, techstreat said:

Personally I like this new direction Apple is going of give customer what they are asking for. First with iPad, then MacBook Pro 16 and now this.

This doesn't need to even be said. Stop praising Apple for doing things they should have been doing in the first place. It's like praising a murderer after he "got his life back together" even tho he spent most of his life as a criminal and is still a MURDERER.      (and I'm talking about the legit 1st degree ones, not an accidental dui or anything)


But i guess when you have already set the bar so low...

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It took me some time to choose between zigbee and z-wave, and I think that z-wave was more reliable even though proprietary (zigbee is open), and I chose z-wave 2 years ago.




I have 5 different brands of z-wave at home and they all work together nicely. If someone can comment on zigbee from experience, please do.


Most of the smart home hubs support digital assistants. Basically this is a smart speaker calling api url. None of the 3 companies are interested in producing zigbee hardware, as far as I can se. So, where is the money for them? How will the new standard generate the income for them? Selling more smart speakers?




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i'll stick to normal on-off switches thank you very much


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9 hours ago, tridy said:

So, where is the money for them? How will the new standard generate the income for them? Selling more smart speakers?

Creating universal standard will promote smaller companies to make smart devices since it will reduce there development costs. Also more people will be willing buy these new devices since universal standard will ensure you buy any device from any vendor, plug n play and you ae good to go.


Money for them is the more data they will have access to like sleeping habbit and so on.

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