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  1. i am editing multi hour twitch vods so 5-10% is pretty significant. does 9th gen have a limit of 3600 like ryzen or can you get 4000 easily?
  2. i'm building a rig to for video editing. for now its just going to be a 9900K doing all the work until used gpu prices fall. but the machine will only working with h.264 video and very light effects like cross fade to black in premiere. I have some extra ddr4 ram in another system. i am pretty sure its 2666 or something around there. I can get a newer kit that can hit 3600 but i don;t know if its worth it. I know ryzen likes faster memory but i have no idea about 9th gen intel.
  3. its running a sandy bridge i3. when win 10 came out i tried upgrading but it wouldn’t let me. hp does not have drivers for win 10. the laptop is super slow. i don’t want to invest in a 2.5”ssd when in a few years it might not have enough power to do anything. budget is around $1k but i think i can go up to $1.5k
  4. I am looking for a new laptop to replace my old HP Pavilion G6-1d73us (2011). I carry it and the power brick in my backpack. it weighs 6lbs in total. it worked fine for the past 3 years of college. however windows 7 held me back and wouldn’t load an office 365 excel file in my chem lab. i need a laptop that runs windows 10. I will mostly be using this laptop to run chrome and office, but i will also use it to make YT thumbnails with photoshop. I am on campus from 9-5 and having the battery last all day with about 2-4 hours of screen on time would be nice. my current laptop is 15”
  5. I run two vod channels for streamers and i am trying to set up watch folders that export the vod and then upload it to youtube. however when i tried to log into the second account on the second watch folder it logged me put if the first account on the first watch folder. is there a work around for this or is this an intended feature?
  6. For future readers of this post. I have found a solution. I can export the project using Adobe Media Encoder. They way i am going to set this up is using a watch folder(tutorial on watch folders) to automatically export the project on another computer and with AME it can also upload to youtube immediately. the watch folder is a shared folder that both pcs can access. i do all the editing work i need to do in premiere on my computer then save the project file. then i can copy that file to the folder and bamb the other computer starts exporting. then when i am done with the source files i can ju
  7. if you mean having the streamer also locally record than that is not an option. that requires the streamers to be tech literate which they are not. plus it would require them to have computers that can do that without impacting performance. it would be nice for copyright reasons but that is just not realistic. the quality of the vods are fine. they are exactly as its streamed, so its not really a concern of mine. and for prores i would have to use handbrake or media encoder to make it an h.264 file for youtube right. when i uploaded a h.265 vod by accident it took 2 days to
  8. i get them from twitch not the streamer. whatever codec twitch uses. does prores use the hardware encoder on the gpu or is it software based because then it might be slower because i only have a 4790k
  9. well i download the vods from twitch and edit them directly i don’t know what codec they are in. but i export in h.264 so the processing time on youtube is as short as possible so i can get the video up within 24hrs of the stream. if i do try copying the project over would i have to also move the source files? because at that point it just seems easier to remote in or use a kvm
  10. I run vod channels for a couple streamers. When i do have to edit them its usually just to remove copyrighted stuff. But when i do this it still takes a long time to render which means i can’t use my computer. i have a 4790k OC and a gtx 1080 and i use hardware encoding. but a vod can take anywhere from 1 hour to 5 hours to render just because of how long they are. Is there a way to edit it on my main pc then have another on the network computer render it for me? i know lmg does something like that but they have 10gig everywhere and a bunch of servers. and i haven’t seen a video o
  11. i tried to log into my google account and it asks me to verify with 2 factor. I do it goes through then asks me to reset my password. so i did. that logged me out of my mobile device. but when i try to log in it keeps me in a verifications loop. then i tried accessing youtube studio and it asks for verification. this is happening to multiple accounts i own on different internet connections. youtube's support is useless to all hell. everyone else seems to be complaining about their videos being deleted but mine still look to be there if i search my channel. i can't find anyone else in this situ
  12. The router we have now, a linksys ea7450, bit the dust this week and I have been tasked in picking a new router since i'm the tech guy. the linksys we had had a terrible UI making hard to find settings in their effort to make the UI simpler for the average consumer. What i would like is something that makes it easy to setup static ips and port forward. do you guys have any recommendations.