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  1. Sorry for late reply, but I have tested with the included normal samsung usb A to USB C cable. I tried the provided and I also went out of my way and boiught a cable that is capable of pushing 3A and a wall adapter that could push 2.4. Thoose specifics was what I recieved from the company that makes these. Still dosent work thoe.
  2. Aight, it is just the standard included adaptive fast charger from samsung, it is called EP-TA20EWE. Just throwing it out to other people
  3. Hi, so I recently bought a 15W wireless charger for my Samsung s10. But I do have some trouble figuring out how to get fast wireless charging working on my S10. I can only get standard 5W wireless charging, and I have tried using the included Samsung wall adapter etc. The wireless charger im using is this one: https://www.smartlinesweden.com/sv/p/tradlos-qi-laddare-15w-gra/ If this is to any help, i found this on a another website: Input: DC5V 2A, DC9V 1,67A, DC12V 1,67A Output: 15W/10W/7,5W/5W Thanks in advance, and any idead and information is appri
  4. Thanks, I have kept the PSU in mind and im looking atm on a Corsair RM750x Gold PSU. I know it is way overkill, but Im thinking of grabbing it and reuse it if I decide to build a new one in a few years. But thanks for keeping that in mind. Mentioned earlier in this post was that the W3680 and W3690 can be overclocked through throttlestop. Is it possible with the X series of processors aswell?
  5. I see, but are all Xeon W chips possible to overclock or is it just some of them. Possiblity to overclock Xeon X chips aswell? This would open up the possibility to just get a cheaper hexa core Cpu and crank it up a few notches if that is possible.
  6. So in other words, the W series compared to the X series are possible to overcklock. I thought that the dell precision t3500 couldnt overclock
  7. Nice to hear from someone that has the same system basis. Can I just ask you how the temps are for the Gpu in your system? What other upgrades did you do, im curios since I have thought about other things? When looking on aliexpress, the x5690 is around double the price of the X5675,and draws up to 130w of power compared to 95 W. Do you think it is still worth it in the end to go for the x5690 just to get the highest performance for this system? Thanks for you comments.
  8. From what I have seen in some of the games the Rx 580 is at pretty good utilization from both chips, but Ill keep that in mind. As for the cpu +mobo combo, If you mean buying new, I dont want to shall out the money for a new ryzen cpu for example and a mobo to that. As for getting a lga 1366 motherboard, is pretty hard in sweden not many on the market.
  9. Hello everyone, hope you have had a wonderful christmas ?. Since I while ago, I have been lokking to upgrade my older Dell precision T3500 with some newer parts. I have looked at a new gpu, psu and a newer Cpu. The cpu atm is a intel xeon W3530. Im thinking of getting either a Intel Xeon X5675 or a Xeon X5690. I would like to get your input and opinion on this thoe before I make a purchase. I have 24 GB of ram and Im looking to get a Rx 580 to play games in 1080p. What do you guys think? Intel Xeon x5675: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32760264745.html?spm=a2g0o.pr
  10. Alright so I believe I have find a solution by searching the web. I´m probably not meant to have the logitech gaming software, im supposed to have the new Logitech GHUB software. I feel kinda stupid right now. I will try this once I get home, and thanks for the help
  11. Im not home right now, but I will definetely try this. The software I downloaded was last updated 2016, and the keyboard came out in early 2018. Do you know where I can find the correct software for the keyboard?
  12. Hi Guys, so during Black friday I picked up the Logitech g513 Carbon for a steal. I plugged the keyboard in yesterday. The keyboard works as normal and the RGB looks absolutely sick. BUT... here´s the problem. I would want to configure the lights and other options in the keyboard, and I tried to install the Logitech gaming software, But to my supprise it sait that no device was connected. My corsair sabre RGB works fine with the corsair software but what could it possibly be that makes that my keyboard is not showing up. I have tried some things like updating the device managager and uninstall
  13. I would highly recommend the hyperx cloud flight. Good battery life if you turn off the led lights, good sound, great wireless range and they are INSANELY COMFORTABLE. They are light and have great padding on the earcups. Only gripe I have is that the plastic is not the best. Sometimes they creek when I pick them up and put them on, but I dont see this as an issue. As for pricing, I would say that they meet your criteria. Giving a quick glanse on Amazon they are right now on discount for 80 dollars.Probably could pick them up for cheaper aswell, I dont live in USA so I couldnt tell but in my c
  14. The camera is not the most important feature when it comes to a phone. Aslong as the photos aren't shit im happy. As for the galaxy buds I have to say that I really like them, but just because I have a samsung phone, the experience have not been flawless. Audio cutting out has been an issue for me. But the experience IS really neat so I really like them, but not having them is not something that would destroy the world for me.
  15. I believe that some stores will have a demo version of the 7 pro on the day of release will go ahead and try it. I did try the oneplus 6T and i liked many parts of it but there were some key areas that I would have liked to have. A better screen, dual speakers and so on. I feel that they have now ticked many of the boxes that i would like. And I liked the oxygen OS when I tried it our, but I also like oneUi when I have started to use it now.