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  1. A major investor group is suggesting Intel should ditch it's own manufacturing capacity and outsource it to reduce loses. This is the second time this year Intel is pushed to reconsider its IC manufacturing capacity, but this one calls for a much more affirmative action, almost going fab-less. Sources https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2020/12/activist-hedge-fund-advises-intel-to-outsource-cpu-manufacturing/
  2. Not much about RT capabilities or performance in the presentation.
  3. The price for the digital version is probably subsidized, to push and lock more users into Sony's online services.
  4. Russia is actually much more ahead in the "homegrown" CPU designs. Their E2K processors are build upon a native ISA (VLIW machine architecture) with an x86 emulation layer, produced in their own fabs. Of course, it is meant mostly for government and academic institutions, so market competition is not the scope of the design.
  5. Ethereum Miners Eye NVIDIA’s RTX 30 Series GPU as RTX 3080 Offers 3-4x Better Performance in ETH. Sorry Jensen, but as a Pascal owner this might delay the advertised upgrade by a long shot. Sources https://www.hardwaretimes.com/ethereum-miners-eye-nvidias-rtx-30-series-gpu-as-rtx-3080-offers-3-4x-better-performance-in-eth/
  6. Without an official announcement to the media, Samsung quietly made the new line of 980 PRO SSD storage devices ifo available on their site. So, essentially the new 980 PRO is 970 EVO with turbo-charged PCIe 4.0 controller. Sources https://www.guru3d.com/news_story/samsung_980_pro_pcie_gen_4_m_2_ssd_has_been_launchedrated_at_7000_mbsec_reads.html
  7. The one and only 90's classic: When Intel had both awesome marketing and engineering.
  8. Here is now much AVX-512 takes in direct area cost: There is additional hidden cost in extended data-paths overhead of the L1 data cache, to keep up with feeding the dual 512-bit pipelines.
  9. Since no one is going back to software graphics engines for games, the prospect of more SIMD extensions with wider vectors has become a trend with diminishing returns for the mass market. Even workstation loads, like off-line rendering and photo/video editing are relying more and more on the GPU for parallel processing, besides the traditional graphics acceleration -- it's faster and more energy efficient, and the API overhead is being reduced faster than any new CPU ISA addition could gain traction.
  10. Run-time analysis of the benchmark indicates it doesn't touch AVX-512 at all and it uses a mix of SSE(1/2), AVX(1/2) and FMA instructions in various proportions. Looks like Maxon implemented only a small part of Intel's Embree library. FMA4 is removed from Zen 2.
  11. More rage bursts from Linus Torvalds, this time targeted at Intel. Quotes My thoughts Old Linus yells at yet another x86 ISA extension. Sources https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Linus-Torvalds-On-AVX-512
  12. Fraunhofer issued a press release that is making a pretty interesting claim, as the h.265 video of yours, can be halved in size, at the same quality. Fraunhofer's successor to H.265/HEVC for encoding would be H.266, also referred to as Versatile Video Coding (VVC) and offers significant improvements. Quotes Improved compression is always better, the only downside is that the increased complexity will require new hardware codecs for GPUs and mobile SOCs. Software encoding/decoding of HVEC is already quite heavy on modern multi-core CPUs and VVC will make it only worse
  13. The e-commerce system I'm in charge of supporting is still classifying linked products variations as "master/slave" relations, in the ERP backend. If some special snowflake happens to skim throughout our internal email correspondence, it might as well get PTSD for life, since every other mail is plastered with "master" and "slave" words.