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  1. Thanks for trying to help me! I think I have found it on YT. Gosh - Whataya Want From Me Fonzerelli's (Electro House Club Remix) Today it does not sound the same as it did "then" :), but I think this is the song.
  2. Here is a short 5 seconds cut of the song from around 1998, the sound is from home recording not that great, but there is 5 seconds of the chorus. Any ideas? 001.mp3
  3. It sucks big time. These three options are an insult. A possible partner had to eat up producing 500 cases for free. Let's say 500 Euros for each. They get the technology for free from Calyos. My question is whether this technology is worth 250.000 Euros. If such a partner would exist, and this technology is really good, this partner could gain a good name as a "savior of the project" and potentially get this tech that sounds to be really good. The question is if it is really good, why isn't anyone interested in it? So far what I can see, Calyos does not want to carry
  4. I gave it a try with WS2012 "some" time ago, and it was pretty much the same story, which probably makes sense. Does WS2019E also have ads about installing applications, well not Candy Crush, I hope, but any others? I wonder if it has Cortana build in, and if you need to go through the same set of questions about privacy and adds when installing it. Eventually I would have ended up having a game or two on this machine, so it is better than I stick with W10. Thanks a lot for your replies!
  5. Hi. Are there any benefits of installing Windows Server 2019 Essentials compared to Windows 10. Essentials sounds lighter than the normal version of the server os. But is it any lighter actually? Is it worth comparing with Windows 10? Things you can do on W10 but cannot do on WS2019E? Better performance maybe? Less junk? Are there any driver issues? Will DirectX work? Thanks!
  6. I am considering it together with other options and I looked up AI Upscaling feature: https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/shield/support/shield-tv/ai-upscaling/ Is framerate limitation something to consider in this case, when consuming Netflix or any other streaming services? "Home" videos might be a problem though.
  7. The only way of doing it that I know is to intercept the key combination with another application. If this way works for you, the free application AutoHotkey to the rescue. Here is the script that I used: #NoEnv ; Recommended for performance and compatibility with future AutoHotkey releases. ; #Warn ; Enable warnings to assist with detecting common errors. SendMode Input ; Recommended for new scripts due to its superior speed and reliability. SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir% ; Ensures a consistent starting directory. <#S:: Run, Notepad.exe return the first 4 lines are there by defaul
  8. What is "Flight Recorder Data" anyways? The new black box?
  9. What's wrong with [open] software encryption on a microsd card, for example? If you remember the password, and can take out the card and place in into another phone, then you can recover it. Instead, buyers lock themselves out by buying hardware with T2 chips. Most of them actually do not know and do not care about encryption. I wonder if encryption chip was optional for an extra payment, how many would still purchase it. The video shows the complicated systems of those encryption chips, how difficult it is to recover data, like it were the way it should be. I still believe that t
  10. As about the "Watch" part, it is hard to use it as a clock in the same way as the original one since on this one the battery lasts for one day while the original one was like weeks or even months. Then there is price. It is around 70 Euros in Sweden, which is getting really close to the classic series of consoles. Again, if it gets modded, and would be able to run other games, maybe I would consider it. Otherwise one game for this price does not cut it for me. I wonder how many FPS this one will output :).
  11. Summary Get your hands on a new piece of Super Mario™ history with a collectible Game & Watch system for a limited time! Coming November 13 Quotes My thoughts I have seen it for pre-order in Sweden, it is around 70 Euros. 8 hours playtime, 3.5 hours charge. Do you think this one will have a removable battery? How about time sync? I mean in 2020 one should not be adjusting any gadget to the summer/winter time manually, I think. It could be a nice collectible and I hope it will be hacked to be able to put other games into it as well. I hope it will
  12. Is anyone excited about getting Game and Watch [console] with Super Mario? https://gameandwatch.nintendo.com/
  13. I mostly agree with that with some exception. Here are the examples: 1. Apple preventing 3rd party repair with proprietary mapping of the internal components to the motherboard/cpu so you would not even be able to swap the same part from another computer of the same model. Only Apple can repair their products. That is software. The same goes for Tesla. 2. Volkswagen diesel scandal with software cheating with reporting lower exhaust/pollution numbers than they really are. Then there must be standards in software that has to do with medical, nuclear, aircraft,