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About samiscool51

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    Real Name: Unity, Gender: Girl (why, you have a prob with that?)

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    Work, going to miss out on the LTT meetup... :(
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    IT, whatever is weird and lovable, my wife
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    How I Got My Name:
    i was raised on a orphanage and i have never known what it's like to have a family, people call me Unity because on the government systems that held the birth certificates when i was registered as a child, screwed up so it set my name to Unity, someone else was going to change their name to that, but it swapped it with my original name Bridget, with Unity. the orphanage wanted to change it but only the individual can change it, meaning only i can change it ,they can't.
    i never changed it because i liked the name Unity, and this was before the game engine Unity existed (i think), so i kept it.

    How I Became Girlfriends With Sam:
    i loved sam back in uni but i couldn't express my feelings mainly because i didn't know if she was gay, bi, trans or straight
    how it happened:
    i was in the uni's library getting a assignment finished, i was really focused not knowing what was happening around me
    then sam sits down, i thought it was another friend,
    (at this point i don't remember how i got to the end of the conversation but try and follow)
    she asks me who she should go out with, at this point my subconscious realizes that it's sam and changes it so it sounds like "who do you think sam should go out with?"
    i respond with: "well... i like her and i would love to go out but i don't think she would understand how i feel...."
    she puts her hand on my head to turn it towards her, i realize who it is and have this thought go through my head: "OH FUCK I JUST TOLD MY FEELING TO THE PERSON I LOVE!!!!!!!"
    then the last thing i would expect to happen..
    she kisses me... on the lips... then hugs me like she is at peace and can die or something
    she stops hugging and then gets her stuff and says: "i would love to be your girlfriend." and walks off....
    and i'm just sitting there thinking: "what just happened?"
    and the rest is history (up till this post, past this post is the future)
  • Occupation
    IT Systems Administrator (Full Time)


  • CPU
  • Motherboard
    Dell integrated MB
  • RAM
  • GPU
    Intel integrated graphics
  • Case
    laptop case housing
  • Storage
    Samsung 850 EVO-Series 250GB 2.5"
  • PSU
    dell laptop chager
  • Display(s)
    a display for my use
  • Cooling
    a fan that sounds like it's relative, a jet engine
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
    (none) Touchpad: a touchpad
  • Sound
    crappy loud speakers that sound like a drunk katy pery
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Enterprise (beam me up scotty)

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  1. the world's most used os.... dropped support for it in 2014 still a concern for microsoft to this day... now thats dedication to an old piece of software, still gets updates!
  2. even though the 64-bit architecture is designed to have backwards compatibility without much problem? if apple is saying thats it's not possible to run 32-bit programs on 64-bit hardware, the bullshit meter would explode wait one sec (gets out bullshit meter) WE INTERRUPT THIS POST TO BRING YOU A BULLETIN NEWS STORY, a young couples house exploded at 11am, police say the cause was a bullshit meter that coulden't handle the amount of bulshit something was giving out, currently police don't know what thing caused it to explode but know that it was bullshit of the highest leve
  3. a manufacture says that their products are crap..... either the board of sharp is a. drunk b. high or c. both and they said: ah F**k it!
  4. you should able to install steam by entering: "sudo apt-get steam" in the terminal... it should install the correct version for you....
  5. me: oops.... me: forget about it! (brooklyn accent) @koolerone: it's forgotten about! (brooklyn accent)
  6. breaks warranty and some OEM phones have modified android versions and some "jailbreaking" methods don't work (also it's called rooting) and some also have anti-rooting methods implemented into them to ensure that users don't use their phone the way the manufactures want them to
  7. debian doesn't take much resources but it could be improved by removing the extra stuff that it has and only have the essentials (no GUI, CLI is the best for a linux server as it doesn't need much resources) if the server has the power to run two debian's then it's cheaper to virtualise but if it can't, then two systems may be required to do your workloads it's better to virtualise in many people's cases as it's free and doesn't require two physical systems my server runs multiple virtual OS's it's an 8 core system (yes it's overpowered but i use it for work and
  8. not necessarily yes it takes resources but it depends on how much arch linux (a popular DIY bare bones linux distro) requires a minimum of 128mb of RAM, but thats just the base os, want to run a web server, oh there goes 512mb, want to run a GUI there goes 256mb it depends on what the os is doing and how much resources it needs to complete it's task/s to run as few as possible is also recommended but many virtualisation servers run many virtual OS's and don't have the luxury of running as few as possible and may need to run multiple at once. an example of this is azu
  9. meh.. can be worse... so do resource and find the price that fits your needs and budget also local is cheaper due to not requiring shipping fees and exchange rates also this was my reaction when i finished reading my post but i do feel sorry for you, but thats life, grow up and get a pair of manhood, this is the real world
  10. newer cases don't have 3.5" drive bays and prob will never have them anymore
  11. you don't have a choice for having bloatware it's their wether you like it or not thats why i got a nexus 5x, stock without much crap i don't need and still updated to this day (currently running android beta and android 8 is good, but i liked the dark theme in 7)