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  1. This all started about a month ago. my mom was complaining that she couldn't print from our printer anymore. I have had problems with canon printers not handling dynamic ip addresses well in the past, and the only way to fix it is to set the ip to static then reinstall the driver. So i set the local ip to static and tried to reinstall the driver. However her laptop is from work and you can't install drivers without admin permission. So we had to have their IT guy remote into her laptop. He did so and installed the driver. and she hasn't had any problems since. but now when i try to install the
  2. I currently have a gtx 1080 i use for streaming. the nvenc encoder is good but i would like to get the newer encoder from the turing gpus. But i don't want to pay for a 2080 or 3080. Since the 1650 Super has the same encoder as the 2080 could i run it as a secondary card and use its encoder? the 1080 would still handle all the gaming rendering but the 1650 would only be used for its encoder. I have no idea how obs and the drivers would work in this situation. and I would like to get some feedback on it.
  3. i've replaced the screen on my 6s like 3 times already
  4. I am still using my iphone 6s and so does my roommate. We both feel it is good enough. I wanted to see how many people still use older phones.
  5. yes. I know the router is the problem. its a netgear AC1750. i just need a suggestion for a new router that someone has had a good experience with.
  6. they bought it a few days before I moved in. I have gone through all of the troubleshooting steps, firmware and driver updates, QoS settings, changing MTU. I know its the router because i tried using my computer plugged directly into the modem and all of the issues went away.
  7. no i am renting my room but i am the tech guy of the house
  8. 3 people. I am by far the heaviest user. the other two people just do general internet stuff.
  9. In the continual saga of my packet loss problems i have discovered that my router is causing the packet loss. I need to suggest a replacement router to the homeowner. I would like something at the same price. I just need something that can handle a twitch stream and online gaming at the same time. I could use a spare computer to make a pfsense router but idk how to do that.
  10. ok i can try getting a coupler to connect to the router
  11. For the past couple weeks i have been getting major packet loss. We have spectrum 940/35 to the house. they supply the modem and we supply the router. The router we have is a Netgear AC1750 (R6400V2). a cat6 cable connects the modem to the router and another cat 6 cable from the the router to my pc. For the past couple weeks i have been losing service entirely and getting major packet loss during zoom meetings, streaming and gaming. I play on US servers only and the zoom meeting are hosted by my teachers a couple miles from my house. I can perform a speed test and get our rated speed. My main
  12. at the moment just off loading twitch vods, youtube videos, and raw recordings. i might let some of my roommates use it but i don't think they need it.
  13. I always used their RAD calculator and had no idea what SHR was. I have not built the box yet so a synology box might be an option. SHR would basically be RAID 5 of my new plan of 2 arrays of 2 500GB raid 0 and 2 1TB. SHR-2 leaves 1TB unused.