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Thread For Tech Quickie Video Suggestions

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Linus/Luke I think you guys should do a Fast As Possible on all the music streaming services like google play music, spotify, apple music, etc. and which one offers the best sound quality.  Not it makes a lot more sense to subscribe to a service like these than buying your music.


Thanks, Ben Familetto

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Not sure if this has been suggested, but what about Founders Edition As Fast As Possible, or better yet Reference And AIB Graphics Cards As Fast As Possible?

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Hey LTT and LMG team,


I know you've done previous videos on different types of display technologies like IPS vs. TN, LED vs LCD vs Plasma, or how color is displayed on monitors, refresh rate, etc.

I was wondering if you could kind of wrap all of these discussion into one video focusing on why some people have horrible eye strain with certain technologies in monitors. It seems like more and more people are struggling with eye strain after working in-front of their monitors for a whole day. Basically, what combination of the display technologies available today would decrease the likelihood of experiencing eye strain after a day of work? Perhaps end the episode with some specific recommendations of panels that provide the lowest likelihood of eye strain?

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I like this episode idea! Try posting in one of their videos "Do eye strain as fast as possible" or something, that might get better attention.

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I'd like another follow-up to the Need For Seat review or all your chairs in general. i'm interested in buying them but i am still not sure. especially with the complaints about the seat sizes not being rightly matched

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This may not fit into a tech quickie but bear with me. Using an XBOX 360 controller to navigate windows. I haven't seen any proper videos demoing this but I know its possible 

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Linus, maybe you should do a video for what hardware gamers should look for according to what type of gaming they are doing (for FPS, Low Latency Monitors and High DPI Mice, for MMORPG's Keyboard with more Macro Buttons, for MOBA's High Refresh Rate Monitors, Mechanical Keyboards) etc.



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When Pascal and Polaris workstation GPUs come along, I think this video could be revisited to discuss the differences between the Nvidia's/AMD's workstation and gaming lineup. It's a great video, so I think it should be kept fresh. Maybe add in some info about why you wouldn't use a workstation GPU for gaming, and why you wouldn't/can't use a gaming GPU for all workstation application features.



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How to overclock older systems, not sure if you covered that.

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Stream processors vs Cuda cores vs Compute units

Mouse sensors



Intregated circuits

Redone vram guide

UPS and do you need it

Raid cards

SSD controllers

Different programming languages

Different game types



if (you want to reply) {



else {




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Is it me or do I just not know where to look when to buy processors? Looking for the J3710 Pentium processor, but I cannot find a way to actually buy it from anywhere.  A video on where to buy specific processors would be great unless that's already been done before.

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Here's a simple suggestion that doesn't take any elaborate props and could be realized alltogether in less than two minutes: correct Luke's skincolor. I was in the middle of setting up a fundraiser in order to pay fur Luke's hospital bills when I realized that he wasn't terminally ill at all but that someone simply forgot to colorgrade the TQ videos.

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things that we take for granted in computers?

drag and drop.


the internet.

their is prob more but this would be a interesting subject to explore for a FAP (fast as possible),

and maybe have notable milestones in things we take for granted?


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I think that a fast As Possible should be made on Windows Fast Start vs the normal startup.


Not too many people now much about this.

How to setup MSI Afterburner OSD | How to make your AMD Radeon GPU more efficient with Radeon Chill

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